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  1. aztec99

    how long did u guys take to settle in?

    For me, my symptoms got worse over the period of about 1-3 months and then they plateaued out...that is until i used again.
  2. aztec99

    Viibryd AD

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  3. I had a dream last night that was crazy apropos. In this dream, I was driving around not sober. I was messed up on something (drugs) but not too bad. I came upon an intersection at night and looked to the left to turn but there was too much traffic that way, too many cars. So I took off real quick to the right. Then for a split second I saw headlights and another car. I then was coming back to consciousness surrounded by friends. I was began to talk to them like everything was status quo, what's up. Then I scarily began to realize that something wasn't right. My spine was all fucked up and my speech slurred, slow, and somehow just not right. My friends said "you don't realize what's happened'. Then I woke up. Fuck me. Visual, you are right. I need some help man.
  4. You know what. 2muchmandy, I'll admit I am a moron. I have all the warning signs but still I want to get fucked up and that is what will happen. I just can't help it because my life sucks and I hate myself. Folks, thank you for the support and bashing both. I suppose I wasn't going to be talked out of it either way. DId you guys develop DR/DR and other significant symptoms right away or did it come after repeated use as I am about to do? Because I don't have DP/DR I can live life just fine and after my last relapse their was a minor increase in visual symptoms. Why are you so convinced that I will end up in "living hell"? Perhaps you are thinking that that will happen to me because that is your situation.
  5. aztec99


    You might try Sinemet or Keppra to see if they reduce the starburst symptom if its that bad
  6. Hell yea. Maybe if I'm on vacation and its a moderate amount then I'll be ok. With all my depression and anxiety drugs can actually be a good thing if not abused. I just have to be super mindful of any variance in the severity of my HPPD symptoms.
  7. aztec99


    It seems there is a large variance in the the intensity of starbursting for different folks. Some can barely drive at night while others its just there and not a big deal. For me its not a big deal. It's a minor annoyance. The halos that accompany the starbursting sometimes are actually beautiful.
  8. Lol @ flying carpets. I can see how they trip you out haha. Unfortunately for me I get scared about HPPD but only for like 2 months and then I get used to it. I only have the visuals and if I ignore or get used to them then they are really nothing more than an annoyance. In the meantime, I really want to get fucked up. I have already decided to get messed up again. 2muchmandy, yes it is stupid and crazy. Maybe the only way for me to learn is to get DP/DR and see the morphing and have regret. I've got a week off during the week of 4th of July and plan to get totally shit faced mainly with methylone. On a positive note, if I do damage my HPPD severely, my Sinemet, Keppra, Memantine and benzos came in.
  9. I'm afraid that I will keep going (getting messed up) till I get DP/DR. I'm already planning to do more drugs I'm weak! I can't help it! I think if I don't do any hallucinagens that I'll be ok. I think they would royally fuck me. But ecstasy type don't seem to make my HPPD too much worse. damn i suck.
  10. Yea I have went to a few doctors but they don't know shit. They just tell me that it is due to excessive masturbation and to give it time to heal. Another doctor said is was due to the dopamine overload damaging nerves. That is preposterous because I didn't even wanker it the night all that happened. I just remember my pecker turtled up so bad that I couldn't even take a piss. It was scary small. I think its some kind of nerve damage. I just don't know whether its in my penis or in my brain. Either way the doctors cant do shit. Nerve injuries have to heal on their own which can take up to 12 to 18 months. On the positive side, I could probably fuck a girl ragged since I can't feel so much. Also, I CAN still feel. Which means the nerve isn't severed which means it has a chance of coming back one day. Note to self, don't snort lines of drugs without weighing the shit out first.
  11. Yea it does suck to be me. Yea, one night after doing a bunch of different drugs in combination, I woke up and my penis was numb. Some of the sensation came back but it's a lot less than normal. I can still feel but it's muted. I relapsed one time and I felt the sensation die out even more. I don't know what is exactly wrong or causing it. nerve damage?
  12. Yeah, I know I shouldn't but I'm like craving it! I saw this tv show about how drugs affect the brain. It say the free will portion of the brain is changed and thus your choice to resist is literally diminished. I see what they are talking about!
  13. I'm going to start with Kpins and see how it goes....but only after trying Buspar and other non habit forming meds. thanks
  14. Damn, so my former recreational drug dealers got busted by the DEA. Now I can't get anymore which is a good thing ultimately. But right now I am about to lose my fucking mind. I want to get high so bad! Maybe if I wasn't so depressed and anxiety then i wouldn't care so much but it's like i need it. I feel like I'm going to snap!
  15. aztec99

    Meidcation, Take 2

    Actually started back on the Zoloft today. I have clonazepam, sinemet, keppra, and memantine on order. Might try Buspar as well. I'll definitely be medicated over the next few months Better than depression and anxiety.

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