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  1. drinking is the only thing i do, except now it is not fun all the time, i have to be in the right environment. kind of like how smoking is for most people. but i can't drink too much because my dr kicks in, but at the same time i don't care about it as much because it's like, hey you're drunk, whateverr. one thing i do not like to do is drink before bed, harder to sleep!
  2. i noticed music sounds best to me right when i wake up.. anyone else relate to this?

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    2. maxussynk
    3. mbellamy09


      im to tired/lazy to put on music in the morning lol. i imagine its sorta like really late at night though and thats amazing depending on the music

    4. iwasnineteen


      recently i've found thst listening to music helps me with waking up more than my phone ever did, i'm glad i discovered that!

  3. re-teaching myself how to paint with this new perception is a real bitch...

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    2. mbellamy09


      why was as in past tense? difficult to get back to it but def. possible. not an exact comparison, but i golf, working towards turning pro been reteaching myself for like 2 years and well on my way. just keep pluggin

    3. mbellamy09


      gl btw, don't know if your s'n means you got this when you were 19 if it does i can somewhat understand. i got hppd and dp/dr when i was 16. now about to turn 20

    4. bdubpro


      Hey I can relate. I'm an artist too, well a pianist. Learning how to play the piano with visual disturbances was annoying at first but now my playing is the best its ever been!! Time heals all wounds

  4. sorry to hear about that:(

  5. recently i've started going on dates with an old aquaintence.. he's talkative so i don't have to worry about awkward quiet moments that my hppd tends to cause me. he's very artistic and inspires me to take painting/drawing up again..which used to be my life. also first guy ive hungout with in a while that's not a pig, & he's sweet. this might be good for me..

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      Definitely...good luck :)

    2. iwasnineteen


      it's going really well so far, thankyou :)

  6. Hi nineteen,

    I am Larry and I was 20 when it happened to me. Took it once. And I noticed it a week or two after. My story is a long one.

    Really feel for you. I did not mean for this to happen but it was my own doing, even though it was only one time. None of us deserve this. There is hope that it will get better for you over time. How long have you had this?


  7. iwasnineteen

    telling parents

    did your parents have too take care of you for your first few months at all too, following that first week? i'm feeling very needy..
  8. iwasnineteen

    telling parents

    what are some of your experiences with breaking the news to your parents? how do you tell them? how have they reacted? i know i have to tell them at some point but don't know what to expect or what a good way to say it would be... :/
  9. Hey! Sorry, just realized that you messaged me...hope summer's treatin you well, I just started summer classes, we'll see how that goes..

  10. i was wondering if you guys could share some tips on how to get through the mornings everyday? i've noticed when i sleep in late it's nothing but bad news
  11. iwasnineteen

    hppd visuals

  12. savor the moments that bring you even the slightest joy

  13. iwasnineteen

    Interesting experience

    i think people are in empty cars sometimes

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