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    Oh and thanks dasitmane for all the time and effort you put into researching this disorder. It may have not led to a cure, but it was still a great and very interesting read. Thank you.
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    Yeah right. Anxiety. Wow you've just solved our issue ! Let's take anxiolytics to stop HPPD or at least make it temporarily disappear ! Guess what, it doesn't work. I get your point about rotting on this forum expecting something to change, and you're right. Go out, have fun with your friends and try to move on. However, a lot of HPPD sufferers can't do that. I can ignore the disorder pretty easily as it is mainly some visual snow and after images, but many people have permanent wall breathing and other stuff that they just can't ignore. So while I get your point about "sitting around doing nothing", telling random false information on a forum filled with desperate people is just plain stupid.
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