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  1. Thanks Is a Good news !!! Your palinopsie is the same from the beginning or change? the mine is higher than at the beginning. It worries me
  2. Sorry no low ESR but VS ...
  3. Hello, Thank you for your message. I showed your post to my neuro-ophthalmologist and is ok with your idea. She knows the subject she has three patients with palinopsia (after LSD but that is not my case). She also work in research. I have positive and negative After image. The positive that are bad for me they are very strong at night. I do not drive at night. At the beginning of Palinopsia (3 years) I: Moved into town, I had a new job, a new boyfriend, took xanax momentarily. lot of new things at that time. I do not know what could cause this. Another symptom is a hypochondriac, post traumatic stress (of children), low ESR, tinitus, sometimes strange concentration problem. And you? What are your other symptoms? My neuro-ophthalmologist prescribed me Tegretol what do you think? Thank you again for all your advice. I m very sorry for my bad english i speek french (It is google traduction ) A.
  4. Hello everyone! My neurological symptoms started in this order: 2010 -> Paresthesia total of one hand (for 4 days) 2011 -> Miosis (a pupil smaller than the other) 2011-2012 -> palinopsia / VS / trails The doctor I have suspected multiple sclerosis but MRI was ok. Nobody knowswhat I (like many of us I think). Someone else had paresthesia and / or Miosis? Or other neurological accident?
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