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  1. that would be awesome. Hope things work out for you.
  2. yeah that was exactly the same for me. Within in two days i was the most relaxed i had ever been but i was seeing some strange stuff. 2cpGotMe, did your visuals get worse over the course of the week or only after the first couple of doses? I'm also interested in whether or not Zoloft will eventually plateau as if this is the case i will definately switch back to it
  3. I just have a few question's to ask? I tried taking sertraline (Zoloft) about 2 to 2 and a half months ago. The symptoms got worse but the relief from it was fantastic. After all this time trying to get used to my new perception, my anxiety and stress levels are still high and although I am hesitant, I really feel as if I need medication to help me beat the stress and anxiety. My first question is do anti depressant's normally give such tremendous relieve over such a short time? I had only taken the drug for two days and I could not possibly be stressed or worried no matter how hard I tried, however my symptoms got worse so I decided at the time to stop. Secondly, How long until this stabilizes. What i mean is if i keep taking SSRI's are the symptoms going to consistently get worse over time or will it increase only the first few days and then stop. I generally think the latter as I have seen people say they have been on the drug for two years and dosen't make much sense if it got worse every time they took it. Would there be a better drug to try in my position? My symptom's include halo's, minor ghosting, bright lights that occasionally flash (mainly happens when I move my head/ get up to quickly), geometric patterns on walls and an image still being there after I look away...This is by far the worst symptom as I have obsessional and compulsive tendencies to constantly check and look for it. Finally when people look at traffic lights at night are the lights rly distorted. Its hard to explain but for example green lights go wayyyyyyy above where they should and it looks as if there are four green lights as opposed to just one. This has been getting worse over time and does it continue to get worse or does it stabilize? I do feel selfish for coming on here just to questions but I do really need help to make this decision. Thankyou for reading.
  4. i'm exactly the same as you...i have now sworn of all substances except alcohol for the rest of my life. It's my birthday in a few weeks and i'm going to have a few beer's then just make sure not to go over the top...alcohol and stress definitely made my symptoms worse.
  5. yeah i have OCD tendencies which makes it worse....i think its time for a holiday lol
  6. congratulations
  7. Today concluded the worst seven days I've had to deal with. Up until last week I could always manage my HPPD and the stress It caused me but since about a week ago i've been waking up not being able to breath properly and my heart going 100000km. I cant help obsessing over this and it's making it worse as this is literally happening 24/7. I've been strong for four months now but this is starting to get the better of me. Work and uni are very demanding at the moment so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. All I want to do is to not hate getting up in the morning like i do now... Sorry for ranting it's been a bad week :/
  8. after the Xanax wears off do the symptoms come back worse? I've been having pretty bad anxiety lately and have no problem getting it but I don't wont to if It's going to make the visuals worse.
  9. I also get very bi-polar, in the space of a few hours I'll switch from being completely optimistic to incredibly pessimistic. For me the stress has definitely been the hardest. The last four days my chest has been tight and my heart has been hurting from all the stress I get. Does anyone else get obsessive thought about this? There is one symptom I haven't gotten used to and I cannot for the life of me stop thinking about it. It pops back into my mind pretty constantly and I stay worrying things like I'm never going to get used to this and start looking for it which is even worse. I feel for you all
  10. Was just wondering how safe Valerian root is to use as a supplement. Is there any chance of making my symptoms worse? I've already had my symptoms increase once and I'm not going to go down that road again? If anyone else knows of any other supplements that don't have any negative effects feel free to add those in as well.
  11. That's me a few months before getting HPPD. Not really a hobby but I was out in the city with friends so I guess that counts for something Good idea starting this thread...cheered me up on one of my bad days.
  12. At work, the day after the last time I consumed alcohol I first noticed this. Was really stressed out about it till David responded to a thread I made. For my personally it was a symptom that would come back later and later over the course of a day and eventually just went away. One of the few symptoms that has gone so far.
  13. never had a problem with alcohol and HPPD until I discovered this forum. After reading this thread a few months ago my anxiety sky rocketed from hearing other people's problems when drinking and since then it got worse every time I drank. I have been sober now for two months which I am really proud of myself for however I wont drink again until I stop being even the slightest bit anxious about it. I am getting much better dealing with the anxiety, though I do miss drinking. I don't think any of my HPPD symptoms from alcohol where long term related, but for a week or so after it definitely made it worse
  14. What is the reason why SSRI's make HPPD so much worse? I'm finding this somewhat interesting now
  15. Visual what type of medication are you on?? I don't have DP or DR and I am very grateful after reading some peoples experiences on this board. I mainly get shapes moving on walls, objects occasionally shifting and moving, after images and random white dots moving when I look up at the sky. I have decided to stop taking the drug as I do not want my HPPD to become full blown. I don't know if i will take any more meds in the future, however the shift in my thinking for however short it was made me realize how important it is to have a positive frame or mind which i'm starting to work towards. are your visuals getting any better?