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  1. I think it is all the same under different names (PMA, HPPD, whatnot); just the trigger varies. And don't worry, I'll make sure Benedict XVII is not watching while I'm at it (although John Paul II might, from heaven). I also take good note about that Kellog thing (what do you know!).
  2. Did notice relatively poor speech fluency but this was already present before HPPD.
  3. Since it started, about 1 and a half ys ago I've noticed worsening of symptoms. I see we have veterans who have had HPPD for decades. Did HPPD symptoms remain stationary or has there been progression?
  4. Thank you all, smartasses , for your comments. The theory behind that is that sexual arousal is supposed to give you a serotonin kick which may be similar to that produced by some drugs. I thought it is the abuse of that biochemical pathway that messes up the brain wiring in SUSCEPTIBLE individuals (i.e. not everybody using LSD ends up with with HPPD, so there must be a susceptibility issue). This is nothing to do with religion and, by the way, I do have HPPD (not PMA) as defined in the recently published abstract in which differential diagnosis of HPPD vs PPD is established http://www.abstracts2view.com/aan/view.php?nu=AAN12L_S36_006&terms= However, it is relieving to have the statitistics you kindly provided with your answers becuase I can happily resume my wanking without remorse. So, thanks again! ...and I'm posting another question right away.
  5. Dear All, Did not find any related comment searching the forum, so here is the question: Do any of you associate HPPD with use or abuse of pornography ALONE? My HPPD is not H-mediated. Instead, I've been using porn for years, with particular intensity months before HPPD appeared. I was wondering if anyone suspects an association.
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