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  1. hey there---- we are the same person heheheĀ  :)

  2. I have been using Sinamet for the last few months.. it has not touched my visuals.. / hppd... I will be seeing a specalist on monday... We will try something else... What would be the best medicine to try now.. appart from keppra, Valium, Klonopin etc etc any help recomendations appreciated.
  3. Hey there people.. I am not so aware of all the new diffrent medicines used for hppd.. although i have tried many with no sucess yet. i.e klonopin, clonadine, keppra, valium etc etc etc Basicly.. i have been living with HPPD for far to long.. and i am curious if there are any advances in treatments or options in / for medicines... I would hope that we can come up with something.. as this really is a very difficult condition to live with long term. Any suggestions would be awesome so i can suggest them to my specalist... Many thanks..
  4. good luck man.. really cool photo with the dog also
  5. Yes .. thanks for that ! it is fustrating... all this time / energy.. have a right to be treated just as aneyone else would.. yes, have to keep on keeping on.. Your right mainly they are not helpful.. i was referred to the third docter, tho he proved to be a dick when he started to laugh LOL yes, just having a vent in general LOL thanks
  6. Doing me best to get medicine from Gps as refered from specalist. They treat me like im some kind of odity or that im telling a lie cos hppd is so rare... I ended up fighting with them and told them to f&*k off and that the medical system is totally inadiqute.. to then go to a third docter. I started to share with the third docter and when i shared about my symptomes he started to laugh. I am beyond fed up and furious with these ignorant fools. They are the ones who are fucked up having no understanding or empathy whatsoever and just compounding the problem through labeling with there mis-conceptions. The system is really fucked up ... Fuck i would make a much much better therapist than any of these in-humane domesticated sheep.
  7. hi there ok.. sure i understand now... yes by e mail mail mail may be the best way, i will pm you my email adress now. Thanks again, hope to hear from you soon.
  8. Ok thanks for the article.. fingers crossed this doc can pull some strings.. I do not care what i try.. i just want something that works for fucks sake... the doc im seeing is a professor so he has access to all specalists on HPPD internationally... you mentioned earlier that you would be able to provide some info to the health care professional so it would make it easier for them to be informed about this medicine and how it relates to hppd.. so thats what i was / am asking you for.. thankyou. yes i would perfer not to use PMs... i would rather post on this thread that i started. thanks
  9. that would be awesome and very much appreciated.... thankyou !!
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