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  1. Jesus christ i finished watching 5 minutes ago and my vision is still clear, i am in tears, thank you
  2. Great post and it does indeed get better. 4 years in with little no no change in intensity of visuals but it's like it's not "there", like a dirty windshield that i see past if that makes any sense.
  3. No effect for me and i drink 6 cups of coffee a day on average, just makes me a bit shaky.
  4. Had two cavities fixed and had local anasthesia administered two days in a row, no effect on hppd at all. Lots of drooling though.
  5. Cannabis is a contrary to public belief a psychoactive drug (well THC is) and it made my case 10x worse, give it up. It will be one step in the right direction.
  6. I played the third one and New Vegas, didn't fall for it. I like the elder scrolls games more. Also, this is posted in the wrong forum
  7. Back on sleeping aids, thought i was over this...

  8. One week left in Tokyo then i'm off to the great US and A

  9. I'm an assistant production manager at a sausage factory. Not the ideal job for someone with hppd since it's very stressful, loud and my shifts vary from 8h to 14h. Thinking about studying soon though since im still fairly young (21)
  10. Melbourne! Three months left on my trip, going to thailand, beijing, tokyo, L.A, L.V, Cancun and NYC. If you live in any of those places and wanna meet, send me a pm!

  11. Hayo, taurine does not affect my visuals. I spent a month in Indonesia recently and there you can buy a kind of a powdered energy drink called Extra Joss which contained 1000mg of taurine, this was popular to mix with booze before going out partying, which i did every other day. I'm oversensitive to caffeine and pretty much every stimulant there is but taurine is fine, no change in symtoms what so ever.
  12. hope you're all doing allright. stay strong y'all

  13. Dwelling in the past is the worst thing you can do my friend. The world is your oyster, open it and caress the pearl inside of it. Well being doesn't end with hppd.
  14. How've you been holding up dude? Remember you from when i was more active, nice to see a familiar name (in a way since i bet we'd rather not be in need of this site)
  15. Are you a roadsign? Because stop. Seriously.
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