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    Everything in our universe is quite simple, Push/pull concept, up down black white red blue north pole south pole day night sun black hole etc etc etc... well with our receptors its the same concept, agonist inverse agonist, I was thinking that maybe these very potent agonist of the 5ht2a receptors cause such an extreme push that things become out of balance, just like if you decreased suns gravity the earth would fall away, maybe we can utilize inverse 5ht2a agonists to accomplish the rebalancing of our receptors. unfortunately these dont exist that are on the market today, only in clinical trials, for the treatment of insomnia. Anyone have any ideas? Update: Full documentation of this disease can be found on page 24 post #478
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    Yes. However, It always gave me an uneasy feeling knowing that stuff was tampering with my dreams. Dreaming is an essential part of our mental maintenance and disrupting it never felt right. I could only sleep on a very purified acid taken in rather low doses. The dreams were strange .... very strange. Personally, I'd just go for a clean and sober sleep. You'll be happier in the morning.
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    Bacopa has so many neuroprotectant, antioxidant, and neurogenesis effects its unbelievable. https://selfhacked.com/blog/bacopa-monnieri-4/ It also increases blood flow to the brain.
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