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  1. missjess.. i've been down that hole and back again many times over the past 14 years i've dealt with hppd.. it will get better.. and it will probably also get worse again too.. but you're not alone and you don't have to be miserable . The most important thing is to keep your will strong and fight back. the more you fight the more ground you gain, and even small victories help push you on. and for what we did.... we were curious. you look to deeply into the dark you need to be prepared for it to look back at you . we were just all unprepared.
  2. disguyhere

    Going Anorexic!

    im taking imipramine for my ibs.. which is also an antidepressant .. lunesta and or ambien for sleep .. zyrtec once daily.. and zantac 150 twice daily for allergies .. the lack of appetite happened after adding the zantac to the mix. that plus the zyrtec is the only thing keeping my dermatagraphism down so it's been either i take them and dont want to rip my skin off , but i dont eat... or i dont take themand my life gets miserable. so i'll not eat
  3. disguyhere

    Going Anorexic!

    this kinda happened to me over the past 2 months.. i didnt decide to do it , the combination of meds im on just removed all trace of hunger from me... at one point 3 weeks ago i went two 3 day stretches without a single bite to eat or feeling of hunger from lack of it.. dropped 20 lbs over a two week period and it's still coming off not sure its really super healthy for me but i needed to lose the weight and not worrying about food is one less thing on my plate... sorry for the pun
  4. disguyhere

    Being ANYWHERE near weed

    im with mike.. i dont know if its more a psychosomatic reaction or sensitivity to thc.. but I've done both smoking daily, and long periods of not at all... and it has 0 negative effect on my hppd whatsoever.. If anything it makes me a little more fluid mentally which for me helps me to cope with the hppd better, but that may be because of the efforts I put into my meditation.
  5. disguyhere

    From an admin (Jay)

    Not to beat a dead horse here.. but chris since I've come here almost every post I've seen from you has been negative. If more than one person has had to complain about it being a problem, then its not just their imagination, and they really don't need to bother providing concrete examples when you know full well of the time's you've gotten on peoples nerves.. maybe not everyone.. but more than enough that something should have been said, even if the way it came out and the strength of the words went too far. I wish you no ill will man.. but when more than one person has had to say it.. perhaps you should reflect on yourself a bit and the reasons that may be behind people feeling that way towards you.. or not if you dont give a shit... but if you dont give a shit expect that to be returned to you
  6. disguyhere

    What song are you listening too?

    12 Foot Ninja : Silent Machine ..the whole album.. on repeat good stuff
  7. disguyhere

    DP/DR an emotional problem, not mental

    isn't emotion just something you get from experience then?
  8. disguyhere

    DP/DR an emotional problem, not mental

    but im not relating those ideas to medicine .. just saying that assuming i'm a physicalist or whatever isn't the case just because i see 0 differentiation between the residency of mental and emotional disorders
  9. disguyhere

    DP/DR an emotional problem, not mental

    i understand that much.. in my view of mind/energy/soul our physical bodies are just containers and our energy extends out as if a shell around us, and the mind is merely the anchor of that energy to an observable point.. but that's not what this conversation is about and not why it bugs me to label things as mental vs emotional .. I've had mental problems I've had emotional problems i've had physical problems and i've sure as shit had spiritual problems.. my whole life.. calling something emotional vs mental is backwards in every sense to me. whether talking about my mind as the grey matter in my head or my mind as the aetherial cloud of my existence brought form.. emotions exist within the mind therefore emotional problems ARE mental. I can prove my brain exists and while the mechanisms of the existence of consciousness cannot be explained just yet theres evidence for it existing within the network of the brain .. theres none, not a shred for it existing elsewhere. even the spiritual mind is just the mind. It's subject to the same chemical and electrical influences as everything else in the brain. And to me personally the more we lose focus of that and elevate the "spirit or consciousness" as something wholly unique and not a process of a highly developed brain, the further we get from truly understanding the mind or doing anything productive to help people with mental health issues. plus if i have one more "doctor" telling me it's stress or all in my head I'm likely gonna shoot someone. but hey everyone has a right to their opinions. if in your mind you believe your emotions are not in your mind that that's just your mind to make
  10. disguyhere

    DP/DR an emotional problem, not mental

    <sigh> .. odysseus you're just making my point for me.. what do you think a psychological process is? the whole idea that emotion is separate from the mind is horrible science and does nothing but diminish the true causes of many disorders because people treat "emotional" issues as something someone can just turn on and off half the time and "mental" as look at that crazy motherf'er.. and the argument that "everything can be considered mental" is just a straight up logical fallacy. a broken bone isn't mental, but the pain from a broken bone is processed mentally. The symptom occurs in the brain while the cause is elsewhere. Does your happiness exist in your foot? Does your sadness exist in your finger? No, it exists in your brain which processes the collection of all signals and chemical reactions body wide and turns them into feelings emotions and thought. seriously.. if you look at it the way you do, then all of us who've been suffering hppd for years are just being over emotional and our brain chemistry has nothing to do with it.. i guess i'll just go look at pictures of puppies and things will get better?
  11. disguyhere

    DP/DR an emotional problem, not mental

    where do you think your consciousness exists odysseus? it's not in your nerves.. because your nervous system in nonexistant without the mind. so how is it not "mental"
  12. disguyhere

    DP/DR an emotional problem, not mental

    there is no such distinction. emotional issues are mental issues unless you're of the percentage of people who believe emotions are created in the heart somehow or only exist as a product of the soul. In which case go medicine for making medications that treat diseases of the soul. trying to make a distinction i think makes light of the seriousness of emotional disorders. I mean schizophrenia ... mental illness?? borderline personality disorder ?? mental illness or emotional disorder ? bipolar disease.. mental illness or emotional disorder? is there even a point in asking a difference? it's all chemicals and electrical signals and an either an imbalance or crossed wires. Feeling good, feeling bad, feeling like the world is collapsing or doesnt exist? It's all a product of... you guessed it.. the mind.. sorry.. long day and this kind of "classification" of mental vs emotional issues just bugs the fuck out of me. I've dealt with years of people calling my issues emotional issues and you know what.. of course their emotional. if you deal with broken reality for 14 years you're gonna fucking be emotional about it.. but that doesnt change that its a product of a chemical or electrical imbalance in my brain and nothing else.. because chemicals and electrical signals in the brain is ALL WE FUCKING ARE
  13. disguyhere

    DP/DR an emotional problem, not mental

    i'd like to know.. where do people think emotions come from if not the mind. what's the difference between emotional and mental when they both originate from the brain and as a result of chemicals and electrical signals in the brain?
  14. disguyhere


    i think for people with non dp/dr visual related issues ketamine like mdma may be useful in treatment of depression.. i don't think hppd sufferers fall into that category. Taking a dissociative to correct a dissociative causing disorder will only prolong the disorder or make it worse. i would say if any drug in this category had potential to help hppd'er it would be salvia under the exact proper conditions and not recreational usage. That goes being dissociative to disconnected.. and anything disconnected when reconnected has a chance to reconnect stronger... but an equally large chance to never reconnect again
  15. disguyhere


    mix f sleeping pills and imipramrine for my stomach dont necessarily kill my libido but nothings managed to do that since i was 12.. all i can suggest is less is more.. dont look to add anything more to fix it when working towards taking less may help more in the long run

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