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    I had to stop smoking weed about six months ago because I started getting drug tested. I was a heavy smoker, and because I couldnt smoke any more I began to drink. After about two or three months of just drinking I began to think about Mushrooms and LSD. I tried LSD a few times and had some intese, but positive experiences on it. On the other hand I tried Mushrooms once and had a very very bad trip. I swore I would never do psychodelics again, so I went back to drinking. Then after one night of heavy drinking and blacking out I woke up feeling like i was tripping, but only sa little. I did not think much of it, so I continued drinking for a few more weeks. I then realized that things were getting worse, and that I might have developed HPPD. It has been three months since I discovered that I had HPPD, and it has been getting slightly better. I drink occationally, but I notice if I drink too much it can affect me. Back to my original question... like I said I havent smoked in six months and I probably wont be able to for another six months. I was just wondering if I smoke weed that it might have a very negative effect on me. so will I ever be able to smoke weed again?
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    yeah lets do it we would kick ass over visual snow anyday lol
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