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  1. Ive made up my mind that I am not going to do anymore hallucinogens. But, if do recover from my mild case of Dp/Dr visual snow and colors blending together, would It be safe to smoke weed with my friends and family?
  2. Syntentic Weed is what I think caused it, but Ive drank alcohol a lot for a period of time, and I've done shrooms once and salvia once small ammounts of both.
  3. @feret A year before I had the trip that caused my HPPD. I didnt do much of either, I was only in 8th grade haha.
  4. I'll stay sober, I have been getting better. Fuck what they say, they can think whatever they want to, I could care less. I don't usually care what people think, they don't have to believe me.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Good for you! How did you get it? How long did you have it? How bad was your case? I have had it for about 5 months now, and I got it from synthetic Cannibis. My case is very mild, snow and things disappear in the dark, and DP.
  7. also, I'm sorry, ik this has probably been posted about 60000 times.
  8. Well it's summer, schools out. I have had HPPD since January 15th, extremely mild case (DP, Visuals usually only in Dark [Things Disappear, Visual Snow]) from a really bad Syntentic Cannibis trip (Spice). Everyone keeps asking me to smoke weed with them, and I have to say no, and when I explain it to them, I tell them that if I smoke I will have a panic attack because that's what I read online. I get responses like "I got a panic attack before it went away dumbass it only happened once" and people are starting to say that I am just making up excuses to not get high cuz I'm scared. Other people are completely denying that I have it, and saying that I need to get diagnosed to have it. People just don't understand. If I smoke weed, tobacco, or drink alcohol, will I have a panic attack, or will my visuals get worse temporarily or permanently? Thanks.