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  1. Please do not use illegal drugs and drink moderately. The ripples in the pound will eventually flatten out and your mind will find new focus and that Is the key . Nothing focuses the mind more than HPPD, you have to find another focus. Its hard but the benefits are hugely positive . Its a roller-coaster but if you ride it everyday eventually the thrill dissipates. Take care. find focus. stay positive and do not fall into the trap of believing its a mental illness or you have freaked out or you are no longer normal .That stuff in my opinion is all bull. For me HPPD is heightened sense of
  2. Hi Guys .Hope you are all doing well, Been a long time since I posted ."Long story short", I've been on pain medication for over 5 years for HPPD related Fybromylagia and fatigue and in my wisdom I decided to do a 5 day detox. Well the HPPD rattle was pretty big as you may imagine. For 5 days it was like walking through hell so i went back on them a decided to tirate down. I have been looking at Kratom the natural root bark pain killer from Indonesia (Banned in several countries including the UK where I am based ) However Legal in some countries and States in the USA . The reviews an
  3. Do you have Visual Snow 24/7 ? It's one of the key attributes of Hppd .
  4. Hi as a long time sufferer I would agree with the Drs assessment especially the acceptance Quote. I'm coming up to 40 years with this condition and you really need to get the head down and get on with life. HPPD is really just a condition opposed to an illness and definitely is not a mental illness although excessive worry and anxiety over the condition will, however, lead you down that path. Brainfog headaches and lethargy are the real demons of this condition.
  5. Hi MADDOC completely agree with you although I think as the initial visual symptoms become less intrusive (5 years say) the physical symptoms of the condition become the real enemy (fatigue,muscle pain,headaches etc ) and then i think the real fight begins as David said dealing with the ADHD and focus issues bad memory and brain fog can be hard. Diet I think has been a huge help in dealing with several of the above and for me pain killers and a muscle relaxant . Yayoe I think real HPPD dosent really go away, some have had it a very very long time It does however diminish over time o
  6. hi david- do you know what medication dr abraham is using on his new hppd trial being based in the uk its difficult to contact him to get the information . cheers robbie

  7. good news whats a ketogenic diet and are you still taking keppra

  8. I'm fine!

    I would say tho that the ketogenic diet has made even more effect.

    I am completely fine except if i catch a cold when i get some symptoms back and it takes some weeks for it to pass. Hopefully i will be able to cut my dose.

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