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  1. Almost one year in, wow

  2. hey there my friend, my hppd was triggered by lsd as well, i had a very similar experience to yours, i never really came down from my trip and i had the WORST DP/DR as well as visual disturbances. I thought it would never get better and that my life as i knew it was over. I spent every day crying and curled up in a ball hiding from the world. Luckily i came across this website and it gave me the hope that one day i'd be okay. It has now been 7 months and in the past few weeks my DP DR is so much better, sometimes during the day i cannot even notice it. I now work 40 hours a week, drive my car again, and do most of the things i used to enjoy and am back to most of my normal life. My advice to you is give it time, avoid the weed and have faith that it will get better becuase it will. I have been where you are. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  3. Hey dude. are you still taking accutane? I took it when i was younger and lost my appetite and also got extremely depressed/suicidal after a month of taking it. That stuffs bad news.
  4. i take .5 to 1 mg a day as needed. im trying not to get too dependent on it but it does make me feela whole lot better.
  5. Thanks for sharing! gonna pick some up.
  6. Starting Keppra today

  7. Thank you guys! Much appreciated. I will definetly keep that in mind synth.
  8. My nuero doc is considering prescribing me keppra becaue all of the SSRI's and SNRI's i have tried have been doing no good. Does anyone have a link to any research studies done to show keppra has been beneficial for others with hppd? My doctor asked me to provide him with something like that to aid him in his decision. Thanks. -bobby
  9. Baseline

    Hey guys.

    So far very minor improvements, like i went over a friends house for the night without freaking out over the DR. Visual snow is as bad as its ever been and the DR is still awful but im doing my best to fight thru it and hopefully in time it'll pass. thank you both for the warm welcomes. I wish both of you the best of luck as well
  10. What was your experience like with effexor? I just got put on that after celeca didnt do much for me. I dont have any experience with immovaine but taking a benzo before bed does wonders for giving me a good nights sleep.
  11. I have basically all of the symptoms you described, but my worst symptoms are derealization and visual snow. I feel like i'm completely disconnected with reality. I describe it as feeling like im always high. It sucks. What i do to try and lessen my symptoms is just the normal everyday things i used to do, like making music, cooking and throwing the basketball around. It helps to take my mind back to old farmiliar places. What was your experience like with effexor? I just began taking that 3 days ago so im very curious.
  12. Baseline

    Hey guys.

    Hey guys, im bobby, glad to be part of the board. I've developed hppd from a few lsd trips over a short period of time. but have also used mushrooms. salvia, DXM, extacy, molly, nitrous, and other drugs which im sure contributed to it. I've Had it for a little over 3 months now and havent seen much improvement. I have some after images, strong visual snow and absoloutely horrible DP/DR thats gotten so bad i've been to the ER three times only to be told im depressed and it will go away and its also caused me to leave my job because i cant function very well. I constantly feel like im high all day long and its gotten to the point where i just want to give up sometimes. Anyone else have a lingering "High" feeling? My hppd started after a trip that was not very intense at all, but the feeling of tripping just never went away. Im currently taking effexor and abilify along with attivan as needed. anyone have experience with any of those medications? Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. -Bobby.
  13. How do i post?

    1. onedayillsailagain


      You can't.. the forum is having issues approving members alas. Hopefully you'll be approved soon!

    2. Baseline


      Okay, thank you.

    3. onedayillsailagain


      Awesome, you've been approved apparently. I'll keep an eye out for your posts! Cheers.

  14. Can someone please verify my account so i can post please?

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