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    Like punching a computer? Nanotechnology? lol There's no good reason why medication cannot be used to cure HPPD.
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    I also believe that not all HPPD is created equal, many things may cause the disorder, probably why it is so hard to track down. All depends on your own brain chemistry and what you injested that gave you it. I have read many stories of many drugs working while others have had the opposite reaction. The brain is still one hell of a mysterious place, especially the way it processes sensory data. What I find promising is that with time they will be explained. A lot can be learned in the next ten twenty years.
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    The biggest advantage for me is the ability to now empathize with people who are crazy or who just are stressin out. I've realized that sanity is a matter of degree, and not a black and white distinctions. At my worst, I felt that if something didn't break soon, I would snap and have to be institutionalized. I suddenly understood why that kid shot up virginia tech. I don't condone what he did in any way, but I understood that he was backed into a corner and probably just needed some help - someone to talk to who understood.
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