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    I've seen some threads on this forum decompose into insults and shouting matches. We all have opinions, perspectives, experiences, and information we've obtained from various sources. If someone posts something you don't agree with, pisses you off, or seems like misinformation, please reply in a constructive and courteous manner. Before you post, think about what you might say if you were talking to the person face to face, and don't forget to be kind. We're all struggling with a difficult disorder. Remember, we all have the goal of being well. Let's help each other get there. Thank you.
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    Hello. So, you only took MDMA that one time? Do you have a history of taking psychedelics? If that's the only time you dosed, then that's good news. Some of your symptoms sound hppd like and some of them sound like normal visual imperfections (star like shape when looking at lights). You may just be noticing the after effects of your chemical experience which should resolve fairly quickly. I would stop taking psychoactive drugs including cannabis for a while, several months at least, six would be better. After being clean for a while, see how you're doing. Try to keep focused and don't spend lots of time examining each possible symptom. Of course, the best way to avoid hppd or to keep it from getting worse is to avoid chemical entertainment altogether. Please understand that I have no medical training and I'm not an expert on this disorder. I'm just an old guy who's had it for a long time. Take care.
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    Success story After 4 years; my hppd is finally gone for real this time. Will post more on this later
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    Did you shoot your load into your eye?
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