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    Annnd Im back with some new information. One thing that I always noticed about HPPD is that it has an impact on flight or fight type response, and I was thinking that if there were a way to inhibit that, it would probably significantly reduce the stress and anxiety induced on the body/mind. Today I was reading and found this little bit. "Many sympathetic hormones and neurotransmitters are based on the phenethylamine skeleton, and function generally in "fight or flight" type responses, such as increasing heart rate, blood pressure, dilating the pupils, increased energy, drying of mucous membranes, increased sweating, and a significant number of additional effects." Theres a possibility that HPPD may be a condition that stimulates the production of specific neurotransmitters in this area related to phenethylamine. One way to test this theory, would be something that reduces phenethalamine production, take it, and see if symptoms are lessened. IF this is the case and can be observed, we would have a potential trigger mechanism for the cause of HPPD. It also would give route for a potential method of treatment.
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