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  1. Hey man and thanks for the kind words. The SSRI is working very well for me to be honest. It has helped relieve my anxiety and stress immensely in a matter of 4 days and the drugs maximum effect is generally only felt at around 4-6 weeks of use. It helps me cope with the psychological symptoms such as depression and panic. I will be continuing with the use of prozac because I have a feeling that these symptoms are merely stress/anxiety related as opposed to HPPD. The side effects are pretty uncomfortable in the beginning (dizziness, vertigo etc.) but well worth it in the long run. As you mentioned - acceptance is key. Accepting my symptoms have also sped up my recovery process drastically, not that I have the right to complain (so to speak) since many people here are evidently suffering from much worse problems. It also seemed appropriate to mention that I have: -Stopped Ingesting sugar -Stopped Smoking weed (3.5 weeks) -Stopped Ingesting caffeine -Cut down cigarette smoking by 70% -Stopped drinking alcohol -Started to take numerous vitamins/probiotics Every factor has helped a LOT. Blessings
  2. Hey guys. I'm sure you've seen many threads like this in a past and I apologize if I'm being a "nuisance". I just need some insight. I've smoked marijuana for around 4 years and I've taken psilocybin once or twice in my life (it's never had any effect on me though). 3 Weeks ago I stopped smoking pot and began experiencing symptoms of depression and serotonin deficiency such as: irritability for no reason, random outbursts of crying and agitation (once again for no apparent reason). Two days into experiencing these awkward symptoms and after quitting pot I had a really bad panic attack and have been suffering from terrible anxiety and derealization/depersonalization. What troubles me most is that I only very recently read about hppd and I'm experiencing some extremely mild symptoms but they cause a great deal of worry for me. The symptoms are the following : -Occasional very slight breathing of objects ONLY when I focus on them (only certain objects and especially shadows) -Some trouble focusing on objects (especially interfering edges) Now my question is - am I inducing these symptoms due to obsessive thoughts and over-analysis (I can't seem to stop worrying that I've developed this problem and that it will gradually grow worse and interfere with my day-to-day life) or have I genuinely acquired the disorder somehow. As aforementioned: I'm not really a drug user. I've experimented once with shrooms but have most certainly have NEVER "tripped". Like I said...they had 0 effect on me whatsoever. Perhaps my weed could have been laced but I prefer not to dwell on that possibility. I'm still struggling with the anxiety and depression and have been taking prozac (Fluoxetine SSRI) for the past 2 days. I'm only using this to calm the psychological effects which could successively cure my dp/dr once the anxiety has subsided. I hope someone can help me because my obsessive thoughts have been driving me in-fucking-sane and only exacerbate my already HORRID anxiety and depression.

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