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  1. Is there anyway to get google to search for this forum? It's really hindering the community :/ I do like this board BTW. It has a very nice layout.
  2. Ok so google isn't finding hppdonline.com AT ALL. Even if I DIRECTLY type in HPPDONLINE.com or hppd.info into google it won't pull it up!? I don't know if anyones done any research on getting google to correct it's search results? But we need to get this site up and going on google ASAP. Very strange of google to not be able to find this site, but it can find a post I made 15 years ago on some obscure anglefire page. Jeeze
  3. The visual snow is right on. This is my most prominent Symptoms of HPPD. That and after images. But the SNOW! It drives me crazy. It fluctuates too in intensity. I will have 'fair ups' of HPPD that can last weeks then disappear for months to years. I hate the snow. Ih ave to avoid looking at blank surfaces so I don't have to notice it as much. It's kinda making me depressed right now.
  4. Hello! I'm from the old board here. Really disappointed to see the old board go and all the data that was on it. There was a wealth of information acquired on that board and to see that it all went poof is quite a loss. The reason I think this board is doing so badly is that it is not in google search. If you google 'HPPD' hppdonline.com doesn't pop up on the first page, if at all. The only way I found this was by going to the HPPD page on wikipidia and going to related links. Also the original forum had a link to it on hppd.stormloader.com/ which is one of the first links on google and that link is now broken. If anyone knows of a way to get this webpage on the first page on google search we should.