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  1. Hi Shadowplay! I've had HPPD for almost 9 years now, and I've been through many examinations and medications so far. Maybe I can make a list soon.. Anyway, my current meds are the best so far. Which are Keppra, Wellbutrin, Concerta and Zolpidem. Keppra lowers some visuals a bit but nothing miraculous really.. However, they keep a steady baseline on the visuals. Keppra is the main reason why I can use Concerta (Methylphenidate), which is infamous for aggrevating HPPD. But there's not been any flare ups at all. I need CNS stimulants because of my ADHD, to keep the aggression in check. So
  2. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. All doctors are half-wits when it comes to HPPD here. Not to mention psychiatry in general, which is stuck in the 50's. They still use electroshock theraphy and primitive drugs like phentiazines. It's also infamous as the "benzo-coast" a fitting term since here on the West Coast most doctors seem to have a nasty love for prescribing benzos as a universal fix for everything, resulting in the highest proportion of benzo addicts in the whole of Sweden.. If you have HPPD and/or psychiatric problems, avoid Sweden and in particular Gothenburg!!
  3. Caffeine makes the visuals worse temporarily for me. At the right dose caffeine is a good relief for my ADHD, and I get better sleep quality when I drink one large cup before sleep. So I would say it outweighs the HPPD increase a lot. Though if I drink to much I get increased DP/DR and faster heart rate so it has to be within certain limits.
  4. Properly diagnosed at last! F169 -- Posthallucinogen perception disorder (HPPD). No more improper meds for me.. :D

  5. I´ve had HPPD for over 6 years now, no matter what I´ve done my visual symptoms have not improved at all. They periodically get worse and go back to the already severe baseline again, without any logic explanation. My acceptance of HPPD has improved considerably though, I really don´t care about the visuals anymore because I´ve had them for so long. It´s my "normal" vision now. I recommend using sunglasses when reading, driving etc. or any other environment which has strong light and contrast, as it will reduce eye strain and therefore reducing headache risk. That´s about the only thing which
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