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    I'm sure we'd all pay $1000s of dollars for a legit cure (I offered the guy $50k for the rights, so I can make it free, if he proved it works... no response). Maybe it's just me though, but as a sufferer of hppd, I just wouldn't even give it a thought to try and cash in. I'd do everything in my power to make it free and available to everyone who suffers this shitty disorder. Anyway, as dayum says, all he has to do is send a copy to any of the mods to test, can be a watermarked screenshot. If it worked, i'd find a way to let the guy get rich and let everyone have it for free.
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    I've flown 100s of times with hppd... Doesn't effect my symptoms at all. Have a good time, Sweden is a great, hope you meet Zlatan! He's a legend
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    For work I travel to the Czech Republic roughly every three months. The first trip anywhere, for anyone, can be anxious. Most of the people you encounter in Europe speak english. If that's your primary language it shouldn't be a problem. Just relax and take it as it comes. Keep reminding yourself everything will be ok. The world has gotten smaller and foreign lands are familiar. In Prague Starbucks is a common sight. Traveling on a plane can be an anxious experience. I load music that I love on my phone and try to forget where I am. Yes, planes are weird, but they're very safe. Airports a just a pain in the ass, but if you stay calm, they're easy to navigate. Enjoy your travels. Having this disorder doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful journey.
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    I started dosing young, just prior to my 14th birthday. I went through some rough and stressful years after I stopped when I was 20. You said "May we all find happiness again". After heavy dosing for six years, I didn't think I could be happy again. The chemicals that kept me fueled through my teens were no longer working and I realized that I had done some damage to my mind. It took some years of hard work, but I found happiness again. There's nothing special about me. I'm just an average human, but now I'm happy. It took focused effort, setting goals and not giving up. I think the hardest part was realizing that because I'm human, I'm flawed, but now I'm OK with that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that happiness is attainable even when you're in a dark place. One step at a time, stumble, get back up and try again. Take care.
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    My advice is to just relax and see where it goes over the next few weeks. Be very wary if a doctor tries to put you on any more meds, especially SSRIs or anti psychotics, which can make hppd worse. It is very likely you will recover naturally, just eat well, exercise, and try to distract yourself from the worry. There is nothing wrong with using the ativan every day for a short period, 2-3 weeks... This might help your body/mind get over the shock of the lsd. But if you don;t need it everyday, even better. Good luck, Jay
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    Update! Brand name Keppra is continuing to work wonders for me. Just a couple of things I've noted since being on it, and more specifically the brand name version. One of the side effects of hppd I've always experienced was icons on my phone screen or letters on my phone's keyboard would always appear to be floating or shifting around. On keppra this effect has almost completely subsided. Letters and icons now appear completely stationary - glued in place if you will. Another effect I've noticed - I can drink alcohol regularly again without it having severe consequences on my hppd. Alcohol just flows freely as it did before acquiring hppd, both in terms of how the alcohol effects me during my period of drinking, as well as the day after. My hangover feels like just an alcohol hangover, and not a full blown flare up of my hppd symptoms as it normally is. When I wake up the next morning, my hangover is specifically an alcohol hangover while my hppd symptoms pretty much remain at baseline. Exciting stuff!
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    I’ve had several bouts/spikes of hppd in my life (I did too many drugs...) and found the ones when I was younger went away much faster and left me with less permanent side effects. I atribute this to the increased plasticity of the brain in youth.
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    Relax, I doubt you're permanently damaged your brain. The weed these days is so powerful and the CBD has mostly been bred out it. If you smoke frequently it's no surprise you're feeling a little off. Take a break from smoking weed for a few months. You'll probably level out after some time passes. It never hurts to talk to your doctor if you're concerned. Hang in there, take care of yourself.
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    Agreed. Getting on with life is very important. I've had this condition for roughly 40 years as well. Like having any other disability you have to accept the fact that you have it, do what you can to help with healing, and get your life moving. For me, sobriety was key.
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    Hi as a long time sufferer I would agree with the Drs assessment especially the acceptance Quote. I'm coming up to 40 years with this condition and you really need to get the head down and get on with life. HPPD is really just a condition opposed to an illness and definitely is not a mental illness although excessive worry and anxiety over the condition will, however, lead you down that path. Brainfog headaches and lethargy are the real demons of this condition.
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    I thought bacopa made me feel pretty good, if I remember correctly. It was one of the few things I tried that I thought helped and didn't worsen symptoms. I used to take it every day but in small doses. From my experience almost anything can worsen symptoms in large quantities, even stuff that's really good for you. The key to any HPPD treatment is to take it easy and not overload the brain with too much of anything.
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    I might have inquired about orphenadrine on this site around the year 2012. I had a similar experience as described above, although I stopped taking it merely after one pill. One pill was sufficient to notice a change in the baseline level of my hppd. My visuals were “enhanced “— or more noticeable, and as a result; my dp/dr increased. Thankfully this only lasted for a few weeks, as far as I remember. It was not the worst experience I’ve ever had with medications increasing my visuals, but personally, I would never take it again because there are other muscle relaxers that lack this side effect. In the last 10 years or more, I haven’t been as “affected” by medications as I once was, therefore; I was surprised by this one. Granted, I did no research prior to taking Orphenadrine because other muscle relaxers I’ve previously been rx’d had no adverse effects on my HPPD I logged this upon reading David’s experience in order to compile data for others who might come here wondering how this particular medication affected someone with HPPD. Of course, we know by now that we are all slightly different and like the old saying goes: your mileage may vary.
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    Yeah i know. This may sound dramatic but i am always unlucky, and that's why i think it's HPPD in the back of my mind. It could also be a very mild case, or just similar and hopefully temporarily symptoms. Palinopsia/afterimages is really the only symptom i still have, which is weird because palinopsia is always a symptom and not an condition. I asked for help on the bluelight forum and most of them said palinopsia will go away by itself. I just hope this is a short-term thing, and i believe it is because i've seen significant improvement. And probably improvement most people with HPPD would kill for. I also believe that HPPD could be divided in two sections. Section 1: Symptoms: Visual snow, trailing, palinopsia, micropsia and macropsia (Alice in Wonderland syndrome), floaters and possibly photofobia, anxiety, DP/DR. These people are prone to depression and anxiety attacks, highly sensitive minds, strong emotions, fear of never being normal again, worrying it's permanent and blame themselves a lot for what happened. From the research i did i can conclude that this is most of the time not permanent, unless if they keep using psychedelics. The brain has a significant skill of healing/recovering/adjusting itself. Section 2: Symptoms: Morphing objects, breathing walls, crooked lines, flashes, very vivid vision, seeing organisms/demons that aren't there, CEVs, lucid dreaming, very big fear of going insane, everything moves, hard to see depth, weird large spots in vision, feeling of plastic cap in skull, sometimes think it's a cool thing to have these disturbances, feeling of frame rate problems in vision. Could also accompany a lot of the disturbances from Section 1. These people are not always anxious, but that depends on the kind of person. They have very realistic dreams and symptoms seem more like a hallucination. Most of the time not because of a bad trip, but because of large doses of psychedelics. The durance of these symptoms vary, some people notice them diminishing after a few months, some people already suffer from them for ages. I don't believe HPPD can truly be permanent, although there are people who already suffer from it for more than 30 years (I read about a man on this forum that already suffers from this for 43 years). Keep in mind that these trips/drugs alternated your brain in a chemical reaction. That means that another chemical reaction could reverse this. We just need the research and experiments to find a permanent cure. It's a chemical inbalance that just needs to be balanced again. And I consider me having a very similar thing to HPPD (possibly very very very mild HPPD) but i can imagine 100% what you guys are going through. I'm very fascinated by this condition (not really in a very positive way). But i'm motivated to fully recover and find something that may improve life for a lot of people here. I do also believe that a lot of people already have recovered, but don't want to be associated with this disorder anymore, that's why they don't post, they just don't care any more and try to forget what could easily be one of the worst moments in their lifes. Look how many people visit these forums, these aren't all of the sufferers. And the people who suffer the most post, the ones who don't suffer/overcame their suffering/recovered don't post anymore (except for a very small amount of them) because they just don't think about it anymore. For example: you don't find a lot of success stories about Anxiety Disorders/PTSD on the internet, while a lot of people have recovered from this! You should take this in consideration when researching HPPD and reading the horror stories. If you read on official medical websites about HPPD they say these visual disturbances in most cases last from months to years, and in worst case scenario for some people may be permanent. 50% recover in months, 1 in 50.000 psychedelics users get this disorder (don't know if this is measured in years, i think it is). Do the math yourself. How much people are on these forums? These medical websites do need research to back up their arguments, so it's hard to believe that they just post stuff that isn't true. I am in no way a proffesional in this kind of stuff, but when I'm interested in something i'm immediately like really really interested in it. Keep your hopes up! Just keep in mind that recovery is possible. It's just the sacrifices and effort your willing to take, and looooooottttsssss of patience. I know what you're thinking, don't be such a cry-baby because I've only had these symptoms for 1,5 month now and you're already recovering (still don't know if it's HPPD). But it feels like years right now. I wish you all the best, I think I'm going to research this disorder when I'm older. You should see this as a very harsh warning, just stay away from alcohol and drugs, please! That's a big part of recovering. adios!
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    I tried this for like a week this month. Noticed that (at least for my weird brain chemistry) there was some increase in serotonin. I get sexual side effects from SSRIs that were similar to what this causes. Also when I stopped taking it I had a HORRIBLE time two days later--- feelings of SSRI withdrawal, muscle tension and cramping all throughout my body, extremely decreased motility, extreme depression.... Lasted for a day and then I was much better the next. Except for the motility. I didn't shit without an enema for a week. Now I'm going once every two days which still isn't enough. This could eh unrelated to the compound though unless it triggered one of my HPPD symptoms (gastric issues) Good antidepressant effect though while it's working. Also I was taking VERY low doses. I think I probably ingested between 20 and 40 mg throughout this whole thing (insulfated). I found it to be powerful enough when taken in small increments throughout the day (1-3 mg) First few times I didn't notice much but after a while I would get a sort of rush while taking it. Maybe something I will take in the future sporadically but I'm talking like once a week to prevent whatever happened last time from reaccuring.
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