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  1. so my younger brother is traveling the world and sends me this article. A new nootropic mix in one pill witch should boost several functions in the brain to up to 300% (mwha yea i know how it sounds).. Oh and before you read the articles in shorts about me and my look at the article: its sounds like an overrated article but i have to admit i am a little out of the search to meds for a cure (a miracle pill). I tried to much ready without any good results lasting for a longer period (witch benefits in the long term of use). So only to masker my symptoms is use some benzo's so now and then. so may be you guys can take a look at this - > (official article) http://dietthefitzxwit.com/intl/mewu/inteligen?bhu=8mbnWME4mqhZiNeocFM8VSFP95HhqF3k2 where you can find more info about this and buy it (they say its free at this moment if im correct). https://inteligen-shop.com/brain_int/?click_id=04_34846080_9e3a832f-cb0a-4081-83bd-7432bdee962d&subid1=326965&netid=3&ver=old&ad=1jtj its sounds like an overrated article but i have to admit i am a little out of the search to meds for a cure (a miracle pill). I tried to much aready without any good results lasting for a longer period (witch benefits in the long term of use). So only to masker my symptoms is use some benzo's so now and then. PS: im at work now so i had to type this article a little faster then normal ^^
  2. lol this had been a while since i logged in at this board. well since i saw this question and i'm currenly taking this med (since a few days) i thought lets post something! well about clonodine its too early for me to say if its doing something, but i will report back later i will remember this topic (and report the results after 2 weeks or whatever). ait, keep it up guys, peazeee (taking it 3 times a day and the dose is 0.025mg if i'm right, so that 3 times a day and for 2 months is the plan. pzzz
  3. ive been taking this at the moment, only on 25 mg now, and i dont feel a think. but i will boost my dose every 4 weeks, till like 75 mg a day or something (im working on this with the help of a professional docter in holland). normally i play being a docter myself (i tried a bunch of benzo's). the pam's work for me. xanax etc. but i have to give this one some time and if its still doing nothing after a while i will try Sinemet. so other pp who took this or take this...? on what dose had lamical effect on you? (positive or worse) thx
  4. lol yea i have to say my static is standing stil for a short moment. impressive. i think its not completely gone but like im on a huge dose of benzo's. and that can make my visuals be really smooth and clear -- >almost not noticeable!
  5. i used sr from the beginning etc, but still i find it hard to find sinemet and keppra. if someone can help me pm me plz (i find someone at pandoramarket, but he isnt online for 360 hours or something who sells the sinemet so i'm not buying that. other then that i got a lot of buys on my name on the illegal online markets, and ive been NEVER been scammed. just to let u guys know. only remember one thing: don't put to many money on the account because its possible a marketplace get seized (dont know if this is the right word for it - my english ..) then ur fucked. sry for the offtopic. take care.
  6. i agree, silkroad works good. but be aware that you can buy about everything u want from there. so watch out if you take the route to silkroad.... (and again EVERYTHING, so also much things witch can make u fucked up, just stay strong).
  7. O MY GOD, Dude.... the only thing interesting in this RC shit is that there are alto of new compounds in forms of benzo's in the RC market. but then again O MY GOD, Just stop it dude ur making no sense posting things like this here.
  8. hey guys, at this moment in time im very depressed. i'm done really done with all of this hppd/visualsnow bs. it ruined my life! I'm from the Nederland's and i am suffering for more then 8 years from this crap. my main symptom is visualsnow but it caused by drugs. (2c-b on a party in combo with bright lights and a dark area where the party was, i woke up and the snow was there, and never went away). so lately im trying to do/test as much as possible in terms of medication (ive done all the standard ones, xanax, dia, clona) and some experimental ones such as diclazepam. Etilaam 1mg and 1.2mg (blue and light green pills. etc etc. I've been to the doctor like a few times, he putted me on a low dose of diazepam and after that on some low dose of xanax 0.25 tabs. what didn’t seemed like not a real solution to the whole hppd prob (because i needed more to washout all of my symptoms and the addiction you know what im talking about). Lots of years later if begin to read again on this visualsnow hell and find out that there was a whole new list of drugs to explore and test. So here i am back again, 26 years old and trying to test as much drugs as needed. So i tried to get a script from my doc for sinemet, lamical or keppra. but no he didn't want to write the script for me (witch i completely understand because in the end he is the one responsible in case something would happen, which i don't think it will lol). Now i read allot of new things here on this forum, things about nootropics (smart drugs), sinemet trails, keppra and keppra "look a likes" etc etc. It's getting more complex every day. So the get to the bottom of my story: I read on wiki that Piracetam's structure is similar to the one of Keppra. Here in the Nederlands i can buy this shit right away if i do understand. But i am wondering if this give some individuals the same "look alike " effect as what keppra gives? I mean i read things like pp have improved for 75% on the visualsnow part of this. And if you pp say you better try keppra or sinemet, plz i want to ask can someone to pm me to help me getting this "the easy way". I have allot of experience in playing a doc for myself in this hard world. And don't get me wrong of course I could step to a professional here in Holland to get it, but at this moment im so damn depressed, that all of the side bs is taking me too long. the tests to be a verified visualsnow suffer. the publicity (my parents know about it and some friends), but i don't want to waste much more time with all those damn pp who need to diagnostic me etc and pp who are making the rules for me, "what not to take".. I'm feel like every single new day with this bs is a wasted day. so to get back to my point "i want the easy way" so if anyone can help me out here i would be pleased and understand that i don't like the way of asking other pp, but im running out of options (i can get 99% of the drugs i want but these drugs are a little harder to find/get properly). By the way i'm 26 years old and i suffer from hppd sins my 18th. thx for reading my long post and excuse me for my English pp. Thank You (I never posted much here because of my english but I read here sinds my 18th of 19th, ps I also get lots of information from Ben the one from visualsnow.nl, so I'm not a noob on this whole subject!) pfoooh long post!
  9. Sorry for my english pp but time to write some of my own experiences about this new RCS. And a question about a new one ^^ Sins this topic begins to develop into a tread where new benzo research chemicals are discussed. let me ask about Flubromazepam. Dit anyone tried this yet? It seems interesting but its kinda expensive for an RC at the moment. So i dont know if i should buy / waste my money on it already lol. To me benzos work great against anxiety and \visualsnow. So i like to experiment with the new ones. Ive tried Etilaan(Etizolam is just the brand)for a few weeks (when i had no clonazepam anymore lol). Its was a little hard in the beginning because of the short half life. But in the end i'm very positive about Etilaan. I tried two times of pills, a blue one from 1 mg (works fine) and a 1.2mg variant witch is kinda beige(thats a color in English right, srry if not). I have also a little experience with Diclazepam 1 MG sins a couple of days. But i find those kinda weak. in my opinion and a friend of mine too,, I gave him 4 pills of 1 mg and he was also reporting that its very weak according to diazepam(cheap lol). (i have some benzo tolerance, but the other person not). I think 2 mg dicla = 10 mg blue roche dia (internet says 1 = 1 lol). So i just ordered pyrozelam, any opinions from what dose the med works ok in comparison to the other RCS(asks in public)? For me Etilaan 1mg works good against visuals and all the standard things witch come with hppd, 2 mg almost e mobilizes my symtomes but is too high. I get holes in my brain from this stuff when taking it like other benzo's(so almost on daily baise). Diclazepam: i need to take at least 2 mg... to feel any real effect. Thats it already ^^ Thanks
  10. Sorry for my English but i was on a supplement for my taut muscles and repetitive strain Injury(from sitting behind the computer all day). I took 3 times daily: calcium 1050mg with magnesium 525mg. So about 1.5 gram magnesium. before i didn't know that this might affected my visual snow (in a positive way). But to be honest i didn't see any difference with the magnesium. After a few weeks my taut muscles where allot better but I'm still using the magnesium/calcium supplement because from what i read a basic healthy person get most of the time not enough vitamine D out of the fresh air and the supplement was very safe/could be used for ever., as the physiotherapist said to me. PS: most of the days i only take 1 pill so 525mg but due my injury i took it 3 times a day for maybe 3 to 4 weeks strait. But maybe this is just one of those weird "individually things". Oh and for the pp who are saying that it helps for them: i believe you i really do ^^ (I'm from the Netherlands btw, and i suffer for more then 8 years from HPPD/VisualSnow, sinds my 17-18 i started reading on this website but dual my English it cost me allot of energy/time to post something (i'm 26 now). Reading is easy (i understand almost every word hehe).