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    It is very noticable to my friends when I am u able to follow a thought, and not the ADHD tangential thoughts, but trouble speaking. It reminds me of a friends I helped from Serotnin Syndrom and the lasting effects. The medications gabapentin was pvermarketed, and yes it gives people a high in first couple times you take it and makes playing paintball really fun, but that goes away but it still has a withdrawal. It is an adjunct anticonvulsant that does more for me that Klonopin as far as being able to break the barrier of psychological energy to make difficult phone calls and it did make visuals appear worse at first because it is trippy. It is not metabolized in the liver, which was a big bonus for me. Talk to your doctor about it first. I think think it should be a first line antidepressant and was convinced years ago that it could replace cocaine and I saw this happen in real life. - dk
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