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    @China, Thanks for the kind words! =) If your HPPD has gotten better in the least I feel as though it will eventually all go away. Is very slow and gradual, but it does fade. I've always had floaters, which remained untouched by my HPPD. I've always known they were there, and I only really see them when I'm looking at a bright sky And my tracers/trails are pretty much gone. I'm assuming what I have left now is just what a normal blur is. My tracers used to be very bothersome, when people would talk with their hands or use a lot of hand motion to describe stuff it would really fuck with me. I don't have tracers that do that anymore. When people talk with their hands now I don't have that happen anymore. @hppd33 Coke is irrelevant to my HPPD, I've been okay with stimulants recently. Weed, Molly, ketamine, or ANY psychedelic I am done with forever. Anything that causes hallucinations or dissociation is 100% out of my life.
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