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  1. No, for me its been over 20 years and my symtoms have remained the same.
  2. Realy good post visual. Im trying to get my head around it all and i have a question.(It may very well be a dumb one,sorry in advance if thats the case) If all Sinmet does is provide more raw material to make dopemine out of, does this mean that in hppd it is the mechanism that produces the raw material for dopamine that is faulty and not the dopamine receptors themselves? thanks Al
  3. Once enough data has been collected it may be useful to put the results on a graph or in a table so what works for who becomes more transparent
  4. Yes, if it’s true that hppd has different guises, which I’m beginning to realize seems to be the case, and therefore different meds work better in different cases, than a database is a great idea. I’ve just read must-be-a-way-to-heals symptoms and they don’t sound a bit like mine My symptoms are all about negative afterimages, even shadows that seem to come from nowhere floating about all over the place, I have recently realized are after images forgotten about and then coming back in for a second time. I do have grainy air type symptoms and the occasional squiggly floater but not much.
  5. Hi What do you mean by this, could you expand?
  6. sorry sinemet didnt work for you mate. i ve been waiting for your results as I was going to try it myself could you give me a description of your visual symtoms so I can compare them to my own. Many THanks Al
  7. Thanks for that Visual Your wisdom is very helpfull, slow frame rate sounds rough mate, glad its a bit better with sinemet Thanks again Al
  8. what do you think makes sinemet better than requip?
  9. Iv just seen the thread " just started sinemet" so I'll repost my last question there, makes more sense. Cheers
  10. Cheers No Im in the UK Iv only recently contacted a neorologist about my hppd after having had it for a long time, he knew nothing about hppt but told me I had most likely damaged nerve fibres and there was nothing really to be done. It was then I decided to check internet again for info on hppd and found this forum. I will go back to him with this info ,thanks Have you taken sinemet and if so how much of your visuals did it clearup ? what makes sinemet better than requip?
  11. Thanks again Visual I think this may well help me; I get really long lingering after images As I understand it then the Sinemet is full of a molecule that our brains can easily turn into dopamine, I wonder if there is a natural (herb) alternative? If I ask my doctor for sinemet he may well need more than me telling him, "I read about the possible benefit of sinemet on a forum". do you know of any published studies with sinemet and hppd or any other way I could convince my doc to try me on it?
  12. I have been thinking about trying this med when I go out socializing instead of using alcohol to relive my anxiety. That way I can totally give up alcohol well (it’s a long shot but maybe my occasional drinking is messing up my chance of recovery) Can anybody see a problem with this?
  13. Thanks Visual How does Sinemet work and what side affects does it have? Some people mention visuals get better with clonazapam do you think this depends if your visuals are pos or neg Love the pic
  14. Hi All I have negative afterimages ie green things give red after images ect. Does anybody know if this is typical or are poitive after images more common or is it about 50\50? I'v read somewhere on this site but cant remember which thread I was reading, where somebody mentioned that negative afterimages could be caused by synapses connected to photoreceptors in the eye not metabolizing properly. Can we do eye transplants these days? and would that fix negative after images? Also I'v heard some visuals are reduced by certain drugs ie benzos. does it depend on whether your after images are pos or neg which drugs to take?
  15. Hi morbide Im also new to the site , nice to meet you. It seems you have a good chance at recovery as you are young and your hppd is only 7 months. Dont do anymore drugs or drink even once if you want to give yourself the best chance. Take care Al oh your english is better than mine , I can't spell for shit
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