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    Day 4, and so far I love this stuff. I've been much calmer, and I'm waking up feeling refreshed. It hasn't worsened my hppd. I'll update again after two weeks, but I'm definitely planning to continue using it.
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    This also sounds like depression. Sometimes depression can make you hyper aware of your emotions as the brains bombards you with negative messages. Another symptom of depression can be a feeling of being emotionally numb. I guess depression and DP/DR are like circles that intersect. Depression is pretty common in people who have recently given up drugs and/or alcohol. It takes a while for the brain to feel good in an unaltered state. I'm no expert on any of these disorders but, like most humans, I've gone a few rounds with depression. It's a tough opponent.
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    Seeking life...the description of not feeling right outside is exactly how I felt at early onset of HPPD. It was a sense of not being fully present and As I have mentioned elsewhere this sense was the very worst symptom of HPPD. Perhaps it is helpful just to realize that this is a true symptom that others of us also have experienced. Give yourself time. Let your brain find another pathway. Zoom in on what interests you outdoors, a tree, the ferns the water, the moon and stars. Then the sense of having your feet on the ground will come closer. That is my experience anyway.
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    I also have a vitamin D deficiency. Hmm...
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