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  1. Anyone know of a good doctor to goto in England
  2. just got a chest infection and the doctor gave me some anti biotics and some steroids amoxicillin antibiotics prednisolone steroids very nervous about taking these after reading this topic.also a salbutamol inhaler anyone on here tried any of these .could do with feedback on this soon plz cant breath very well cheers
  3. cheers neptu
  4. Does anyone think that this CANDIDA realy affects HPPD if so should we not try to get rid of it just in case we have it?
  5. just got some vit b complex tabs they contain b1,b2,b3,b5,b6,b12 should these be ok? also takin magnesium supps and zinc supps. any1 know any more i should take or is that enough?
  6. 2muchmandy and ferret,very glad your on the mend,hope you fully recover,dont euer get temped to dabble again,you both are lucky ones to be given a second chance.ive been stuck in this void for 27 years.I hope this hard lesson you have just had ,has changed you and make you both love life and respect it for what it is plane and wonderful,no need for drugs the worlds beautifull enough without them.hope you carry good with your journey and help others on your way,good look bigron.
  7. started taking magnesium and zinc supplements and fish oils what B vitamins should i take? is there any other vits or probiotics i should take? cheers
  8. i cant eat anything with mushrooms in either,i was that paraniod at one time, if i thought any of my food had been near them i used to make myself vomit. those was in my very early days with this curse.i dont do it anymore,i realise its only psycadelic ones affect you,but when you are so paranoid you can make yourself believe anything is true.
  9. dont no weather they was worse,or it mite av been when i had the diazapam i was more chilled out about them,and the next day started to focus on them again.definatly able to get by when i had them. still nobody answered about propanolol supposed to be for anxiety but are they good/bad for hppd ? anybody idea plz.
  10. hi,does anybody know does propranolol aftects visuals ? can diazepam make visuals slightly worse they day after use? does candida affect hppd?
  11. has anyone tried propranolol is this good or bad?
  12. I have read on another website that drinking green tea can help because it contains l-theanine init any1 tried it or have any views about it ? having problems sleeping just got some calms one a nite,385mg valerian root init.Anybody know if these are ok to use or anyone tried them?
  13. I am in UK and they were liberty caps,so i gather that it was way too many for first time.
  14. For me this happened afta a single go on shrooms and ive still got the tripping feelings and sensations afta 27 years,one hell of a trip. I had about 150 mushrooms made into a brew was this alot?