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    I was going to write an introduction, etc. I don't have the energy now, but I do think it is VERY important that people with HPPD learn the truth about the amount of information that has existed out in the academic literature and why it frankly pisses me off that some researchers see that since 1969 there has been a stable disorder of symptoms that account for our condition, but they ignore it or don't have the time or desire to invest in researching what came before. I have read over 100 articles for my undergraduate thesis, and luckily had access to all of the databases I needed. So, I was privileged . Ii want to share that with you. I want to do these in videos, but I haven't set that up yet. So, here is the first major paper on HPPD that literally covers every major point and gets it right: Copy of horowitz_flashbacks (1).pdfCopy of horowitz_flashbacks (1).pdf
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    This is a good list. I am setting up the space where people with HPPD, their allies or medical professionals can use to look up information about the big questions: What pharmacological treatments have evidenced based positive results? What medications are specifically CONTRAINDICATED for individuals with HPPD? The page would have 30 or so medications I would imagine. It could be broken down into a Professional and a Consumer Page. I think it would be nice if a more advanced write up with citations were included as a Continuing Medication Education "type" certification, which a licensed medical professional can take in order to be listed on the World Map with their information as a doctor that at minimum has familiarity with the most important concepts.| The goal of the web site is to create the most value and impact with the little money that we have. If individuals with HPPD go to one of these doctors, and the doctor does not prescribe risperidone as a first line of defense because the web site details a very outspoken research and patient community about why this class of anti-psychotics will produce an increase in symptoms. Imagine saving 5 people from having to experience this awful period, which I have known some people to have been hospitalized and placed on anti-psychotics, and as the symptoms got worse they prescribed more antipsychotics. It was about 6 months or maybe a year later, the medication was stopped and the symptoms were dramatically improved. This is where everyone can have an impact.
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    muh "MMS CuReS EvErYThiNg" Stop shilling for KNOWN TOXIC compound, I suggest anyone interested in MMS watch this. (inb4 dosage matters) To anyone reading this, If you want placebo effect, there are much better options out there. I know (from personal experience) that one gets desperate to find cures, but MMS definitely isn't what you are looking for.
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    just For reference so everyone knows what homeopathy is and does. A 1x solution will have results that are clinical. A 10x well... that’s just water really. That being said hallucinogens need an incredibly small dose to be active in the case of lsd. Dunno about what you’re talking about in terms of this plant. Honestly the idea idea that you can reverse hppd with things that cause hppd is really silly. There may be a very select few people that have claimed this has happened to them, but it is unlikely true. This is serious dis regulation and, for some, most likely brain damage of a sort. It certainly fits the time frame for brain damage recovery... Bottom line is posting stuff like this is dangerous. Stop throwing things at your brain without calculated risk backed by scientific hypothesis. This is how you got here in the first place #definitionofinsanity
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    Hey Allen, First off, Congrats on the little one on the way buddy! As a father of two little ones I just wanted to assure you that In no way will HPPD determine the type of parent you are. I enjoy every second with my girls and they adore me. Now it may take me a little longer to read them bedtime stories with the text vibrating and all but they just think daddy is a slow reader lol. Best of luck with the meds, I unfortunately have never had any luck with them. I have a great career in the medical field and a wonderful family. HPPD sucks but I learned a while ago it doesn’t have to dictate your life.
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    It is very noticable to my friends when I am u able to follow a thought, and not the ADHD tangential thoughts, but trouble speaking. It reminds me of a friends I helped from Serotnin Syndrom and the lasting effects. The medications gabapentin was pvermarketed, and yes it gives people a high in first couple times you take it and makes playing paintball really fun, but that goes away but it still has a withdrawal. It is an adjunct anticonvulsant that does more for me that Klonopin as far as being able to break the barrier of psychological energy to make difficult phone calls and it did make visuals appear worse at first because it is trippy. It is not metabolized in the liver, which was a big bonus for me. Talk to your doctor about it first. I think think it should be a first line antidepressant and was convinced years ago that it could replace cocaine and I saw this happen in real life. - dk
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    Hi guys. Im apparently new to the forum, so i want to start by explaining my story and how and why i got here. Im 16 years old and as you can imagine, people between that age aren't very concerned about their health or anything in general. Even though i was a kid who liked exercising or working out i was also very curious on trying drugs like weed . About a year ago, my mom got cancer but i couldn't feel anything, like i had no fear that she was going to die(i hadnt tried any drug in my life, not even tobacco or alcohol), feeling like im some kind of numb, not having empathy (which scared me because i was that kid who would be concerned about anything related to his family.) A couple months later, i started feeling more lost. I had lost the days and i didnt care at all . I was depressed but i didnt want to realize it. I couldn't accept the fact that something was wrong about my mental health at that point. After my vacation between December and January, i came back, again kinda numb. School was closed for Christmas and would open soon. As school opened, my friend asked me if i want to smoke some weed with his friends. Not even thinking about it, i answered, why not? The next couple of weeks i would smoke about 2-3 bong hits a week(nothing more). And yet i wasnt feeling high(maybe because of the dosage) . So one day i made a stupid desicion to get as high as possible(at that point i hadnt get a single high feeling in my life, not even from the bong hits). I started smoking and taking bong hits. I ate nothing. Fifteen minutes later i was kinda confused. I would be so stupid that i couldn't even think of simple things. I started to realize that i was high and it felt cool, for the first minutes. 2 minutes later i started feeling like i was in a boat, like i was lost and dizzy. Suddenly, my vision started to have some wierd black dots everywhere . I had a blackout and a bad panic attack . The high was so strong that i couldn't control or see anything for a couple of seconds(idk if that sounds a bit unrealistic but im trying to explain everything as it went through). After that seconds, i took control over my body, but it was like i was in a lucid dream. Like i was a camera, like i was observing the world through the tiniest tv screen . I felt my body strange. I would touch things and feel them after 2 to 3 seconds . I was so confused and anxious . My friends had freaked out because nothing similar didnt happen to them ever .i lost my mind, i got paranoid that this thing would last forever, like i was going to live the rest of my life like this. 2 hours later i wasn't high no more, but something felt strange. I went to sleep and i remember being between sleep and awake. I was so lost that night. I was having a dream of getting paranoid while i was also partly awake. The morning came and yet i was lost. I had black dots around my visual field, I couldn't see the walls clearly, like if they had some light everywhere in them. Moving my eyes from a shiny direction to another, i would see the previous image blurry for a couple of seconds. All that combined scared the shit out of me making me more paranoid about everything. I started feel like i was fake, everything seemed like a dream, my body felt like it wasnt mine. I got home after school and i remember having a nap caude i was to tired. Again, i couldn't sleep, i was somewhere between sleep and awake, lost. I woke up feeling like i was a stranger to everything. I had delay on touching things like when i was high. Im not gonna lie, i thought i was in a dream again. That night i explained my parents everything and they were very helpful. The next days my symptoms got worse. My anxiety increased and i had some terrible panic attacks. I would see those black dots everywhere ( when i would wake up in the morning they were moving fast as hell), and a little tinnitus. After a couple of days i would have that delay over the things i touch for some minutes and that was kinda annoying and unexplainable to me . I started observing around and seeing some small halos around people. The first couple of months was literally HELL. Suicide was the only option, i would tell to myself. Everyday i was overanalyzing everything. My walk, the way i talk, how am i able to see humans everyday without observing everything they do and all that insane stuff. It became i habit. Every single day 24/7 checking in to see whats wrong , if im going to be like this for the rest of my life. I went to therapists but they didnt help. They wouldn't diagnose anything. I had an mri and still nothing. I was feeling so unaware of everything. Being in autopilot. I also started homeopathy but it didnt help. My visual symptoms stayed the same 24/7 . The only time the were worse , it was when i was waking up(stayed for 10-15 minutes and then back to normal). 2 months got by without me doing nothing except of overanalyzing every single detail of me, my movements everything.it was that time that i couldn't take it anymore. I started running once a week . It did help with my anxiety (not my visual symptoms though. They were the same all the time.) I also started to taking cold showers. Amazing . Simply amazing for my mental state. It was so difficult at first but i tried and trying my best not to care about jt . I would gonto school and starting to get mote sociable,although feeling lost cause of my vision, but i tried not to care at all(it helped). Now im 4 months after that terrible experience and im way better with the dpdr thing. The only thing that remains is the visual symptoms and the feeling that im in a moving boat. They scare me sometimes causing me panic attacks. I hope that time will heal me and all that people that feeling hopeless. Remember guys, you are not hopeless. You will never be. I was hopeless for months and i did nothing. I AM BETTER. even though my vs and all that hppd symptoms are still there im in a way better mental state than i was. If someone is feeling hopeless or wants to talk, feel free to hit my dm anytime. That was my story . Hope u people found ot helpful. It surely release some kind of a tension to me! Stay safe
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    @David S. Kozin I can help out with the web development.
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    can you tell me more about the ECT procedure? Did the doctor giving it to you know about your HPPD or have any idea where to put the sensors?
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    Thanks for that story. I guess I just have to accept this as one of my losses in life to feel better.
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    Hi Tyler! First, I only have mild HPPD for some weeks so I'm not the most expierienced guy, but I've read a lot studies during past weeks. It can totally happen that symptoms occur later (was also in my case). I've read positive and negative reports on Mirtapazine. I think basically it's russian roulette - to be honest, I wouldn't take it if I were you. The most effective med against DPDR / anxiety and may also visuals is Clonazepam, but its highly addictive. But if you take it for some days you may have some time to calm down and process whats happening with you. From all of what I've read, I guess Clonazepam and other Benzos probably mostly do not have so much influence on how the disease evolves - they just help to cope with / supress the symptoms. My psychiatrist has some expierience with HPPD patients and also did publications about HPPD - he said in most cases all symptoms fade away within 12 months if people are taking care of themselves. That also matches what some people here are saying. Also, he said, emotional symptoms improve often quite fast after some weeks. 2 weeks are not much, it's very likely that it gets better soon. I've read some posts here claiming that its not uncommon for symptoms to get worse first while getting better later on. Anyhow, there is no guarantee, this is also what makes it very hard for me. Anyhow, as you see here in the board, nobody died and its possible to live with it. What helps me a lot currently is meditation and stress reduction. I wish you all the best, hopefully it gets better soon on your case.
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    I know it's hard, and at times impossible, but thinking positive goes a long way. Helped me anyway, and I'm just your garden variety Bozo. Life is grand! We're the matter that woke up, and that's a special privilege in this strange universe.
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    Welcome. You're more living proof that this disorder doesn't necessarily limit us. I've had hppd over the long haul as well. The good news is that some of my symptoms are almost totally gone. It took decades for them to go away, but I'll take it! Unfortunately, I can't shake the visuals, but I've had them for so long, they're just part of me.
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    Every one of us has different circumstances. Understood. Each of us can take the path of being negative or being positive. @hope1 I'm very happy to see that you're posting. Honestly.
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    Just curious, have you had any medical tests since your surgery? I'm wondering if you have an infection of some kind.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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