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    People link floaters with hppd because, at onset, they are constantly monitoring their visual field and start to notice the natural things too. I had floaters since about the age of five. If they are problematic, you can get surgery that blasts them (they come back after a few years) Glad the flashing has stopped for you
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    My symptoms were very very mild before the full blown hppd. Slight trails, halos. However, whenever I would smoke weed I would basically start to full on trip -- I had visuals similar to a low dose of mushrooms. I even had mild auditory distortions. Yes, I was smoking weed before the 'full blown hppd'. I only have moderate hppd I believe -- and for that i'm grateful. I didn't know I had hppd before I had my acid flashback smoking weed. I read your introduction post & in my opinion if you do have hppd, it's very mild. Stay away from all drugs, even nicotine if possible, and I'm guessing it'll go away. Not an expert by any means but it does seem extremely mild & that's my best advice. STAY CLEAN. Don't make the mistake many ppl did on this forum and push your limits ( including me ). You have the warning signs, now listen to them! Best of luck to you ((:
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    Fentanyl won’t make your hppd worse, and the anaesthetic they will use will typically be sedating in nature, perhaps a barbiturate. Both of these classes of med will make you feel drowsy and droopy but typically won't negatively affect your HPPD.
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    I had a tooth extraction last week. They used anesthesia, I'm not sure about what. 0% effects on my hppd. The meds you should be careful are those which are prescribed for mental and neurological disorders and antibiotics. Anesthesia it's necesary. I was worried too I promise, but all was FINE.
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    Well done hope1, great work... I look forward to hearing more
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    Hey, If anyone is interested, please get in touch. Many thanks, Alex
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    Whoah, way to go Vice! I actually e-mailed Vice a while back talking about HPPD and I guess they listened. Can't wait for this to drop.
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    the main things to avoid during these early months... drugs, alcohol, caffeine, fast food, SSRIs, anti psychotic meds, stress
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    I would say even drinking should be avoided. You should give your brain its best shot to heal, and drinking is pretty awful for you all around. Most people have mild hppd & then it gets triggered by something... Not always just out of the blue. It's happened, but I don't think that's always the case. From what I gather, most people's permanent & major hppd was triggered by SOMETHING. Drugs, stress, etc. Try not to focus on the negative what-ifs, that will just increase your anxiety around your symptoms as a whole. Sometimes people wake up with new symptoms or find its worse, but from what I've researched, it gets worse after a triggering event. Don't beat yourself up over doing MDMA once, or think you've completely fried your brain. Your symptoms are extremely mild. I think you'll be fine. Many people on the forum find it best to stop all drug use, which I agree with. Abstaining from all drugs is difficult, but gives you the best shot in long run. Instead of focusing on the what-ifs and causing yourself more anxiety, I would say distractions and focusing on stuff to help you heal would be best. You sound like you're experiencing a lot of anxiety, so I would suggest maybe looking for natural ways to calm down. Meditation, breathing exercises, exercising, etc... Time, patience, sobriety, and regulating your body are your best friends hands down. listen to your body. If you are getting early/mild hppd symptoms, avoiding drugs PERIOD is a good call. But if you treat your mind and your body well I'm pretty sure you'll be alright. Take a few deep breaths and stop freaking yourself out by obsessing over possibilities that may or may not happen ❤️
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    I've already been doing this, so great to hear you think that's a good idea... I've been somewhat treating my hppd like a brain injury. Trying to just get lots of sleep, avoid stress, and relax. I've noticed lots of deep sleep seems to improve my symptoms, even just for the day. Thanks again ((:
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    Hello, I'm sorry to hear what you are going through but know that there is always hope! First of all you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, know yourself and know your body and listen to them; sounds like you already are. Sobriety in my opinion is the best option, plus you are very young and the body/mind are resilient. Give it time, relax if possible and be as healthy as you can to aid in your recovery. I have found consistent sleep, regular exercise and a balanced diet all help. Like you said it will be slow, you might not even notice changes but it will get easier; find what works for you and keep doing it. We are here for your support; take care and good luck. Remember one day at a time.
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    Welcome to the board... You are still in the early days of hppd, so there is every chance you will start to see a recovery, especially as you were quick to go sober. My personal opinion is not to rush into the meds and just get used to hppd and find your baseline. If nothing has changed in 3-6 months, then maybe start exploring meds... Just my 2 cents All the best, Jay
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