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    Just as Jay mentioned, no one can answer those questions. We don't understand the underlying mechanism of HPPD or psychedelics for that matter. If you do your research you'll come across some explanation of LSD or Psilocybin 'mimicking' the role of serotonin in your brain but that's still speculation and probably not the whole picture. Maybe we will fully understand them someday but probably not before we have a better grasp on the brain. The brain is certainly still a mystery. The moral here being when dealing with these substances you never know what you're going to get. And this varies wildly from person to person. It all comes down to what you want out of life; what are your goals, what makes you happy. I can almost guarantee you that drugs will not bring happiness, they do not bring stability and they typically do not promote personal or spiritual growth. I used to be convinced that LSD and Psilocybin were the answer to 'finding myself', uncovering my spirituality and transitioning to a higher level of thinking. This lead me to binging on them (15 hits of acid in one night ) and HPPD and substantial regression which almost cost me my marriage and opportunities that were in front of me. Not to mention my personality. I think the most debilitating aspect of HPPD is the loss of self, the visuals are just distracting and of course bring guilt because they are a constant reminder that we fucked up. But knowing you used to be someone else and not knowing how to go get that back is very strange and depressing. I'm not trying to preach to you. We all have to make our own decisions but there are some things that cannot be undone or will take years to undo. The mystery of the mind is also in how resilient it can be if you give it the proper conditions to recover. So there is always hope! But if you have HPPD now and continue to explore the trippy life it will likely get worse. This is just from experience and the reports of others. The longer you let it get worse the longer it takes to recover and the more difficult it will be. Also on the subject of people dosing more than you: do you really know that they are okay? People are great at putting on a front (including myself) to escape the possibility that things really are not going well. I did just that. Not to say that there aren't people who can responsibly use these substances without problem but what's important is if you can. You know in your heart whether it's time to stop or not. The fact that you're here and seeking help is a great indication that you're mature and care about your life. Think long and hard about whether drugs are worth your happiness. Again not trying to preach but this is something I had to deal with and it's not an easy question. It can become an identity issue, especially when most of your friends are still exploring. You have friends here, please continue to reach out. Life is beautiful, sometimes we just have to step back and realize that. Take care and please keep coming back!
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    No one can answer those questions.. You might be ok, you might completely ruin your life. It sounds like you got incredibly lucky to come through the other end and have a form of hppd that can be managed. I'd quit while you are ahead. I was in your situation and carried on pushing my luck and got totally fucked over and have had life altering, severe hppd for 24 years now. You say that quitting drugs would suck.... What sucks FAR more is not being able to have 1 moment of the rest of your life with any kind of peace or true happiness. What sucks is not being able to maintain eye contact with your wife as her face swirls and distorts... Or not being able to chat to your parents without crippling anxiety. Or going to a job interview feeling like you are on acid. You'll only realise how amazing peaceful sobriety is when it is no long an option.
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    As we all know psychedelics work through the 5HT-2A receptor, and one of the features of this is that they disrupt signal coupling in the thalamocortical feedback pathways which basically means it desyncs multisensory data input and stops the ability to discriminate and gate incoming signal flow to the cortex. This destabilization leads to "subtle flickering or pulsing of light intensity; geometric grids and matrices; the perception of halos or auras around light sources; increased luminosity of reflective objects; the softening of line and texture resolution; and the inability to hold sharp focal contrast between foreground and background in depth perception." So it's possible that psychedelics lead to persisting destabilization of this feedback loop giving us some of the symptoms listed here additionally this feedback pathway fills in our peripheral vision and even if it's "the rate of multisensory frame saturation or neutralization was slowed or interrupted by even a few milliseconds, incoming sensation would begin to layer over itself with increasing levels of smoothing, liquidity, and phantom frame echo decaying in the wake of sensation." This may explain why people with HPPD see things move in their peripheral, additionally the fact that psychedelics "stop the ability to discriminate and gate incoming signal flow" might explain visual snow since it's basically the inability to filter out what we'd normally see in our imperfect vision. I have no degree in neuroscience or in pharmacology I am merely making assumptions based on the article I'm reading, If there are any faults in my theories please let me know I would like to improve my knowledge and understanding of pharmacology. Article I'm referencing http://psychedelic-information-theory.com/5HT2A-Agonism-and-Multisensory-Binding
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    One more important fact is MORE PSYCHEDELICS WILL MAKE IT WORSE! This makes sense and most people here will tell you this. I'm not trying to tell you what to do but you have to be careful. I love tripping but I have lost my right to because I overdid it and that's okay. Trust me on this one; you want to stay away from mushrooms, DMT and LSD. I made the mistake of recovering pretty much completely then years later I started taking mushrooms again and it brought back my old symptoms. Anyway good luck and take care!
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    As you read through this site you will likely hear similar suggestions from people who have been dealing with this disorder. First off, from what I have experienced and read visuals are not a reflection of 'brain damage' they are likely some optical disorder that we have yet to pinpoint; a sensitivity to light or whatever you want to call it. However the cognitive impairment that I have experienced I am almost certain that it is due to anxiety. Anxiety brought on by the visuals and the regret and guilt they bring. Anxiety is a powerful driver that can be debilitating. So my advice to you is to cut back on the weed (trust me it's only going to exacerbate the symptoms) and make yourself busy. Find a hobby that you can throw yourself into, could be school, instrument, anything healthy. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and exercise regularly. All of these things will reduce anxiety. If the visuals don't go away immediately it's okay, you have to give it time. The important thing is to not dwell on it because there's nothing you can do but try and get better, you can't undo the past. Plus you can take solace in the fact that you're very young and from what I can tell mature since you've identified the problem early. I myself took significant doses of LSD around your age for extended periods and didn't realize I had HPPD for a few years. But once identified I followed the above recipe and eventually they diminished greatly. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat. Take care and be well.
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    When I was dosing, I used to dose frequently. Sometimes for weeks at a time. I also never really had a bad trip. You say that dosing so often over a short period of time was irresponsible. Learn from what you've experienced and don't beat yourself up. The important thing is you've learned that, for you, perhaps lsd isn't doing you any favors. As for your experience with cannabis, it's very common. I used to smoke all day every day. Quite suddenly it made me feel dosed, after that I started getting panic attacks. I had to quit all together. I took a pharmaceutical free approach to dealing with this disorder. Then again, I discovered I had a problem back in the 70s and you just couldn't talk to a doctor about using psychedelics. The one time I did the doctor basically told me I got what I deserved. As others have mentioned, take some time off from using cannabis. Let your mind level out and assess how you're doing. Hang in there and take care of yourself.
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    Thanks Jay I really didn’t think I was going to cope well at my cousins’ and I did much better than I thought even with the increase—I think my subconscious has influenced my symptoms a lot as of late and possibly the little cold I am just about through with. Otherwise I don’t have much of an explanation for why my symptoms would be worse all of the sudden as I did not take anything. Subconscious stress, anxiety and being out of my daily routine (and I’m way more isolated so I am not forced to be “normal” out in the world etc.) I would imagine is the culprit here. Right now distraction is all I can do until I make my next move and unfortunately the dp at its worst cuts me off significantly from former interests/nostalgia to where it’s hard to get into anything but “faking it” and doing it anyway has always helped even just a little so I’m back to it. hope your collarbone’s healing up thanks as always
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    Atomoxetine, for those who don’t know, is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Ive taken it before, after hppd (albeit it was 2 years after onset). I didn’t have a problem with it but was very sensitive. I only needed 10mg. After a a period of tome, it can make you feel antisocial and robotic. norepinephrine in high levels is associated with chronic fatigue and increased susceptibility to post traumatic stress. People with naturally high norepinephrine have a hard time relaxing and letting go. It it can be a useful drug. I certainly don’t think it would cause any permanent problems, bur do your due diligence with research. Start small
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    The University of Sussex, UK, is recruiting participants aged 18 or over to complete an online questionnaire relating to the visual symptoms associated with visual snow syndrome and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). To participate you should experience the visual symptoms associated with visual snow syndrome and/or HPPD. The questionnaire will take approximately one to two hours to complete, depending on the number of questions you answer and the detail of your responses. It will include answering some questions about what visual symptoms you experience alongside on-screen illustrations of those visual symptoms. You will also be asked about how your visual symptoms impact your life. Other questions include those which ask about some aspects of your medical history. The questionnaire must be completed either on a laptop computer, a desktop computer or an iPad. To complete the questionnaire, please visit: https://universityofsussex.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_blrsONUZAQ19BGZ Some extras: - You can complete the questionnaire in more than one sitting so long as you have cookies enabled and return to the same browser on the same computer. Your progress is automatically saved when you continue to a new page within the questionnaire. Your partial responses are saved for one week. - We are carrying out ongoing research on visual snow syndrome and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder at the University of Sussex. This is the first of a series of questionnaires which will be released over the coming months. It’s really important for our research that we receive a high number of responses, and so I would encourage you to complete this questionnaire if you are able to!
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    Here's the link where you can purchase this documentary series on brain health: https://brokenbrain.com/pages/own#packages I only had a chance to see about half of it before it went offline and they started to charge for it but the parts I did see were impressive. This is as comprehensive of a breakdown on brain health as you'll find anywhere. There's just so much great information in here. If everyone on this site bought this when they first got HPPD I have a feeling we'd be seeing a lot less posts about suicide and a lot more success stories. One of the doctors in this series specifically caught my eye. His name is Titus Chiu. He's a neurologist out of Berkley, CA. He's got all sorts of crazy advanced technology he uses to analyze brain injuries and supposedly can identify where exactly your weakness is inside your brain using these tools to analyze eye movement and pupil reflexes. I guess he does consulting via the Web too so you don't have to be in northern California to see him. Here's a link to his website which has all sorts of good information: http://drtituschiu.com/
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    Some if not most of you may know I started a non profit for HPPD and VS with the help of several people with HPPD. After many years of hard work we have a neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Harry McConnell, on board who has taken up the mantle from Dr. Abraham and has designed the only fully comprehensive research study on HPPD. It will cover genetics, autoimmunity and utilize several means of neuroimaging. I’m encouraging all of you to get your family, friends even yourselves to donate toward this study because if something remarkable is found, it will change everything for us as a patient community. http://www.neurogroup.org/donate/
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    The 1080HD version is available at resolution of my monitor. CLICK to SUBSCRIBE! I just recorded my screen and started showing some behind the scenes. I have a real camera, I can make audio but right now I wanted to just make something that shows how much research exists and was published on this topic and how can a researcher miss these papesr if I found them for my undergraduate thesis. Well, there is a self-biasing, and I have heard from very prominent researchers in the hallucinogenic research community that were surprised by the overwhelming amount of content and the quality of the content. What is interesting to me, is when new research about HPPD is published and none of this history is included. It is almost as if the only research on the topic was selected by the researcher to validate their point. Well, I read the papers. I paid $35 for a lot, and admittedly thank you to my two sponsors and the MANY sponsors over the years that kept and still keep the web site up. I have finished what I needed to do before I could dedicate my life to HPPD, and so I invite you to a 40 minute video of me just clicking around at some of my links, showing the actual papers, using my mouse as my voice and pointing out passages that are tremendously interesting and it blows my already altered mind on how researchers are unable to use research services. PLEASE GO TO MY CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE. I have a place donated for me to live in my area to allow me to dedicate a day's work to HPPD research, web development and my personal withdrawal to lower my dose of klonopin. I will record this. I am sure it will horrify/entertain you or perhaps you can put a face to the web site and past comments and I will be honest about what is happening to me. This video is a FULL image of my desktop while I navigate through files. So, as I said you will see some personal things (nothing obscene, but I have no problem with anything you will see. I am not adding music, so you can feel the freedom to choose to look at different sections at your leisure. Just skip around. If you find something that you want to point out, then highlight and comment it on the actual channel. I NEED 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS. I have 32. If you want videos that will break down this information and include updates and opportunities to work together, then subscribe. Subscribers are hidden (unless you opt to let it be show. It also is not a channel that says anything about HPPD. It is my channel, and will have topics of perception. This video will contain simulators that you have never seen. I will show different types of visual snow. I will show you a sample of many of the papers that I have in my library. You will see articles from 1969 on HPPD that describe the symptoms in almost the exact way we do today. I will show a military research study. I will include related studies, hints at multiple biophysics studies I designed. You will see some links and bookmarks that I am not bothered by, so you have no "gotcha moments" in the comments. Papers covering all aspects of this disorder. Enjoy, fast forward, comment on a section time and ask a question. I will have more videos. I am so uplifted to see the positive videos about HPPD from individuals with this disorder, and also I am excited to see the positive momentum of the Visual Snow Community. Similarly, I am glad the work we did with Depersonalization and Derealization had an impact. What I did not want to do is tell you, "HPPD is this or that... We only have this much evidence..." or other surface level washing of the topic. This is my personal desktop. (Yes, I like writing music and flight simulators) 😜 This is what I have in my online drives. This is what exists. This does not include the many gigabytes of data from the hppdonline.com web site, but that is protected. Please subscribe. I have this checkmark, and it enables me at 1,000 subscribers to do much more with my channel. Typically, 100,000 subscribers require a verified account or celebrity. I guess having 1000's of pages with you name on it because of HPPDonline.com pages and publishing research or paying off my Google rep (jk) earned me this badge. It is time to get REAL serious about HPPD research. I have taken my vacation. I have read much of the new theories on HPPDOnline.com and I am so excited we are on the same page without talking to each other. We are looking farther than the GABA inhibitory system with the 5ht inputs and GABA outputs and looking at activation cells and the role of Dopamine. Functional structures and pharmacological observations. The first paper I was a primary researcher and author (and programmer and CEO of the non-profit that paid to host the research for Mount Sinai School of Medicine) has nearly 100 citations. It is a landmark characterization of the disorder and contributed to validation DPD/DR for the DSM-5. I have this designed for HPPD. You saw bits of it and the many revisions on my drive. I have updated more and I have completely re-hauled it. I will need help from the community. I am awful at raising money. I feel guilty for asking for money, even if that money is what will make this work. Unlike what many may believe, I would be homeless if it were not for my family's home. I have been a caretaker for a few years, and dealing with my ADHD symptoms that have been disabling for so many years. I am ready now. We are all definitely ready. I have never thought I would see the day there is TOO much information about HPPD on the Internet, but that much of it is garbage. I promised I would dedicate my life to this, and this is where I feel most energized. CLICK SUBSCRIBE! - David S. Kozin
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    Is there a certain amount of money that must be obtained before the study gets the green light? If so you might wanna set up a GoFundMe page.
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    I've pinned the post.. come on people, get filling it out!
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    That’s exactly what I find mind boggling, too. There must have been way more awareness in psychedelic circles such as MAPS, or even around Timothy Leary or Terence McKenna back then about HPPD than they actually pretend but they collectively chose rather not to talk about it. You can barely find references in the footnotes. I understand it’s been a rough road for MAPS to get where they are today, which is a huge succes story, and then it’s just the way politics work, they don’t want to admit flaws, the war on drugs is still going on, and people seek spiritaulity and try to compensate their materialistic lives more than ever, so there is huge finacial potential as well. But while all this hype around psychedelics, sorry “plant medicine”, is going on, I just hope MAPS considers telling the whole story and puts some effort into research on the dangers just as much.
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    In my case the disorder healed in two months with risperidone and paroxetine. Paroxetine acting upon anxiety and risperidone over visual distortions. Well you know the risk of self-medicating, do not do that, I had facial spasms with only 3 days of use of quetiapine (prescribed by shrink). Doctors actually know about the disorder, but since it is something very recent and vague hardly anyone is diagnosed with it, even because sequels of psychedelic drugs are not the only reason for the cause of false visual perceptions or other senses without loss of lucidity. So go to the psychiatrist anyway, because only then will you get these medications and then heal. Other than this, physical activities are great for diverting your focus from the problem, but the visual symptoms will only disappear with treatment using remedies. I also suggest meditation and some artistic activity such as writing, drawing, playing an instrument, etc. And also temporary abolition of coffee, alcohol and cigarette consumption.
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    In fact the big problem is that people report worsening or onset of symptoms after being stoned with some other drug, usually marijuana, this is usually a "trigger" common to people with HPPD, so you'd better stop using only temporarily until your anxiety lower and you notice improvement in symptoms. The great evil of coffee and cigarettes is that they tend to increase anxiety, causing you to focus your attention on visual distortions. Alcohol makes you vulnerable to taking other drugs, so I think it's best to avoid everything.
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    Hello ! Your story is very similar to everyone here, including mine. When I had HPPD, I also got the symptoms very fast and only noticed them after smoking marijuana days after my trip with LSD. What matters is that as quickly as the symptoms came, they left. This is because I did psychiatric treatment, initially using paroxetine for anxiety, risperidone for visual distortions and clonazepam for anxious seizures. Risperidone is an antipsychotic and a major antagonist of LSD as well as quetiapine and chlorpromazine (I have taken all of these, but risperidone was the most effective). In a matter of two months the false hallucinogenic perceptions were gone. With you it would not be different, but for this you need to look for a psychiatrist and explain what happens to you, as he will know the right medication to apply. Please do not self-medicate, as these medicines can have horrible adverse reactions. I for example had facial spasms when I took quetiapine (this I only took for 3 days). I recommend that you do not look for it on the internet, because it is still very vague, unfortunately it is difficult to find information about it and almost all are scary, as it comes from a sensational and anti-drug media. Rest assured, what happens to you is nothing serious and has a cure. Avoid using drugs at this time, including marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee. Stay in peace !
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    @iancurtis for me, a lot of positive effects were permanent. I’m much more driven than I used to be. Went from probably 0 drive to 50% and that’s more than enough for me to do something decent. Before box, I just laid in bed and watched Netflix really. Now I’m starting a business. It was kinda hard to realize how different I was but when I look back over time I realize how much it contributed to me taking on this endeavor.
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    I did work my way through that, and I won't pretend I understand all of it. That being said, it's wonderful that this research is being done. Brilliant!
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    Hello there, My name is Ashley, I'm from the north of England. I have currently had HPPD for about four years BUT it has only been present for about 9 months of that time. Weirdly enough and rather bloody annoying, my HPPD which consists of seeming cartoonish dragons and demons on surfaces everywhere, goes and then it likes to pop up back. For example I am writing now as its came back from about two years ago. I remember thinking of my life with HPPD and remember how nightmarish it was and how unimaginable it was to be living like that but hey hoe here I am again. Unfortunately I do like to take ketamine and cocaine at the weekend with my party friends and am now thinking it was probably a terrible idea lol. ( I have now stopped this since it came back) I don't really like thinking about the whole thing as I think to think about IT makes it at the front of my mind and the way I have dealt with it and got rid of it before is to ignore it (it actually works, the more you ignore and don't think about it, I know its really flipping hard, but serious it goes away). So my friends and family all know I have this and now they all know its came back which is a comfort but they don't actually know how flipping horrible it is. I would love to be able to chat to people who are going through this shit, send tips and tricks, ways to DEAL. Please please contact me if you are likeminded in thinking this also. from a slightly (INCREDIBLY) anxious Ashley xxxx
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    I bet if you bought up the fact that you are considering suicide, you would quickly discover that you are far from a burden. I've seen too many people kill themselves thinking they are worthless, when in fact everyone around them loves and cares for them
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    Meth will make your life worse
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    Yes stimulants will enhance the visuals, at first I avoided stimulants at all costs, even caffeine, but 4 years later and I'm taking drugs again (occasionally cocaine, MDMA etc.) and I take dexamphetamine for ADHD and it does increase the visuals but not to a huge extent. The visuals are only worse temporarily though, it's not permanent but I would not recommend taking LSD or any hallucinogens again. Benzos definitely reduce the anxiety which sort of takes your mind off it, but I find the only benzo that actually legitimately reduces the visuals is clonazepam because it has anticonvulsant effects and anticonvulsant drugs are used in the treatment for HPPD.
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    Also a good thing to do if your hppd I like mine "only noticable on walls and in the dark" is to become a workaholic somewhere where you can ignore your hppd and not dwell on it so much. Even if you hate your job it's better to hate your job than to hate your life.
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    Also posted in "Introductions": Hi everyone! Ive been a longtime observer of this and the old forum. I was struck with strong symptoms of HPPD about 11 years ago after a heavy dose mushroom trip. Had all sorts of nasty symptoms(indoor rain/snow/static, floaters, trails and halos, tracers, light blobs, geometric patterns when eyes closed or in darkness/dark room, periphery vision movements, negative image retention, etc., etc., etc.). This went on for years. It affected every part of my life. About a year in, it was so bad that I contemplated suicide daily. My grades struggled, my relationship fell apart (she began thinking i was losing it--she was correct), my life was a complete mess. I honestly didnt even feel human. I felt like this messed up walking mind fucked brain in a body that doesnt even belong with it. I never could pull the trigger on suicide (no pun intended) and just dealt with it all the best i could. Things werent getting any better, but i was getting better at dealing with it all. Yes, it was 5 years of hell. A hell i wouldnt wish upon anyone. I thought my life was essentially over, that i would be this weird/disturbed socially awkward person with crazy visual anomolies that drove me nuts. Well, after that initial 5-6 years, things did start to dramatically change. I was noticing sever symptom decrease daily. I was actually feeling less detatched and not just by ignoring the feeling of detatchment, but legitimately feeling more like a person, not some detatched body imprisoned brain. I really didnt do anything special, the symptoms just faded over time to where i had no symptoms at all. I still have no symptoms. Well, none is a stretch, but they are soooooo mild that they arent noticeable unless i seek out noticing them. I have been basically symptom free now for 6-ish years. No flare-ups or setbacks whatsoever. The only thing i did differently at the time of symptom decrease was that i began taking tramadol daily for an injury i suffered in a car wreck (herniated discs L3-L5 lumbar region low back). I found it very helpful with my anxiety/depression mood swings that HPPD brings with it. I am not recommending/encouraging everyone go get on tramadol, all i can say is that it undoubtedly helped me during that time. Hell the tramadol timing with symptom subsiding may have just been placebo or coincidence, but either way, it had a marked effect on my visuals and mental state especially. Anyway, i write this to show everyone that recovery can happen. It took time, and alot of it, but it happened. It happened for me and my hppd symptoms were so strong/bad they were ruining my life. Stay strong everyone, (i know...thats easier said than done) the symptoms can subside and even disappear altogether over time. It happened to me, and i assure you all that i am nothing special. Good luck everyone. If anyone wants to know more detailed info on my journey through and out of the HPPD mess, just let me know. I came on here to provide hope and to help anyone that wanted my help. Again, good luck everyone, and have a wonderful day.
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    About time for a thread like this. I took about 4 grams of shrooms (twice as much as you should on your first time) in early january. Before that all I had done was drink and smoke weed a few times. I tripped really hard, I was in a completely diferent dimension talking to people who don't exist, and time had no meaning. At one point I became really scared that I wasn't going to come back and began freaking out trying to physicaly claw my way back into this world while my eyes were closed. Still the next morning I was fine and I looked at the trip in a positive way. Three weeks later I smoked a little and the night after that I drank a little. The night after the night I drank I woke up from a really messed up dream shaking with really bad anxiety. For the next week I had horrible anxiety and sleep issues (hynagogic hallucinations and such) but no other symptoms. After a week it went away but then a few days later it came back with all that stuff plus 24/7 visual snow and some after-images and some derelization. The next two months were hell but then things started to improve. After 4 months I was feeling a lot better and could ignore HPPD pretty easily, after 6 months I was basically back to normal. It's been almost 7 months now and I still have some very minor symptoms. I am more anxious/moody/prone to depression than I was prior to HPPD but its still improving and I'm confident that these symptoms will completely dissapear soon. In certain lightings I stilll get visual snow but its so minor that if it had never been worse I would think it was just a normal thing that everyone had. Ocasionally I'll get a random visual (like an afterimage or something weirder), but its getting increasingly more rare and honestly might also be normal. I dream vivid dreams all night long it seeems now but thats not really a bad thing. I still have some Hypnagogia issues, I kinda start dreaming while I'm still awake and had a little sleep paralysys a week ago (I thought i was dead), its really hard to explain but its not a problem as long as it doesn't get worse. I also get CEV when I'm trying to sleep sometimes but those are fun now that they aren't there all the time. I didn't use any prescriptions to get to this point, just eating healthy, taking vitamins, exercising, and most importatly ignoring my symptoms and believing that they will go away. Good Luck!
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