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    https://www.medpagetoday.com/neurology/seizures/83503 AED that works on both Sodium Channels & Gaba-a receptors, sounds like it has the benfits of keppra + benzo perhaps?
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    I feel tiny amounts of THC. In my case, it produces a very uncomfortable experience complete with panic attacks. I haven't touched marijuana in a very long time. I take cbd oil to combat insomnia and it works well. The oil I take has a trace amount of thc, but even with my hyper-sensitive brain, I can't detect any. I like cbd oil because I don't feel groggy in the morning. In the US cbd oil has to contain less than 0.3 percent thc. I don't take cbd during the day because it makes me sleepy. It doesn't decrease my visuals (my primary symptom) , but a good night's sleep sure helps.
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    I think almost all CBD contains even trace amounts of THC. I've taken it for about a year and it really helps me relax. Your best bet would be to buy a tincture and try a few drops to see how you feel, then steady increase the dose. I really don't think you can hurt yourself doing it that way. There's just not enough THC to really have a major impact as long as you dose small and work your way up.
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    Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and post an update on my HPPD recovery... In another six months I'll have my five year anniversary of when I first got HPPD. I've posted every year on that day and I plan on doing so again in six months but something just triggered me to want to post now. Basically I'm updating a lot of stuff on my computer and I went through old notes I made when I first got HPPD. I hadn't read them in three years. It was surreal to see how far I've come. So much of my notes were about how painful life was each day, how I could barely make it through, how HPPD was like hell and how I thought of suicide constantly. I also had severe depersonalization which I wouldn't wish on anybody. I literally couldn't tell whether I was alive or not when I first got it. It was really bad. Though I'm not fully healed and still have minor symptoms of HPPD (mostly visual snow, occasional tinnitus, some afterimages at night, etc.) I'm also at the place in my recovery where I'm able to move on with my life, and that's truly a miraculous thing to say considering where I was even two years ago. This point I've arrived at is all I ever wanted when I was living in a 24-7, Alice-In-Wonderland hellscape of a constant lowgrade acid trip. I would have given anything to be where I'm at today. And yet, here I am, and it doesn't seem so special because HPPD takes so many years to heal from. As many of you know this disease is not something that just disappears overnight. It takes many years of backbreaking work to improve, but I'm proof that if you're willing to put in the work you can get to that place. If I could impart any advice on those who are suffering right now and don't have much hope I'd really emphasize the power of natural healing. The body is a healing machine. It's designed to repair itself at all times. The main hindrance is of course interfering with this process by causing your body even more damage than it can handle and our modern world is essentially a barrage of micro and macro insults to this repair system. My true healing journey began when I put down the fast food, spent countless hours in nature and in sunlight, always kept my body moving, nourished myself with natural foods and medicinal plants, embraced the power of love and took steps to face my own personal demons and confront my childhood trauma that manifested in the anxiety that got me HPPD in the first place. If you're at all stuck or just wondering how you go about navigating a healing journey I really hope you'll consider getting back in touch with nature and letting evolution do what it's been doing for billions of years on this planet. I don't mean for this to sound too woo woo but I just know it works because I tried everything and natural medicine in combination with time is the only thing that gave me actual results. Please stay hopeful if you're able. I understand as much as anyone how distressing and hopeless this disease can be so I'm not gonna lecture anyone on how they should see things, but I do believe there's almost always reason for hope with anything, even this bastard condition. If anyone needs help or advice or just someone to talk to please don't hesitate to reach out. -- K.B.
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    Tinnitus and headaches can also be apart of HPPD (I also get these symptoms). You aren't going crazy, you are just experiencing some of the many side effects that can come with HPPD, most likely.
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    Don't do fucking acid again. What you are Looking for is not in the acid experience anyways. It is something in your sober self that wants to get away hence the want to trip. If you figure that you strike the gold. Yes it Will get Worse. And Then you Will probably wish you didn't make it more severe. You Can also get symptoms of for example derealisation and brain Fog. And When you get that, you wish you just had some perceptial issue. So please don't take acid for your own sake. Figure out why you want to do acid. Deep Down and Explore Your innerself sober. Then you really get the experience you are Looking for. Also don't say never.(this Can be tough on the Psyche). You could for example say. I Will allow my self to do acid again in 5 years, or When the visual disturbances have passed. I know several people who had it and it went away after years of grueling inner work. So give yourself some time! all the best
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    Yea, this is a symptom of depersonalisation, often associated with hppd. When it happens to me, I pinch my arm as hard as I can and it seems to ground me a bit.
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    Sounds like you may be suffering from Depersonalization/derealization. Feeling detached from your thoughts and actions, almost like you are following “robotic commands”. I was feeling the same way as you were recently but it ended up just vanishing. However, it seems that many other people experience this feeling within HPPD for random ongoing intervals sometimes even lasting years. My best advice would be to try experimenting with other medicines known to alleviate HPPD symptoms with your doctor, and see if certain prescriptions can suppress these feelings. If you don’t want to go down the prescription road, then you could try meditation (which really grounded me into reality personally) and exercising along with a healthy diet which also helped suppress anxiety and DP/DR (again, for me at least).
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    Funny enough the prostate cancer is actually due to the estrogen. The issue with injecting test is the aromatase into estrogen. However if you are low t naturally you are most likely high e2, so either way you have potential to unlocking the prostate cancer gene all males have. As for cardiovascular diesease the only risk is the increase in hemocrat and hemoglobin, red blood cell count. It thickens the blood and if not monitored properly could cause the stroke/heart attack due to making the heart work harder. On the flip side low t and high e2 is also very toxic for the cardio vascular system. Atleast on trt you have access to constant labs and are given a hormone that increases energy instead of leaving you sedatary.
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    Its highly unlikely that its chemical imbalance. I think people tend to jump to it because chemicals in the brain are the most talked about thing, and its an idea that offers hope. There are a lot of possibilities that it could be... I line a lot of them out in my thread on the front of the forum. "Idea for a possible cure...etc", you can read about all the possibilities there, they're the areas that require research. If its not neuronal loss its probably highly correctable. It could be neuronal loss though... HPPD sufferers may have some metabolic disorder or something that does present naturally and maybe cant break down the metabolites of the hallucinogens or something to that matter, which would explain why some get it and most dont. There are a lot of possibilities though, just check out my thread. I think a lot of people do recover to some degree though, I did, but it was still extremely difficult of the first year or two.
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    I agree with this statement 100%. Also have you read my thread on here? Neuroplascicity is a thing but if the issue is neuronal loss it wont do much, if its not neuronal loss, then neuroplacicity wont do anything lol. If you dont want to live like this for the rest of your life you can always help with research.
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    The shape of the birds in your graphic is very similar to the closed eye visuals I had shortly before my CEVs stopped. To me it looked like a circular maze with kind of a jittering motion along the walls of the maze. Interesting.
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    Whats your reason? Theres a decent amount of evidence that its the case at hand. They can prove that it definitely is what causes hallucinations, and antipsychotics that act on the receptor make HPPD symptoms worse in a lot of cases.
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    Hi all, Hopefully you find my story and progress helpful. I have been browsing the forum for a while now and feel it is time I give something back to the community. Suggestions are always welcome. Timeline: March 2014 My Drink was spiked with an extremely high dose of a drugs cocktail (blood test 4 days post incident was positive for acid/lsd in small quantity, but likely that another research chemical may have been in the mix) To cut a long story short, I was a high flying entrepreneur with a growing startup. Had 2 drinks on the night of the incident, the second was poured by a rival who felt threatened by my success. CCTV showed him pouring a vial of liquid into my cup. I passed out stone cold, 'tripped' for 8 days straight, threw up for 3 days later getting pneumonia and ending up in a hospital for a week, as a result of the vomit in my lungs. It was horrific. I spent two months with terrible physical illness, the pneumonia was very severe and my lungs were full of green that would not clear. This was coupled with a mental fog and anxiety. I had to give up my business and put my University education on hold (where it remains..) June 2014 This is when my symptoms began: White, flashing visual snow 24/7 Everything moving slightly Persistent headaches everyday High Blood Pressure and chest tightness Blocked sinuses post pneumonia Weakness, severe lethargy Completely intolerant of light. Wore sunglasses 24/7. Depersonalisation Anxiety/Mental Fog August 2014 Symptoms worsened. Developed depression. MRI Scan Brain/Sinuses - Clear, have since had another November also clear. Eye Tests: 20:20 vision Started on 50mg SSRI Sertraline / Zoloft - symptoms worsened 20x! particularly visual snow. Doctor said keep on it - lasted 2 months Everything became far worse. Developed tinnitus, 24/7 Heartbeat in the ear. Lost trust in my GP's guidance. By October I realised I had to go this alone. I was depressed, anxiety and symptoms were terrible but it was time to give it everything I had. What has helped?? Exercise I've been doing mild exercise (swimming), but hope to push for more in the coming weeks / months. It's very difficult to find the energy and will power to start, but after 1 week of daily light exercise I felt much better. Samento drops (Cats Claw) Anti-Inflammatory properties, scientific evidence showing its effectiveness for keeping Lymes Disease under control. I take aprox 60 drops per day. Lecithin An essential fat that makes up a large amount of your brain. Some evidence documenting its use in brain disorders. Makes me feel great.I take one or two 1200mg capsules per day. Vitamin B12 Vitamin that contributes to normal function of brain and nervous system. I take a high dose 1000ug tablet in the morning for a great energy boost. Vitamin C 4000mg pure powder per day (2 doses x 2,000mg morning and night). Many Important functions, an anti-oxidant of the highest grade. I love vitamin C. Many new studies showing its significance in the treatment of schizophrenia and other brain disorders. Whilst, this is a high dose and did cause me some flatulence at first - I feel it carries a significant enough benefit to justify that. I highly recommend trying a high dose of pure vitamin C (absorbic acid) for a few days and seeing if you feel any better. Macuna Pruriens This has been one of the most significant findings for me. I've been on off dosing with this since December. 2 weeks on, 1 week off.Have tried both powder form (great mixed in with milk) or the tablets from now foods (Dopa Macuna). I take 3 in the morning, 3 in the evening of the capsules.This contains L-Dopa, a treatment for Parkinsons. Increasing dopamine definately helps my snow. In fact on taking a large dose of powder (20g) My snow was completely cleared for several hours. I experience no side effects but I'm cautious as my end goal is always to be supplement and drug free. For the last 2 weeks, I have not taken this supplement because I ran out and the improvements have stayed which is very positive. Kratom: Works well in combo with Macuna Pruriens as it allows better absorbsion, acting as a dopa decarboxylase inhibitor. Green tea also works well. Kratom is a mild opiate and extremely relaxing. My favourite strain is White Vein Sumatra. Has no effect on visuals. In my opinion is a far superior and safer alternative to benzos such as valium. Calcium + Magnesium Many potential benefits. Evidence to show magnesium lowers blood pressure and can reduce anxiety. Omega Fish Oil High EPA concentration Scientifically proven effectiveness in the treatment of various brain disorders / depression. Shop around for a supplement containing a higher concentration of EPA, as this is the most beneficial. Ibruprofen I take 400mg per day. I know that ibruprofen daily can be a bad idea and harsh on the stomach in particular, but It seems to help with my tinnitus and prevents migraines/headaches. For now it will stay. Clean diet Veg and fruit I cook for myself. Make vegetable soups. Thai food. Raw ingredients, low fat and sugar. Sleep Been pushing for 8 hours per day. Avoiding the temptation for more as this is just as bad as less in my opinion. Massage I get a weekly deep tissue massage. It's a luxury that not everyone could afford. But treat yourself if you can. We are dealing with a difficult set of symptoms and relaxation and relief from muscle tension is very important. Particularly the neck. Tramadol If you are feeling low, this could provide a quick boost that helps you lay the foundations for change. When you are at the bottom its hard to make that first step and plan. Tramadol is a painkiller, opiate, with mild SSRI effects. Personally taking this once a week every sunday when I was feeling my absolute worst, helped me to break free from the negative cycle. Don't take it regularly or things will be a lot worse! Modafinil Have used this wakefulness promoting drug at times when I was feeling particularly weak. I don't recommend it for regular use as it can make things a lot worse. But it may provide the energy to kick out of your current routine and be the instigator of change. Recently shown to be effective in depersonalisation disorder. I used it when I had depersonalisation and it was very effective, however it sometimes caused anxiety. At times this lead me to the dreaded stimulant followed by benzo combo (valium). Be cautious. Meditation I have had times where I practised meditation upto 4 times a day consistently for weeks. All I can say is give it a try. Mindfulness and meditation certainly can help you relax and come to terms with your condition. Reducing anxiety is one step in the right direction. Green / White Tea I love tea. I've shifted away from the black tea I used to drink and now stick to Green and White tea varieties. Antioxidant qualities. Where I’m at now? -Anxiety has gone. -Depression has mostly gone. -Tinnitus only noticeable if I really listen for it or with headphones on. -Light sensitivity improved, but still there -Visual snow, improvement! I think about it less than 10 times per day, whereas before it was every second. My vision is smooth and mostly not flickering. Yes there is snow, particularly in low light - but I can be optimistic about the future considering how much better it has got. -Mental fog is much better. I still wake in the morning feeling awful for the first hour or so, likely due to increased cortisol. I negate this, by recording myself a message for the following morning before I go to bed and preparing my essentials for the next day, thus making the morning easier. -Depersonalisation has gone -Less weakness, more energy Migraines: One last thing. I've always suffered from migraines, but not with any visuals associated. Since the incident, when I suffer a migraine it is very severe if I don't catch it early. I will develop all the worst symptoms I suffered in the summer 24/7: the visual snow becomes 10x worse, pulsating vision, pain, light sensitivity, tinnitus etc. Anyway, unlike when I used to get migraines, I find that I experience a terrible hangover period lasting for about 3 days where the symptoms linger and usually another migraine can follow if I'm not careful. Does anyone else experience migraine hangover in this way? Unfortunately I had one last week. But before that it had been about 2/3 months. So luckily it is not a regular occurrence. Well.. Thats my story. Its been a tough journey. The toughest year of my life. My recovery is about 80% I would say. One thing I haven't touched on is my previous drug history. I had previous experience with LSD back in 2012 and enjoyed it, but had decided I would not do it again. Otherwise prior to the incident, I smoked a lot of weed, sometimes a little cocaine and mdma. Since the incident I have stopped all use, bar the occasional (once a month max) small amount of cocaine. I tried many times to smoke weed but it even now produces a very nasty feeling, I become depressed, anxious, shaky and weak. Perhaps this is some kind of flashback, but all I know is we no longer mix. Whilst I have not focused on it in the above, the snow is definitely my most debilitating symptom and continues to linger. It’s difficult to define how it has improved, but the difference between now and the summer is night and day. I feel like it has smoothed out now so the dots are less defined and kind of blend in with the surface, therefore are not as disruptive to my sight. Further, I can now focus my eyes, without objects moving. My brain used to throb and genuinely hurt just by focusing with my eyes for a few seconds! If you have any questions, suggestions or both I'd love to hear from you.
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    Yes it is they actually run adjacent to each other I can literally throw a stone and hit Australia right from my backyard.. Lol.. Does that make u feel better Jimmy? I hope so that is a nicer comment. Have a good day..
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