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    About time for a thread like this. I took about 4 grams of shrooms (twice as much as you should on your first time) in early january. Before that all I had done was drink and smoke weed a few times. I tripped really hard, I was in a completely diferent dimension talking to people who don't exist, and time had no meaning. At one point I became really scared that I wasn't going to come back and began freaking out trying to physicaly claw my way back into this world while my eyes were closed. Still the next morning I was fine and I looked at the trip in a positive way. Three weeks later I smoked a little and the night after that I drank a little. The night after the night I drank I woke up from a really messed up dream shaking with really bad anxiety. For the next week I had horrible anxiety and sleep issues (hynagogic hallucinations and such) but no other symptoms. After a week it went away but then a few days later it came back with all that stuff plus 24/7 visual snow and some after-images and some derelization. The next two months were hell but then things started to improve. After 4 months I was feeling a lot better and could ignore HPPD pretty easily, after 6 months I was basically back to normal. It's been almost 7 months now and I still have some very minor symptoms. I am more anxious/moody/prone to depression than I was prior to HPPD but its still improving and I'm confident that these symptoms will completely dissapear soon. In certain lightings I stilll get visual snow but its so minor that if it had never been worse I would think it was just a normal thing that everyone had. Ocasionally I'll get a random visual (like an afterimage or something weirder), but its getting increasingly more rare and honestly might also be normal. I dream vivid dreams all night long it seeems now but thats not really a bad thing. I still have some Hypnagogia issues, I kinda start dreaming while I'm still awake and had a little sleep paralysys a week ago (I thought i was dead), its really hard to explain but its not a problem as long as it doesn't get worse. I also get CEV when I'm trying to sleep sometimes but those are fun now that they aren't there all the time. I didn't use any prescriptions to get to this point, just eating healthy, taking vitamins, exercising, and most importatly ignoring my symptoms and believing that they will go away. Good Luck!
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    Number 2 is particularly hard...........
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    Thats what hurt me the most too...my dad still doesnt believe me haha...do what you think is best i guess
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    Hooooooooooooly shit. Thanks David. "YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO CORRECTLY DIAGNOSE HPPD IN YOURSELF than receiving a correct diagnosis by a clinician." So true. My Harvard trained psychiatrist attempted to, while contradicting himself at times, tell me I did not have hppd. I will try to dig into these as much as I can, as I am taking a class on the neurological basis of learning and behavior, so this might be just barely what I can comprehend. You're a knight, man. I don't know if everyone realizes it, but you are.
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    what are some of your experiences with breaking the news to your parents? how do you tell them? how have they reacted? i know i have to tell them at some point but don't know what to expect or what a good way to say it would be... :/
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    his is a real interesting read, although the pdf is just showing up as jibberish symbols for me. I find it interesting that non HPPD lsd users do perceive changes, I find it strange how these changes don't bother them. I also like the suggested cause of the disorder put forth, a tendency for receptor density to not return to normal makes so much sense to me, if I understood everything correctly.
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    So i guess the obvious one next is, are you still taking the substance as part of your daily routine? If you felt completely normal i guess it would be hard to just let it go.
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    I really wanted to participate on this trial but unfortunatelly travelling to boston is out of question for me. I would really like to know what is the drug used so I can talk to a local doctor. I think it's unfair that only those who live next to boston or that have the time and resources to travel to it can have the chance of participating.
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    "comfort the desperate" as i said before.. glad you can goto other practitioner's now without the evil eye. hope your well.
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    EM> just wanna make this clear, you suffer from HPPD from previous drug use? If so this is indeed an even stronger indication that it is genetic
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    At times when I'm at my worst, I start thinking what can I do to get the wheels of research going on my own? I've looked up the rosters or many universities and sent indivduals performing reserach into neuroscience a brief email along with a link to the hppd foundation grant. Maybe this approach can be refined into a professionally written form letter to get the attention we deserve and get more heads involved in this condition? Admins-What do you think?
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    If you show me a list of E-mail adresses I will definately write to every one of them. That way they all get two e-mails instead of one, and I might take a different aproach like telling my personal story or something. I can write up a draft if you want. I know I shouldn't be but now that HPPD isn't my biggest concern I am definately too lazy too spend so much time finding the e-mails of nerologists when i know that youve already done all that hard work.
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    Contacted another 200+ today. If more heads are involved the sooner we can expect results...
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    Heres a good write up/explination of whats going on when hallucinogens or neurotransmitters enter the synapse. The adjacent neuron’s postsynaptic membrane appears as an elaborate, thickened complex of interlinked proteins gathered on the surface of a dendrite, which is one of the many arborizing extensions of a neuron. Neurotransmitter receptor binding alters the electrical potential of the dendritic membrane, which processes spatially and temporally the incoming barrage of synaptic impulses to form a signal directed toward the cell body. The dendrite receives both excitatory and inhibitory synaptic inputs. Once a sufficient number of receptor binding events occurs and threshold is reached, the postsynaptic neuron then fires an action potential. That momentary electrochemical flux becomes one nod from one neuron among the brain’s hundred billion.1,2
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    Everything in our universe is quite simple, Push/pull concept, up down black white red blue north pole south pole day night sun black hole etc etc etc... well with our receptors its the same concept, agonist inverse agonist, I was thinking that maybe these very potent agonist of the 5ht2a receptors cause such an extreme push that things become out of balance, just like if you decreased suns gravity the earth would fall away, maybe we can utilize inverse 5ht2a agonists to accomplish the rebalancing of our receptors. unfortunately these dont exist that are on the market today, only in clinical trials, for the treatment of insomnia. Anyone have any ideas? Update: Full documentation of this disease can be found on page 24 post #478
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    http://voguerx.net/home/ is a romania based overseas supplier without prescription ive been useing for years.. 3 month supply of benzos = cheaper then 1 psyche visit. this is illegal and dont be dumb and order thousands of pills. theyll send it, one time i ordered 500 valium(that was a few months ago) but thatd be a horrid charge if customs happened to get it. customs always overlook a few month supply and at worse send you what we refer to as a "love letter" lettin you know its unlawful, and its more of a scare tactic then anything.. and the site is so discreet with packageing, ordering 100pills to get you by is very safe. cut out the middle man! psychiatrists are retarded, you know your mind better then them on every turn.. dont try benzos unless you were atleast prescribed to them for mental disorder prior or atleast have enough street knowledge to self medicate safly. peace.
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    Going to start his one up again Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
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    Also the qEEG results are something definetly of note.
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    I explained my story 8-10 months for my first recovery now I'm dealing with a secondhand pot relapse or PTSD or whatever I'm confident ill beat this again but I'm on month 2 of my relapse
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    Great idea Jay. Yeah number 2 is really tough. Keeping busy so you don't have time to dwell on it definitely helps.
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