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  1. I've had these floaters for 30 years and hate it! Is the worst symptoms I have now so can definitely live with it.
  2. Very well put Sara and great insight! I'm always willing to help anyone with my experience as well!! Larry
  3. I will concur with most of what I've read on this thread. Stay away from drugs and alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle. Is true that when we're feeling well we think we can go back and do the same stupid shit again. Truth is we are prone and predisposed to this condition for reasons they don't quite understand yet. Better be safe than sorry. I also say don't worry about telling the world about it because it's so rare that most Psychiatrist haven't believed me until I told them the DSM # they could look up. Once I told them they can only treat the symptoms . Those suffering from this know more than the average psychiatrist so know you're fighting a courageous battle and that you should be proud you're fighting and trying to understand. Hang in there all my fellow HPPD'rs!
  4. Hi and I'm pleased you chose to seek out my advice...

  5. I have had HPPD for 33 years. have much experience with different treatments and would be happy to share my knowledge with anyone. Just want to help. There have been some things really beneficial and some not so. One thing I can tell you is that it is No reason not to lead a full productive life. If you put yourself in the position of a blind man and say this is the life I know and must live then you will . Life is truly what we make it. Acceptance was the biggest challenge for me but once I made that step the rest was easy. I invite any and all to ask anything they like as I said after 33 years I think I'm qualified?? Good luck and please ask away! Larry
  6. 33 years with this and am more than willing to share my experience

    1. lrisner59@yahoo.com


      I want to share with anyone interested in knowing that the most success I've had in managing this condition I discovered in 1982.It was a combination of what was then called Triavil (Trilifon/Elavil) and Cogentin.The Triavil came in a dose of 2/25 and was taken 3 times a day.This is actually 2mg Trilafon and 25mg of Elavil.The Cogentin was for side effects which consisted of stiff legs etc. I took the Cognetin in 1mg doses twice a day. This combination my friends gave me the first relief ...

    2. David S. Kozin

      David S. Kozin

      Interesting: Cogentin blurred my vision for 2 weeks prior to acquiring altered permanent perceptions. Although, blurred vision is a common side effect. Welcome to the board, sir!


    3. lrisner59@yahoo.com


      David ,

      Is my pleaure!You say you took cogentin 2 wks prior to having these issues? What prompted that? I'm wondering why cogentin markedly improved my visual problems givning me much better visual clarity and perception? The blurred vison is a result of the pupils dialating much like a Opthamologist doing so while examing ones eyes? I swear the combination of triavil and cogention worked better than anything I've seen posted here so would be curious if anyone would want to d...

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