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  1. what can we do to avoid floaters? 30 years!! oh fuck thats too much time... i just have been on this 4 3 months some help here!
  2. Is this avaible in Equator? zgreetings. excelent post!
  3. haha thnks for the advice.. haha i am not black! do u agree about using medication to help undevelop this issue? DO you have this? How this change your life? Whats the cure? greetings thanks for hearing i have never go to doctor i have discover this on me after takinf lsd and having a flashback!
  4. Hey how you know if you got this? cause i dont see snow i see like bubbles when i look in the sky! do u have this?
  5. Bro i am 19 same as you! i really wish you good luck! i hope we will be in contact text to know something about yourself and interchange experiences!! Greetings!
  6. Hello everyone!! i am 19 i am from ecuador... time here is 3 am...i am really worried about my situation i really want to quit with all this issue.. i am here for some advices..! i have heard that hppd is incurable! but could be manage.. So please give me some advice about what can i do for anxiety? to reduce hallucinations? i have 4 months in this problems! i had quit from college.. i want to concentrate in my future... PLease i really need help and i am really glad to find this community.. Please what can i take? what can reduce my hppd? Every day i regret taking LSD! Its really hard to live everyday with this! SO please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey i am in the same problem as you... i have 19 years i am from ecuador..! i find this web site!! i am scared about my mental health.. i leave med school! i have to concentrate in my future but this shit still ringing in my head! So it will be nice that you tell me about keppra medicattion..! i am worried because i wont find that medicine in my place! my fucking regret is taking LSD!