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    This is so interesting, especially considering I've been basically pushing this theory -- right or wrong -- the last few months. The way Dr. Teichberg explains it is exactly what I've been envisioning could happen -- again, right or wrong. The fact is, no matter if you have HPPD, DP or VS there are a few common bonds that absolutely cannot be ignored: 1) Anxiety. It's far too common to dismiss. It's not like a few people with HPPD and VS have anxiety -- it's the vast majority, far more than is common in the general population. 2) Trigger. Though there are reports of people who's VS symptoms come on slowly, these seem to be in the minority. In general people with HPPD, VS and DP have some form of incident (panic attacks) or agent (often times drugs) that acts as the damaging factor in giving them their condition. There is a clear before and after. 3) Healing. While some people do not "recover" it appears a vast number of people make their way back to a state of normalcy by a process of healthy living. Sometimes it takes many years, but what can't be denied is that a clear recovery is taking place. When you consider all of these factors I just can't get past the idea that we aren't experiencing some form of cerebral injury. I really firmly believe accepting this fact will go a long way in bringing about change to this community of sufferers. We are not people who are imagining these symptoms. We are not crazy. We were not always mildly schizophrenic and then became full-blown mad as the result of a few drugs. I really believe we have suffered some form of an injury and that what we're dealing with is far more neurological than a commonly cited DSM condition. If I leave one mark on this site and on this condition I really hope that this is it.
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