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    I used drugs during the 1970s. There were two messages. The message from the older generation was drugs would kill you or you would end up in jail. The message from the younger generation was that they were basically harmless. Both viewpoints were ill informed. Regarding productive lives, I'm nobody special. Just a regular Bozo making his way through "this" (whatever this is). I contracted hppd after taking psychedelics for six years. I managed to get through college, got married, raised two amazing kids (adults now), and have a profession that I enjoy. As I said, I'm nobody special but I never gave up. I picked goals and went after them one step at a time. Sometimes tiny little steps. All I'm saying is that it's possible to have a productive and happy life. Never give up, take small steps toward what you want to do do and who you want to be.
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    I was doing ok until I developed low back and pelvic pain. Shit changes as you get older and with it coping mechanisms.
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    I too used to take ridiculous doses but my drug was acid. Why did I do it? I just wanted to see what would happen I guess. Go deeper. We were also under the false impression that it was harmless. The handful of times I've smoked weed since I stopped dosing produced panic attacks and a scary psychedelic effect. My brain felt like it was being run by some alien software. Horrid! I think it's great that you reached out on this forum. You're not alone, there's a whole tribe of us who are dealing with this. Understand, there are people in this forum who life happy and productive lives. I've had this disorder my entire adult life but existence has been sweet. Welcome!
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    Xanax is a drug. If you've been taking Xanax for years then you haven't really been drug free. I'd remove anything and everything from your routine that even remotely has drug-like effects, including coffee, cigarettes and even excess sugar. In my experience you have to totally reset to figure out what's causing your symptoms to worsen. A few summers ago my symptoms were steadily worsening over the course of two weeks and I finally figured out it was due to nutmeg in a spice jar I was using everyday to flavor my food. I recently had a similar occurrence with mold. You should take stock of what times of day your symptoms worsen and ask what you were eating or doing prior that could have exacerbated your condition. I've had to do this constantly over the last four years and as tiresome as it is it's been really helpful in just making it through the day.
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