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  1. Ah thats good news, i just remembered reading something on here a while back that indicated it did so it couldn't hurt to make sure
  2. Hi fellow hppders! I haven't been on here in a while as i haven't really needed the support of the forum as i've learnt to deal with my hppd but once again i'm in need of some experienced advice I have a dentist appointment coming up this week, i may need a tooth pulled, i can't be entirely sure what they will be doing yet but anyway i was wondering will a local anesthetic possibly make my Hppd worse or any form of sedation for that matter? You're input would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  3. Like a laser? I think it has something to do with the ghosting and starbursting together, i see rays of light from the source to my eye and if i squint, its more noticeable.
  4. Thanks for your replies, sounds like i will be fine, A little less VS would be a nice little bonus haha I'm not really expecting them to do anything for my hppd just wanted to be sure
  5. Quick Question, Antihistamines specifically cetirizine hydrochloride, will it affect my HPPD? It's in tablet form, I recently got some to try treat a skin problem i am having and just wanted to check to see if anyone has had any experience with them. lol might be a silly question but you can never be too careful with this shit
  6. I believe your video's were the first ones i watched as well lol Completely agree with the whole acceptance thing, it's what has helped me deal with hppd the most not meds or dr's, accepting that this is how i perceive things now and that this may never go away and by living the healthiest life i can has helped me progress in my "Recovery" if you can call it that, perhaps it would be better to say accepting a new way of life. I personally take Hppd as a positive and a negative, while it is a terrible drag on my life with all the visuals and strange sensations, if not for this disorder i would have never quit drugs and alcohol and put it upon myself to live a healthier lifestyle which i now love
  7. I've had this symptom since February and mine is strong, i also can not get around in daylight without my sunnies. I have been living a completely healthy lifestyle since February, eating right, gym etc. tried meds they only made me feel weird all that being said NO, improvement what so ever i'm afraid. it seems as though its here to stay, who knows what may happen given the time but so far nothing has gotten better. Sorry to sound negative but that's my experience with this so far and starbursting, ghosting and light sensitivity are easily my worst symptoms, without those i would pretty much be normal.
  8. I have a full sleeve and a complete back piece, both are 30 plus hours, visuals go through the roof while im being tattooed but i sit there and cop it. man up champ, tattoos are the best!
  9. I was stuck like that for a while, where i was to anxious about my hppd to go out with my mates and when i did i felt i couldn't enjoy myself when i was sober but now i go out every weekend to raves and clubs in the city with all my friends while they get fucked up on every substance under the sun and i still have a mad time, you just need to go out and do what you would normally do, get into it! maybe your not drunk or munted and your inhibitions are holding you back but fuck them, throw them out the fuckin' window and act like a dick, no one cares everyones to fucked up haha I'm realising im starting to have the best times sober, no hangovers or scat and you remember everything for a change, interacting with people without substance also brings out a new found confidence which i find is really great. just go out and try it for a while, you'll learn to enjoy yourself again
  10. because you obsess about it, plain and simple.There is nothing more that can be said to you that already hasn't, you need to accept it.
  11. Oh mate i know that thought, my life would be close to perfect without these disorders but i'm finding as time goes on it is either getting better or my coping mechanism is, like for instance since quitting alcohol my anxiety is practically at zero so when i do have a dp/dr attack i can handle it better or a visual symptom pops up that has never happened before, i just dont care about it. I'm even starting to be able to get around without sunglasses easier which i found was a necessity before, that being said you will always have shit days with this crap where you just wish it would go away and feel low about it, ive had some terrible days where i've wanted to be dead. I just think of it as this is my life now, get on with it, accept it and do the best you can with the situation, if it goes away one day, great. but until then deal with it and don't let it hold me back, do everything you want to do. On your worst days you will always come back to that thought of what if, just keep your mind occupied with whatever you have too to avoid the thought
  12. The 2d vision would be DR and the double and blurred vision sounds like ghosting, i've had the 2d vision from the start and the ghosting began about 6 months in, so far nothing i have done has corrected it like all my symptoms i have just learned to cope. I find my ghosting is at its worst after just waking up. The flatness to me is everywhere, it appears as what i'm looking at is a still image, like a tv screen which can't be passed through. If say trees are against the sky or someone is standing against a white wall an aura will form around them as if they are apart of the background. Hard to explain :S All i take is a multi vitamin every morning, doesnt seem to do much but i take it anyway and i find work and gym keeps me distracted from most of my symptoms
  13. Eat whatever you want to eat, as long as its not more pills or acid tabs you'll be fine. It has zero effect on it, i've recently stopped eating all junk but only because im on a high protein diet, i drink concentrated carbs for the gym, carbs do not effect hppd. EAT MAN, EAT! You need to stop being so paranoid man lol
  14. When i was having bad migraines not long ago, i had a soreness behind the eyes. Didn't take anything for it besides maybe panadol and just sucked it up, they lasted days
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