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  1. Yo Andrew, it would be good if I could talk to you at some point. Get back to me if you can, cheers x
  2. Yeah i'll check that L-Tryptophan out... And yeah it kinda gives me a mild buzzy feeling sometimes, its alrite... And yeah I think I got this hppd nonsence from takin mdma and 2cb all summer and the acid wont have helped either. But its kinda wierd because I find that now everytime I take mdma or acid for a few days afterwards I have minimal anziety and have a better head space but then after that all the anziety and negative feelings come back... Odd days I feel happy and content but it does'nt last long. Cheers for your replys anyway guys
  3. I trip my box off whenever I drink now... It can be very entertaining but sometimes very uncomfortable haha!
  4. Hmm yeah, I fear if I get Valium etc I would become addicted... I have a very addictive personality. The 5hpt generally makes me feel better so I feel its worth carrying on taking it for now, or maybe having it every other day... I am however going to stop drinking coffee becuase it makes me anxious and makes everything breath and wobble more lol.... Thanks for the advice anyways HBB ;D x
  5. Hellooo... Well basically i'm pretty positive I have hppd, I thaught it could be drug phycosis as well but not really sure. I took a lot of 2-cb, mdma, mda, e's, acid and some dodgy research chemicals over the last 3 years and far too much over summer... So i'm pretty sure its had this wierd effect on me of hppd which to be honest I do usually enjoy, however I do not enjoy the anziety and wierd over thinking part? I'v been taking this 5htp shit and it makes me feel happier but I dont know whether it will help the hppd and that? I'v also been reading of ways to manage anziety about getting to the route of were it comes from and eliminateing it like the foul beast that it is!!! arghh fuk you anziety bullshit!!! So yeah, Anyone know if 5hpt is actually fukin with my hppd? Oh yeah and coffee, tobacco and weed is defo fukin with it lol... =/ x
  6. I used to get them phat buzzzzz noises in summer, felt like my head was going to explode eurghhh horrible man, its nerve damage and shit caused By MDMA and over useing stimulants...