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  1. to clear this up iam thankfull that there are doctors making a study. and i also ever said that i believe the mechanism is the same only the trigger is diffrent. but as i posted in this thread i think these doctors try to coin a new term for an allready existing disorder. also they didnt seem to use the existing research about HPPD or PMA. they are doing the same scans hundreds of dr. allready did and which didnt showed up any result(MRI,PET). it would be more interessting to see if somebody with PMA or VS has the same results in qeeg like someone with HPPD or if someone with PMA or VS could also have success with COMT-inhibitors. this would show us if this is the same mechanism behind these disorders. also saying its not connected to drug use is simply wrong and a slap in the face of us HPPDer and dr. abrahams work in my opinion.
  2. this sounds very interessting but who knows if it would have an effect on HPPD. but this is a new med which never was discussed before on here so maybe it is worth a look. here is a interessting link: http://www.ffcr.or.jp/zaidan/FFCRHOME.nsf/7bd44c20b0dc562649256502001b65e9/c2765dde594a7331492568a2000af644/$FILE/175-10.pdf
  3. 4. Gene expression which could be caused by several things first like mentioned in this thread because of calcium channel "dysfunction" on second due to LSD on its own: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12654518
  4. hmm i think receptors can die down look at parkinson. they can also burn out. i dont know if they are able to regenerate but maybe they are only more sensetive than before so it could be possible to get back the old working standard. neurons cant regrow you have the same number since you are born
  5. if i remember correctly you have to take them up to 6 month to see if they are the "cure" for your case. edit: it should be stopped after 6 month and then only be taken again if you symptoms re-occur but it should take a while to help
  6. some interessting article: http://jn.physiology.org/content/92/5/2633.full http://cshperspectives.cshlp.org/content/3/8/a003947.full http://www.scielo.cl/scielo.php?pid=S0716-97602004000400028&script=sci_arttext
  7. na i didnt meant this thread i spoke about the previous threads where we discussed why sinemet seems to help. also the comt inhibitors affect dopamine i dont know maybe this is showing where the imbalance is found? or the dopamin is only helpful because of its affect on brain damage in general. but that wouldnt make sense since in dr a. study up to 50% or more were symptom free after taking the trail for a few hours.
  8. BTW afew people report some relief because of magnesium which is natures own calcium channel blocker but maybe to weak to cure us. if HPPD is caused by gene expressions as we talked about a few times before than the calcium channel could play a role and maybe taking c-c-blockers could silence the expressed gene again.
  9. i believe that calcium channel blockers could be one of the importants drugs to fight HPPD. alot of people with PMA got cured because of them. i read a lot of german migraine boards where people confirm this. and i also do believe that the prob is not only found in our brains it must be more global than this because alot of our symptoms are created in the eye itself(negative afterimages, halos, starbursts, floaters, ghosting). a while back i posted an article about visual disturbances (HPPD?) caused by cannabis: http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/newsrel/health/potpnas.htm calcium channels seem to play the major role here. but also serotonin is found in the nerves of the eye they are responsible of the intraocular pressure. funny because my presure is a bit elevated since the onset of HPPD. i also dont believe that "dopamine receptor burnout" or something like this is root cause because alot more peolpe who had only taken speed or coke would be members of this forum. so in my opinion it seems to be a chemical imbalance maybe to much or less serotonin in the ratio to dopamin caused by something which controlls this maybe the calcium channel blockers. also calcium channels are involved in the regulation of gene expression maybe this is the key
  10. lol i had wobble before snow. but the wobble looks like snow maybe you mean something diffrent visual? if your wobble are like tiny dots which are tingling in a corner you can imagine how VS does look alike for me its also mostly where to corners meet each other. this leads me to a question whichis maybe a bit offtopic. is your snow directly infront of your eyes? the most people on the VSforum report the snow is covering everything for me its mostly an walls or backgraounds. the most thinks which are close to me arent covered with snow.
  11. have a look: http://www.migraine-aura.org/content/e27891/e27265/e42285/e42442/e42449/index_en.html
  12. This post has been promoted to an article
  13. i voted for unsure because i was high for the last decade(absolutle no day without smoking ganja) i cant say for sure how it is to feel completly sober. sometimes i think iam still high but that doesnt bother me. i even like it.
  14. thanks for sharing the article haha now i can use the little dutch i had on elementary school^^ but iam able to understand the most. hmm i think its possible this guy recovered because of time which part the melantonine plays you cant say for sure. its not mentioned which effect the melantonine has directly after the intake, isnt it? he said after 1 1/2 year he is free of depression, anxiety and DPDR but still has visuals but they have improved. a lot of people report recovering even without meds after a few month or years. for me it seems to be the same, no mental comorbid diseases. they disapeared after the first month(s), also my visuals seems to have improved after my onset 10 month ago. i think melantonine is realy good for all HPPD sufferer who didnt get enough sleep, which is a important step to recovery. but as mentioned before there is sometimes a (temporary) increase in visuals. lol i think thats my worst english post i ever made its very hard to translate dutch to german and than respond in english now my brain is messed up^^
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