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    Eh guys, I setup an appointment today with Dr Abraham in Boston, MA. Part of me is going for the trial medicine but since its not really a medicine you can take alot im mostly excited to be apart of the progressive research of HPPD. The real reason im going however is to get a proper treatment regime for this disorder. I have had HPPD and DP/DR for 13 years from LSD use. I have tried alot of things, including massive lifestyle change, no drinking, no smoking, excersise, nutrition, medications, ect ect to no relief to my HPPD and DP/DR. I should mention i have not tried some of the newer medications such as Keppra and Sinemet, which people are noticing some results with lessening there symptoms. Obviously there is no cure, but if i can even lessen my visuals and other symptoms related to the disorder 30-50% i will be doing good. I was wondering if anyone cared to share there experiences with visiting Dr Abraham? He said there are things that can be done to releive symptoms but would not disclose any such information over the phone. I asked him if he found Sinemet or Keppra beneficial in treatment to those suffering but he would not say. He hinted that there were non medication things that can be done such as lifestyle change that would help as well, which kind of has me worried thats the answer i will get. It is a big risk for me to spend what little money i have to fly across the country only to be told to excersise more and take a klonopin. I tried that. It didnt work. I want to try something new even if it is experimental and not garunteed. So i am not really sure what to expect in this area and it has me worried even though i am trying to keep an open mind. What are your guys experiences or thoughts on this? Thanks!
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