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    We received $50,000 from the “HPPD Foundation” which covers half of the primary researcher’s salary. We can’t move forward without the other half.
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    @r3dk00la1d This is a general list of things that genuinely help me deal with hppd on a daily basis. Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. They help reduce my visual Symptoms. The best way to get omega 3 fatty acids is through fish oil supplements, flax seed oil, chia seeds, and canola oil. I personally go with flax seed oil. Magnesium supplements can reduce visual symptoms. Some people have success with taking valerian root tinctures to reduce visual symptoms; but be careful because if you take too much valerian root it can cause some weird side effects. CBD supplements really help with my mood and help with some of the mental symptoms of hppd. The proper dose for CBD is between 20-100mg per serving. (20-30mg is the threshold level to get the medical benefits and the 50-100mg range is what people do to get the anti anxiety effects. Whenever I start to feel panicky I drink chamomile tea (2 bags) and it really calms me down. Meditation helps with mental symptoms. Here’s a list of things that aggravate my hppd. 1. Artificial Food coloring IE: Red #40, Red #3, Green #3, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Blue #1, Blue #2. They might also be labeled FD&C Red 40 or FD&C Yellow 5. Artificial food colorings really made my hppd worse for a long time. Like it caused heavy color enhancements, increased visual snow, dizziness, and it made all my mental symptoms a lot worse. The thing that sucks is that I didn’t even know it was flaring up my symptoms because artificial coloring are in a lot of different types of food; not just candy and stuff. They put it in bbq sauce, sushi wasabi and ginger, Cheetos, that spicy red popcorn stuff. It’s smart to start checking ingredients. Natural food colorings, which are not harmful will never be labeled with a number. Usually natural companies will use fruit juice concentrated instead or things like paprika and turmeric to color their foods. In fact, artificial food coloring is so bad and has so many negative side effects that it’s banned in Europe. 2. Caffeine=color enhancements. 3. Alcohol=wavy/ melty vision. 4. Lack of sleep=heavier visual snow 5. Drugs (duh)
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    Thanks man. I think the reason CBD stops working for people is because they acquire a tolerance over time. When they start off using tinctures they have zero tolerance so it works but then after time your body needs more and more of it to achieve the same effects. Moreover, most cbd tinctures are overpriced and under-dosed. Most places charge $50-$70 for a 500mg tincture. The proper dose for CBD is Between 20-100mg per dose which lasts for about 3 hours. In terms of getting a cbd tincture that has 0% thc I would go with cbd isolate tinctures because the cbd has been scientifically isolated into its crystal form meaning it is separated from the small amount of thc found in hemp. Tinctures that are made from hemp oil extract are more likely to contain that .01-.1% thc you’re worried about. Here’s a link for an isolate tincture that’s fairly priced: https://www.lazarusnaturals.com/shop/tinctures/cbd-flavorless-high-potency
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    My thoughts as a newcomer. I'm grateful sites like this exist. It's incredibly valuable considering the rare nature of this disorder and the fact that there is no one place you can go to get information regarding this disorder. Even though it's included in the DSM most doctors still have no clue and therefore don't know what may or may not make it worse. Of course you've got to use your best judgment when listening to opinions here (cue the bleach dude). Even if the forum isn't as active though it's still has been really helpful for me being able to search back and find what helped or hindered those in the past. This shit blows, but at least there's a place I can go that makes me feel less alone in this. It also acts as an archive of self reported data from people from around the world who have already been there tried that when considering my options as I move forward with this new burden.
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    Melatonin is definitely a great suggestion, but make sure you stick to the smallest dose possible and take periodic breaks from taking it at all. If you take it every day without any breaks eventually your brain will be unable to produce melatonin properly on it's own which is obviously very bad which is why you need to take breaks. Some other suggestions I would make are Valerian Root and Chamomile tea. Both will relax you and calm you into sleep, more-so with Valerian though, especially since it works on GABA receptors. My nurse practitioner told me this so take this with a grain of salt, since he doesn't always know what he's talking about, but since I take Clonazepam twice a day he's told me to avoid taking it close to bed-time as apparently it can disrupt sleep. Don't know if that's accurate/true though. I also tend to trust Pharmacists far more than anyone else when it comes to medications, so if you have questions they always seem to be the best bet. Pharmacology is a Doctorate degree, and they tend to really know their shit.
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    I'm not surprised unfortunately. They deleted a post I made asking some simple questions about their theories. Likely the same asshole moderator too. Too bad cyber-slapping people isn't possible...
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