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    Took me 6 to 9 months to recover from dp/dr by 4 to 5 times training and switching with running, jogging and cycling, and long distance walking to reaching close to completely cure took me 1 year and few months
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    Man, that's crazy. I didn't think an over-the-counter drug could cause full blown HPPD. Sounds like it's a nervous-system stimulant that acts on dopamine and serotonin, which certainly isn't something I imagine is great for our condition. I just can't believe it had such a severely negative effect. You should definitely talk to your doctor and let them know this happened, maybe even get in contact with the manufacturers if possible. There are a lot of stories from people who've relapsed so maybe you can read their posts and see what they said. I imagine if you healed once you can heal again.
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    Thank you for the response! I will probably go at least a year before trying out meds then. I had anxiety and still have but it has gotten better. It's worse when the visual and dp symptoms arise. My workouts have been helping me a lot and I will ofc continue with stuff that make me feel better. I'm trying to cut out on all the stress I can but I'm in university and studying really hard so obviously it's been hard to stay on track with this happening. Thank you for your responses and sending the best and most positive vibes back at you guys!
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    Never took Klonopin but Jay1 posted his Klonopin routine in another thread. I hope it is still up to date and he does not mind if I post it here: Monday - off Tuesday - off Wednesday - off Thursday 6pm - 1mg Friday 9am - 1.5mg Saturday 9am - 1.5mg Sunday 9am - 1.5mg
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    I do my meditation practice almost every day and have been doing so for a long time. It helps with mental focus and my hppd is much less pronounced when I'm focused. But that's me. I doubt it can do any harm. You mentioned being 40 years older. It goes by in a flash. Time is strange stuff!
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