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    Awesome man! Really looking foward to this! I'm also glad you got into this theory, I kind of got as far as I could with it and had to let it die being unable to try CBD strains. No one else seems to of had an intrest, good minds think alike man! haha.
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    This is from my expirience and I don't want anyone to go out and do it either because each person is differen't. I am currently smoking weed, I have no idea on the ratios of cannabinoids or the strain. It's get what you are given from where I am really. I started off slowly, the first few times I felt very panicky and anxious but after a while those feelings dissapeared. It doesn't have any negatives towards my symptoms, it's very neutral for me, it doesn't make them better or worse, just helps me relax and sleep at night. I don't think THC has a very strong link between this condition, I'm not saying it is something that THC cannot cause it but it is a lot rarer compared to LSD, if THC was more common at causing it than LSD we would have A LOT of people running around with it. The dopamine theory is also something that doesn't really make much sense to my self. I was taking Sinemet for a while to no affect. I have also been using amphetamines lately and there are no real increase in symptoms, very slight increase but I don't attritbute this to the amphetamine use, I think it is more related to the sleep deprivation, any increase in symptoms goes back to baseline anyway. MDMA and mushrooms on the other hand which act on serotonin to a greater extent were very similar to my symptoms, I have not touch them in a long time and do not plan too. I personally think this is a malfunction in the serotonin systems as apposed to the dopamine. But as I said each person is differen't, some things make people better, some worse, some nothing, it's a very personal and complicated condition! Thanks for sharing the link confirming it does in fact contain CBD, Mikezero. I am very interested to see how this goes. At one point I was actually going to try and grow hemp but it was too risky, even though it is not illegal to grow where I am but you need a license, too much trouble if I'm not going to be growing crops and making a profit! Especially when I have no idea on how much CBD the plant may contain! But this also make me wonder how much CBD is actually in these products, it only says contains X amount of hemp oil, there could be only very small amounts of CBD in there. Another thing to mention about THC and CBD is that there is a synergy between the two, headaches are common from hemp when smoked, I have also read that headaches can manifest from CBD, it might be wise to have the CBD with a bit of THC to minimize those side effects. Strains like harlequin are definitely a good starting point. I don't think CBD will be a "cure" and may not even be a extremely effective but I do think that it would be the equivalent of benzos but WITHOUT the side effects, which is an extremely valuable treatment to have. I've been quite obsessed with CBD over the past year and a half but being unable to grow my own medicine has pretty much stopped any chance of testing the theory. Have you ordered any of those products yet? Do you need a medical cannabis card to get them?
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    suicide music sums up the last year with Neil Young
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