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  1. i havent posted on here in forever. just a warning to stay the hell away from wild mushrooms. a friend of mine picked some lobster mushrooms and assured me they were fine to eat. took a tiny tiny bite of one and it has given me full blown hppd again. just like that. right back to zero after the derealization and vs had settled down a bit (im still very ill but more inline with PAS symptoms) anyway ya stay the fuck away its been over a week and im getting worse each day :(
  2. I ordered th bio 3b g direct from them (biotics research) it doesn't contain thiamine cocarboxylase it contains thiamine diphosphate 1.5 mg so they must make different batches or something?
  3. Curious to know how this stuff is still working for everyone. Which brand have people had the most success with?
  4. 2 days ago i bought a b complex with thiamine hydrochloride in it this one https://www.sisu.com/sisu/products/product.jsp?category=500⊂=501&id=273 took it at night and it increased my visuals, racing thoughts, dp/dr instantly. i then took another half zoplicone and eventually passed out. when i woke up i felt much better. i was thinking clearer, less dp/dr, less visuals and brain fog. id say everything was about 15% better or so at different points through out the day. it started wearing off later into the night. my trails became heavier and i felt more dr. took another
  5. Yes more than before the GGG I took 800mg of vitamin c for a Couple days felt it made my brain fog worse The food here is pretty shit too. Not much different from the states. Maybe a little better but it depends on what you subject yourself to. I was ordering pizza 3 nights a week and generally had a terrible diet. It's better now. I don't eat carbs and I'm eating heather. Why would this stuff increase my visuals? It really sucks I don't think I'm going to take it again I can't have my vs get worse I'm really looking for something to help me while I get off lamitrogine I was hoping this s
  6. There is definitely an underlying problem. Everything I take jacks up my symptoms and makes me feel totally out of it. I am so extremely sensitive to meds/sups it's un natural. There has to be a reason why my system is so fragile that it can't handle any disrupt what so ever. That's why getting off lamictal is so hard. I honestly feel my withdrawal and the way my body process any chemical changes is not the way everyone else's does. It really messes with me. I wish I knew why I've tried all the meds Sinamet increased my visuals and intrusive images (like that Google sleep program coming from
  7. Took the GGG a few hours ago and everything is worse Visuals are remarkably increased. dpdr is worse Intrusive images/thoughts are worse Not a placebo, not in my head. Will anything ever fucking work for me?
  8. Currently on 25 mg lamictal still and its hell. Worst symptoms Dp/dr Major Cognitive dysfunction. Can't think or speak properly Severely Fatigued Crazy visuals Tons more but those are the worst right now
  9. got a buddy to order some for me off amazon. they sent the bio GGG instead of the bio 3b g https://www.bioticscan.com/1143 he sent it back and placed another order with a different supplier and they sent the same thing!! this time he cant return it unreal ive waited so long really want to give this a try but now im out 50$ and things are tight already. is the GGG okay to take? it has a much smaller dose of TC and is made up of different stuff than the 3b g. man this is so frustrating
  10. Desiprmamine (tricyclic) has made my visuals significantly worse and I took it a couple months ago. Still hasn't gotten any better. Stay away
  11. London Ontario Canada. My psychiatrist is Dr Watling at Victoria hospital. He's worked with me and has prescribed me keppra, lamictal, sinemet, LDN and he is open to exploring new Meds if he feels they will help. You have to get into see him by referral.
  12. I quit coffe/caffeine altogether. I felt it increased my anxiety at times. Also it messes with my stomach so I just drink herbal tea now. I do miss that extra boost but over all the pros out weigh the cons of quitting.
  13. Am curious if he took the 50mg of keppra in the morning. Or what his regiment was. Survey come back with an update!
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