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    Hi all. I am 60... HPPD came on me at age 12. That makes 48 years! I still have all the symptoms though they do not seem as strong depending on several factors like sleep deprivation, caffeine, diet,environment and stress. Just recently experienced the de-realization moments that is the worst symptom of HPPD for me. I was tired and stressed. I do not use any pharmaceuticals for this. Maybe they have discovered remedy's but I sure am not too willing to take anything that affects my mind. In my own case I have learned to maintain and live around my altered perceptions. I just gravitate towards a natural quiet way of life. I believe drugs of the mind altering kind assault the endocrine system by too much stimuli in the form of colors, trails, pulsating, floaters,snow, noise etc...a plain white wall is never boring! Somehow the brain learns to filter past these symptoms and cut through to a norm. At least this is in my experience, however, if I focus on the symptoms, I will find myself "tripping". ?
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