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    I still have every single symptom you have, they're just to a lesser extent now, except for starbursts, they're still bad. I've been in school, ap classes have been keeping me busy, so I don't have time to be doing drugs or fucking around. I just found a self-intrinsic motivation to want to get better as a person and psychologically better. I used to do DXM, LSD, Smoke weed all the time, And Xans. So when I went off them, it was hard to not want to smoke or want to do shit. The thing that really made me want to stop was a trip I had when I tried dabs for the first time, I started tripping super hard, strong ass visuals and was auditorily hallucinating. I was also having like a panic attack and I never wanted to feel that again, so I stopped. Invest time, keep busy. I'm kinda regurgitating everything that has been said to me on this forum, but it helps. Keep Busy is the best way to stay sober Much Love, Andrew G
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