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  1. Thanks for the reply visual, your reply has giving me a bit of hope. I have had a couple of days off from my part time job so have decided to take 12/50 3 times daily. All in all things seam to be a little better. Vision seams a bit clearer sharper(although the film is still there) but i seam to be getting more glare. I'm not sure if this is because my vision is improving and i had not noticed the glare before or if it's just the light bouncing of my glasses again this could be due to a slight improvement in my visuals that i had not noticed it before. anxiety is below base line but i still have issues with dp/dr. I also feel kind of wasted, bumping into things, losing balance and cognition seams a bit retarded. Saying this i have been able to concentrate from longer spells of time and have managed to take a good chunk out of my uni work. I guess this update is a little contraindicating but this drug is defo doing something!! I'm back at work tomorrow and am unsure whether to stick with the 3pills or go back to the two. I also find it hard to rember to take my midday dosage as i don't really get and withdraws to help me remember when to take my next dose. I guess I could start to set a reminder on my phone. I been having a bit of a general read around sinment and PD and was interested to find that some people with PD report side effects of dp/dr and hallucinations. From what I have found these cases tend to be in older patients so could be a case of other mental disordered. I'm quite interested in reducing my klono and trying Sinment with Kepra but that wont be till march at the earliest. For now i will keep going with this med a i fell it is deffo doing something and despite some of the negatives I have indeed felt some of the positives. Another thing that is keeping me positive is that i have none of the side effects of having to much dopamine in my system so this surely must mean i have a deficiency in the old Gray matter some where?? Any way i will keep this post going with updates as the days progress. Happy 2012 to one and all ATB Russ
  2. Hi All, I started My Sinemet on Xmas eve after rapidly tapering from the clonidine. I started on 12/50mg 3 times daily. Within half an hours of taking the first tablet i felt a strange buzzing in my brain, nothing unpleasant but noticeable. After a couple of hours I noticed my anxiety had reduce some what, possibly to the point where i didn't realise i had any till I made my self aware. No real impact on my visuals but things were looking promising. Xmas day i took my morning dose and within an hour i had a complete reverse of the previous effects. High anxiety with spells of complete disassociation. This was the worst i have felt for a long time. I put this down to the sinemet levelling out the transmitters in my Gray matter, Sadly this wasn't the case and these symptoms continued for the next couple of days. On the 28th i decided to drop down to 1 tablet in the morning and one in the evening. This has seamed to stabilise things some what and anxiety is probably, just bellow base line and disassociation is back to base line. I don't think it has had to much impact on my visuals yet, the oily film still seams to be there but i do feel a little more connected to my surroundings than i did before perhaps, but never had the feeling of "sinking back into my body" that others reported. All in all i feel that it is doing some thing and is worth sticking with. Think i'll stay on 12/50 twice a day for the next couple of days and then try and go back upto three times a day and take it from there. This shouldn't put anyone off trying this med though as, sadly, i tend to react one of two ways to meds. They either don't work or they just make things worse. Is it normal for sinenet to take a while to stabilise in your system? I was under the impression that it would either work right away or not at all!?!? I'll keep this thread updated as and when there are any changes. Hope every one had a good festive season Cheers Russ
  3. Bad times man, I was just thinking yesterday that you had not posted for ages, so i guessed that things must still be going well for you with the simemt. Are you still take it along side the Klonopin?
  4. I's a difficult one. From personal experiance i found that it was hard to get any meds apart from Anti depressants from my GP. I believe this to be because i was honest about my previous drug use and my GP was then unwilling to to prescribe me with a potentialy addictive drug. I think most GP are cautious of handing out benzo these days anyway but are far to happy to dish out anti depressants. It wasn't till i had seen 2 Psychiatrist and a Consultant Psychiatrist and about 3 years that i was diagnosed with HPPD . Saying that the consultant i am under now is starting to loose patients with me and has pretty much said that if siment doesn't work then we can try Kepra but after that, that's it. I guess in one way he is right but just because there is no cure at present I don't see why i should give up trying to find one. I think i may ask to be referred to a psychiatrist that is involved in active research next time I go as these doctors seam to be more open to using diffrent approaches to difficult problems All in all i guess it depends how sympathetic your GP is but i would ask to be referred to the Mental Health team ASAP. If benzos work for you then happy days, for me clonazepam was not the magic bullet it seamed to be for others, i had much more success with Valium but sadly was switched to clonazepam due to addiction risks. Yeah I'm in the UK Russ
  5. I pretty much sympathise with your story. It took me over a year to be prescribed any sort of benzos and then it was only 2mg of Valium to be used as and when.Tbh 2mg did nothing. Once I got refereed to the mental health team and went through another round of different meds i was prescribed Valium at 10mg 3 times a day. This helped loads with anxiety but had no impact on visuals. After being reffered to the consultant psychiatrist i was switched to clonazepam which is no where near as effective (for me) as valium. Doses of less than 2mg do very little for me but dosage higer than this make me really drowsy. The most i have ever taken is 5mg which made me feel nice (almost symptom free) but very intoxicated. I guess i have been on a dose of 2mg daily for about a year now with no real signs of tolerance, touch wood. I think my problem was that i was totally honest with my GP about my previous drug history which probably made them wary of prescribing a potently addictive substance. hth Russ
  6. I've only just stumbled across this post. Backing up and installing the php/mysql databases shouldn't be a problem at all. The problem I for see would be that of band with. With the amount of traffic the site gets if Jays server is sat behind a residential IP then your service provider will soon start kicking up a fuss when you start raping bandwidth. I guess a good half way house would be to possibly use Jay's server as a back up/reverse lookup DNS sever so it redirects there if the main server goes down for a day or two.
  7. Hey Visual, Thanks for the reply. I managed to get my doctor to prescribe me simenet The only thing is i have to come off of the clonidine first as the two combined can cause low blood pressure issues. I'm dropping 50micrograms of the clonidine a week and have been advised i can start the simenet once i'm down to 50mg, which will be next week. I quite excited by your response and the temptation to start the simenet now is very tempting but I also like the idea of not passing out so will wait it out, after all another week isn't going to hurt and it might just be able to start the new year with new hope. Cheers Russ
  8. Hi Visual, Thanks for your detailed reply. With regards to my visual symptoms, the one that i find most noticeable is a feeling that there is some kind of film over my eyes, it's like they need a good clean or wipe. Every thing seams slightly blurry and foggy(even with my glasses/contacts). I also have problems with shapes, four sided ones mainly. For example if i look down at my iphone it will sometimes appear to look like a trapezium rather than a rectangle. I see floaters all the time, they tend to always tend to be the same shape and always move from the top of my vision to the bottom rather than the zigzaging some others report. After images - For example if i look at the TV or am playing xbox and look away from the screen I can see a negative of the image for a few seconds after, this is intensified if i blink rapidly when looking away from the source. Some times I have problems with distance - sometimes things seam to sort of zoom in and then back to normal but this hasn't happened for a while now. Reading text is a pain as i get ghosting but i think this is mainly due to the general foggy/blurriness of my vision i described above?! All of the above are worse/more noticeable when i am in artificially lit environment, fluorescent light seams to be the worse, probably due to the flicker they produce. When my HPPD started i and when taking the ssri's i had more visual symptoms but the ones i mention here are the ones that are still with me. I get static vision but only at night. With regards to my Lyrica, I am only on 150mg at night now. When you say clonazepam helps the visual pain for you at higher doses, what kind of dosage are you talking about? Interesting you say that despite the long half life of valium you only get relief for 4 hours. I currently take my 2mg of colonazepam as one dose at night(as with all my meds). I did speak to my doctor about splitting up the dosage but he said it probably wouldn't make much difference due to the long half life of clonazepam. Saying that though as i said before I have found doses <2mg ineffective anyway. hmmm...interesting. Cheers Russ
  9. Hey Visual, thanks for you reply. The clonadine is a strange one. At first it did seem to sharpen up my visuals a bit but this soon wore off and now all it does (or appears to do) is give me a headache, very bad dry mouth and a craving to smoke cigarettes. I didn't really want to try it but my shrink said he wanted to try it before trying anything off label as the only research he could find for HPPD was treated with clonazepam and clonadine. So i guess it kind of a hope i've had to jump through to get to be able to try the other meds. Clonazepam - my shink started me of on 1mg and told me to work my way upto 4mg over the course of a month. At 4mg I felt like I was totally out of it (drunk/spaced out)and have since slowly got the does back down to 2mg. I was only at 4mg for a couple of weeks so thank fully i had no w/d's. Also, it wasn't untill i got to 2mg that i actually noticed clonazepam actually do any thing and then it just makes me drowzey and sluggish. It never really takes my anxiety away, it just makes me feel doped up. It has had no impact on my visuals at all. So in short what is the magic bullet for most doesn't seem to work for me. Lyrica - Not really sure why am still on this to be honest. I started it way back last year and got upto 600mg but after the euphoric side effects felt initially and at dose increment it did very little. So yeah, all in all none of the meds i am currently on work really but at least I am stable(ish) Other drugs other doctors i saw before being referred to the consaultant Psychiatrist include Amytriptyline - First med i tried. Seemed to work well for anxitey/dr for a bit but wore off. No impact on visuals. I was on the max dose of 150mg Citalipram - Evil drug - Made everything 100x worse. Stuck it out for 4 weeks but ended up being to scared to leave the house Escitalipram - was told this was a "cleaner" version so should have less side effects.Wrong, same thing happened as above. I quit after two weeks. Duloxotine - This seamed to work well for my anxiety but sent me in to a very dark depression which was a shame as on reflection it was probably one of the best anti anxiety meds that have worked for me. Diazipam - For some reason seemed to work better for me than clonazepam. No reduction in visuals but very good at beating of the anxiety. However, my Shrink will not change me back over for some bizarre reason. He seams to think that clonazepam is less addictive. I'm sure there are a couple of others but i cant recall them atm. Cheers Russ
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