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    i was a member of the old hppdonline forum. i have hppd since 1996. i tried all sort of meds. nothing worked well. i was on Klonopin and occasionally on lorazepam the last 4 years. K-pin helped a little bit, but in the last 2 months the benefits were no more like there were in the time before. 3 days ago i find the new hppdonline in the net and since yesterday i'm a member again. i was tomorrow at my doc and get Sinemet. take the first pill and after 20-30min. if feel massive improvement in visual and body felling. after 4 hours i took the next 50/12,5 dose and minutes after that i felt a really peaceful mind in my head. no more stupid worries about small things. should this be the med i/we all searching such a long time before? even when it helps 30-50%, it would be a massive step forward without abusing benzos and other addict drugs. so good so far. i waiting for the night and i wanna know how i will sleep this night.
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