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  1. Oh another thing, I am sure you have heard it before but your not brain damaged. I thought I was but to my surprise I am able to still learn and retain what I learn. Also us people with hppd tend to have higher IQ's I read that a few places and it makes sense. You're very smart and still are.
  2. Your story sounds very similar to mine, I got hppd when I was 18 first semester of college. It was and still is the hardest thing I have even been through. The only difference is I did use drugs regularly in high school, but I was still a good student. I almost failed out of college because of hppd. I know what you mean with the reading, it can be quiet a challenge I gave up many times because things would not stay still. Now I am in my third year of college and although my symptoms are no better I have learned to cope with them. I still struggle when it comes to reading and even finding motivation to do homework but I find a way. Surprisingly I've made the deans list a few times since! Good luck, I hope things get better and you can go back to school
  3. I think alice-acid is on the right track. I think hppd is a form of ptsd... I have never been to a doctor but I know I have both along with dp/dr anxiety and depression. Ptsd makes Hppd so much worse... I get nervous about putting things in my body now because of hppd. for example if I think I ate too much sugar and it could harm me my Hppd gets terrible.
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