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  1. David S. Kozin

    Would like to hear your thoughts

    I have noticed a very temporary (about 10 minutes) crystal clear vision with MDMA after having HPPD for a long time. However, after 10 minutes it was back and for at least the next two weeks higher than before. This is not reported very often, and it only happened to me once. I do know that I hated pot, but I smoked it after HPPD and my symptoms jumped twice fold and that level became the new baseline.
  2. Here are some examples. I put up one. But, adding HPPD/Visual Snow can get a lot of visibility (that was not a pun on purpose) for no cost. , will notice that it starts to become harder to see things clearly up close http://bit.ly/2RHK7hW #WorldSightDay atient records are a valuable source of information for planning care services. They can identify, not only how many people are receiving eye care, but also socio-economic and demographic information about the patients http://bit.ly/2RHK7hW #WorldSightDay “Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful- Hellen Keller.” On #WorldSightDay, let us focus on helping raise awareness about blindness and vision-related impairments, of which 80% can be prevented or cured. Take care of your eyes for they are the window to your soul. Being able to see clearly is a blessing! On this #WorldSightDay, promise to maintain the health of your eyes with our ‘Eye Care’ feature. Download http://Medicalwale.com app today: https://land.ly/medicalwale
  3. I will be live streaming my Trip to the doctor and if I am not violating a law, get real time good or bad news about sleep study and watch how amazing Dr. Baker is with managing HPPD and ADHD. - David
  4. David S. Kozin

    worth trying a sleep study?

    I am scheduling a sleep study, but based on pretty good data: my girlfriend has observed me stopping breathing at times. Additionally, other symptoms of sleep apnea are there. Please forgive me if I repeat other posters, it will take me a little bit it get a feel for where we are at on the board, so... One of my close friends has Narcolepsy. I realized that I was having some similar issues, but I am also on a unique combination of medications that could mimic issues. However, often associated Sensory Processing disorders and Attention disorders accompany HPPD individuals at higher rates than the norm. One caveat, is individuals with ADHD (including me) self medicated with stimulants not realizing how severe my ADHD was. ADHD and impulse control, feeling misunderstood and other parts of our ADHD Brain are ripe for a personality drawn to hallucinogens. The chicken and the egg problem. I do know I had ADHD before HPPD, just undiagnosed. I have a Dopamine hypothesis, and it is similar to why sinemet was studied open lable.. I have such excessively high frontal cortex theta power witgout assymetry that my qEEG/EEG reading suggested the possibility of a more serious issue. Theta power is now formally accepted as one indicator for ADHD. I also think it is why I am able to have some "super powers" that can also be awful. Anyway, the post is essentially self-diagnostic of a positive ADHD diagnosis. I went way off topic there. - David (writing unedited posts since 1998).
  5. Constant Zapping, standing up and sitting down, tremors, vivid hallucinations in edges of my eyes. Sleeping feels like it will NOT easy, but I also fall asleep holding my phone in my hand playing a game or reading news. UPDATED RATING: ? Even it has dilated pupils.
  6. The following is my experience with drug. Everyone is different, but the board is a source of information when others input their stories and the user can make better choices with their doctor about what therapies to try. Now that is out of the way. . . From 1 to 10, where 1 is the worst outcome and 10 is the best outcome, here is my score for this muscle relaxer: 3️⃣ I WILL SEEK AN ALTERNATIVE MEDICATION FOR THIS IF POSSIBLE, AND UNLESS MY PAIN RATES a 9 or 10 then I rather deal with the pain. ⚡ - Today, the Head Zaps have started. If you have taken an SSRI, you are probably all to familar with the feeling. My best description would be that this feeling is how you imagine the first 1/2 second of a seizure.. Turning my head up and down or left and right will induce the zaps. Zaps are bad. My back is feeling better and this morning is my last dose. I AM GETTING THEM RIGHT THIS SECOND. About 5 to 9 full body. chest notable and head. ? With the zaps and head fog, I will get dizzy for a brief moment and then be ok. ? The DRY MOUTH is awful. I do take gabapentin, which is also notorious for dry mouth, and I am comparing my normal state to what changes occurred after taking the medication. I have a bottle of Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse. It is a great product (but overpriced) to help with dry mouth. However, this feels like trying to make the Sahara Desert into a body of water. Lemon Ice or just ice is good for this. ☣️ Overall, the experience of side effects at 100mg Extended-Release taken twice daily feels like an SSRI "head energy buzz that isn't comfortable: I have no active affiliate account with Amazon. Here is a link for convenience for anyone with dry mouth. I do think they changed the formula.
  7. ⚠️ A few days ago, I ended up in the Emergency Room after a hip/back injury two days prior was increasing in pain and I could not sit up without assistance. Luckily, CTscan and other tests showed no organ damage or issue (hernia/etc) but there are three muscles that cross in that area and the deepest layer is often what causes that pain. After getting IV opiate of some sort, I was discharged. It is a few days later. and I just returned from my doctor's office. My back was exceptionally tight at the location, and I consented to a therapy with lidocaine and multiple injections at different sites (Graphic description: It felt like a meat tenderizer, but in the best way possible). Then a steroid shot. Lastly. prescribed Orphenadrine, Orphenadrine is toxic when overdosed and typically induces anticholinergic effects I have 100mg Extended Release tabs. Honestly, based on the action of this older drug it probably would not be a great choice for a person with HPPD. However, I don't like cyclobenzaprine because it makes me feel awful in the morning. I will report tomorrow how the entire experience impacts HPPD. When writing reports with medications, make sure to tag the medication and that will allow for very easy searching of medication info for people. So far, I do feel a little dry mouth. I have Biotene for this, which is a smart thing to have around. Actually, I am definitely feeling "altered" and it is T + 40 minutes. I just spent a minute or so lost in my bouncing leg and thinking about the tingling. I am going to lay down for sure. - david
  8. THE GOAL: To return to the roots of the HPPDonline.com website by adding easily accessible information, a non-forum section, etc. Friday, I discover in I am able to afford and begin my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The next step is Certificate in Advanced Addiction Counseling and to pursue a private practice to cover individuals with HPPD with a license recognized to enable me to diagnose, treat and counsel individuals and the last degree provides a significant boost to my area of specialty and opens up to a possible HPPD and private practice. In the interim, I am working on this website and have a few projects that I have been working on over the last 7 years in addition to my own chaotic life. I am working on a personal website and also layered over that a site for Perceptual Psychology in general. I am not sure of the strategy, but the system I am using is excellent for creating community outreach. I will discuss more later. - dk
  9. I am changing some things. Nothing will be deleted. Nothing that you see is a guarantee that it will stay or suggestive of an idea. I know there are members out there that remember, but if not here is the first post I wrote to the HPPD community that was started by a gentleman named Andrew. I have not heard from him in a very long time. However, I am giving him an Honory account and title. Many of the new items do not have specific terms and condition associated with them, so please ask before you test them. I realize many of the users use their smartphone to operate the message board, so I am looking at two different themes. I will consult with the other Admins on anything lasting, but if you notice a "Feature" appear or disappear it is not your HPPD, but just me. - David K. Screenshot. October 16, 1999 ? It is 491 days Until the 20 Year Online Anniversary. Screenshot of very early beginning and 1st Version of HPPDonline.com ? The founding day would probably be November 2000. Making this web site operating for 18 years.
  10. I am reading threads, and this one does have merit for discussion. I know of a few HPPD individuals also diagnosed with IgG and other immunoglobulin deficiencies. This is an interesting thought at best (at least at this stage), but while diving through articles related to this thread that ended up meeting up with research I intended on investigating. I don't want to bias the research (although, I think it would be difficult based on the protocol), but a measurement related to acetylcholine is a significant role in measured variables along with the system for Dopamine in an area of the brain alluded to in the discussion for using senemet for HPPD. Discovering Narcolepsy is autoimmune is still very new.
  11. until
    Description of the event
  12. David S. Kozin

    HPPD 2.0

    I forgot. Those images are not very clear, but anyone can look up hppdonline.com at the Internet Way Back machine, and see how much this community has done. There is some very useful information contained in this archive, which would take forever to download unless someone who is very savvy could obtain the files they have in their archive. I have begged people to follow my youtube channel, and I realized I wrote about this in the message above, but YouTube is ADHD crack, and I forgot to include the link. AND CLICK SUBCRIBE. Click Watch on the boring watch video. 10,000 Views is an important Metric. I will put up more videos, but these 2 are classic: CLICK ME TO SEE DR. ABRAHAM VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/DavidKozinVerified
  13. David S. Kozin

    HPPD 2.0

    I am making some cosmetic, functional and other changes to the website to test features and see if it will handle some future plans. I have had some very challenging years, but now I have the plans to implement and I am fearless. Also, I get really pissed off when the HPPD story is told incorrectly on large government-funded websites, drug treatment centers and places I would never have thought HPPD would even appear. Even to the relatively educated Psychadelic class, the idea that LSD could cause HPPD was at best an overstated condition, and at worst (most common) it was considered to be a myth. I must admit that the "Millenials" have really tried to reduce the stigma associated with the disorder just by joining Facebook groups for HPPD. Some of you have created videos, music, blogs and for me to see HPPD listed in online pamphlets for drug-addict treatment centers is AMAZING and SCARY. It is amazing that the information I have noticed is stating that HPPD of the Consistent Visual Type is real. Previously, flashbacks were recognized, but not the long lasting visual disturbances. That is Amazing. We owe it to you, the members before you and to the majority of the researchers who haven't slanted their datasets. This is Scary. I would rather have no study that a bad study. If a case report is published where a person is diagnosed with HPPD based on two criteria (1. Patient states they are experiencing hallucinations & 2. The patient stated the hallucinations began with the drug). The individual is treated with Risperdal (risperidone), which is recognized in multiple reports in the Archives of General Psychiatry and other literature (and many of our/my personal experience) to exacerbate HPPD. Consequently, there is a study that states a person with HPPD was cured with a drug normally contraindicated for the treatment of HPPD. The error is the diagnosis. If this was a freshman in college with a family history of schiophrenia, and who had early signs of a disorder belonging to psychosis, it should have been identified as Hallucinogen-induced Psychosis and part of the HPPD syndrome is that drugs like Risperdal make it worse. So, I have three studies. I am applying to a clinical mental health program and seeking an advanced graduate certification that would enable me to open up a clinic, practice counseling with a legal clinical license and this is my life plan. I would like to get hired at the Lab of the school I am applying to, and do so with my own research funding. (I know, I have promised a lot of things lately, but it seems there is always a crisis, but if I can eat and spend 4 hours a day to this project we will have these studies completed before I am finished.) Additionally, the degree will allow me to legally diagnose individuals that have HPPD with the formal diagnosis of HPPD. I would be a dedicated clinician to HPPD and related disorders, and if that doesn't use up enough time then I will work with individuals with opiate and benzodiazepine addiction. Creating a humane Withdrawal Protocol for Benzodiazepines in America would be one of the most significant contributions to addiction medicine since the biological model. I asked people to sign up to my YouTube channel, and I am at 25. However, I had nothing of value posted on my channel yet. Now, it has changed. Two sections of an interview with Dr. Henry David Abraham, where I asked questions and Dr. A answer about two very important sections on HPPD. I found them after many years, and they are from 2001. My youtube page is: Here are some images of HPPDonline.com and NODID through the years.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences
  15. Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences View File Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences Submitter David S. Kozin Submitted 06/24/2017 Category HPPD Research Articles  

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