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    what are some of your experiences with breaking the news to your parents? how do you tell them? how have they reacted? i know i have to tell them at some point but don't know what to expect or what a good way to say it would be... :/
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    I'm 4 and a half months in and haven't quite recovered yet but its definitely better than after the first month. It truly is a demon like no other. But I feel confident that maybe within a year or year and a half I will be back to normal. Hearing yalls stories gives me tons of hope!
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    I just started seeing a neurologist recently and I am scheduled to get an MRI brain scan with gadolinium contrast dye..I was wondering if anyone has ever had that before and if they have reacted to the dye ?? I'm feeling anxious about it
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    Number 2 is particularly hard...........
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    Thats what hurt me the most too...my dad still doesnt believe me haha...do what you think is best i guess
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