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  2. Kind of a shame, too bad it's so expensive or inaccessible. Would sort of fill the gaps as to why the other meds missed. Still think there might have been something to the low dose anti-psych, but people with this condition might have other comorbids that would negate a low dose anti-psych run. Still think nuplazid should have gone somewhere. Maybe even a low or lower dose run of nuplazid would have yielded some type of positive result. Well, best of luck.
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  4. Hey, I got my HPPD 3 years ago from abusing nutmeg which is an anticholinergic (ie : like Datura, Benadryl etc...) My main symptoms are fatigue, visual snow, chronic pain, photophobia, memory and cognitive impairment. Did you get your HPPD from an anticholinergic too ? and if so, what are your symptoms what helped ? I searched a LOT in those 3 years so maybe we could help each other Good evening, Lucas
  5. Im happy to film it.. likely would be much better. will find the time to do so. cheers
  6. I just did mine via the platform with audio only Im not sure if it was loud enough Happy to do again if require better quality. possibly video would be better cheers
  7. I have just read the first couple of pages of this forum. I believe I have HPPD after a bad trip in December 2019. Onset January 2020. I had a GI Map test in 2019 due to stomach issues. The results showed that I had a bacteria overgrowth of staph Auerus, Baccilis SPP and Morganella SPP. I wanted to share this as it correlated with your research. I’m currently seeing a Chinese practitioner who is treating me for the bacteria overgrowth and he suspects that I also have Lyme disease.
  8. Hey guys! I’ve teamed up with other members of this group to work on a larger documentary that’s not only including stories from people who have HPPD, but also touching on some of the research that’s going on right now. We are still looking for people to share their stories. Through this platform: https://hppd.typeform.com/to/hDPU0j?s=R Your answers can be completely anonymous if you choose and you also have the option to tell your story with video or just audio. This would be incredibly helpful! I hope everyone is doing okay. I’m always here to talk ❤️
  9. P.S. - It has been a tough project to work on given that many of the answers I seem to be getting are as paradoxically annoying as the disorder itself. There is I am sure a valid and proper answer to my project. But that will take time for me to process, come to grips with, work around, and implement into the model I am working on, nevertheless to fully publish in an appropriate manner. And for that all I have to say is that time and applied research will likely be my only way of determining some of these answers. Nevertheless it's rewarding to contribute to the forum. -Jason
  10. Hey guys, It's been a long while since i've posted on this forum; I've been extremely busy with myself and my own research and study. Lately I've really put the pedal to the floor in researching LSD induced HPPD, with some surprising success believe it or not. So far I've managed to develop several hypothetical methods for curing the pathology - but the problem I'm working on in my research is that the mechanisms of action of each regimen I've experimented with and have demonstrated by myself to be effective all seem to rely on a "piggy-back" like pathology pharmacologically. For that reason I haven't been posting as much information as I could, but instead I'm building up a project to corner as many variables as I can before going off and recommending this or that. Often I find the more I learn the more I come to metaphorical dead ends in my research which keeps me pushing for a better answer. Regardless, I've been actively working on this project for a year, and I do believe that something very good may come of the final result of the project. Not much else to say from my part, however when I feel as though I have come up with an adequate and complete model I will be sure to post some updates - not only in regard to treatment methods, but outlooks, predeterminate factors, what would need to be (and can currently be done) for those affected and so on and so forth. If anyone would like to know anything in particular about where this road has taken me, feel free to send me a PM and I'm sure I'd be more than happy to share what I know so far. Furthermore the exchange of valid information would also be of usefulness to my case. It's good to be back guys 😊
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  12. It is a case by case thing and that is the big problem. You might smoke once and send your hppd to the next level.
  13. Hey man, thanks for the reply, love your posts here. I will definitely go easy on the alcohol as I have read such cases here before, my plan is to pretty much increase dosage gradually over a long period of time. About weed, maybe you’re right, but I don’t know. A good friend of mine has had hppd for quite a while now and he smokes it just fine, I think it’s more of a case by case thing
  14. Hey your story sounds similar to mine. Will pm u
  15. Weclome to the forum, sounds like you are doing everything in the right way. Go easy on the alcohol, A few people here have turned mild symptoms into moderate or severe ones by drinking heavily. Stick to a few lower % beers, try to avoid getting drunk. Personally, I would forget weed 100%... It sounds like you have had a glimpse into the world of hppd without the true horror of it... Weed can quickly push you up a few levels. It's a lovely drug, but is not worth the potential of a lifetime of mental illness. Chances are after 1.5 years without it, you will realise there are better things in life anyway.
  16. Hey guys, just another new person here I’ve developed mild HPPD symptoms after binging mdma roughly 4 months ago. It doesn’t really bother me that much, I can still read and preform tasks that demand some degree of concentration just fine, and as most of the OGs suggest, I’ve stayed sober for some time after developing the initial stuff. I don’t feel like I have increased anxiety from this, or dp/dr. I’ve always been somewhat depressed and relied on weed and alcohol to keep me company when I felt down, so I’ve also been dealing with that now. It’s been rough... but manageable. just this week I decided to start drinking again. Had very little yesterday and honestly I don’t think it had any effect on my visuals at all, which is good. I can do caffeine just fine also. Any amount pretty much. those of you who drink, do you usually stick to beer? Also, I do plan on trying weed again at some point in the future... probably 1.5 years into recovery or whenever I feel like it after that mark. im 24. Symptoms are some degree of negative images and VS (some degree of it... little particles that dart across my visual field from time to time)
  17. Main trigger for me was LSD.. though at the time was doing a lot of Clubbing / Raves.. so likely MDMA was in the mix too. I have been naughty and done some other drugs post HPPD. Stupid choices when inhibitions were out the window.. though most defiantly will not touch any other substances now, and have maintained sobriety for many years.
  18. btw - what you experienced was a HUGE warning sign from your brain. Further drug taking could result in something that doesn't go away quite so easily (or ever).
  19. Weed, LSD, Shrooms gave me mild HPPD.... Adding MDMA and speed made it very severe. No bad trips, but i would often binge... eg, acid on a friday, then MDMA on saturday, then really drunk on sunday, with lots of weed...
  20. Hi everyone! First, I would like to share my experience which scared me so much, that I decided to quit doing psychedelics forever. I am somewhat of a rookie when it comes to psychedelics. I did psilocybin 2 times, LSD 3 times, MDMA about 8 times and DMT aboout 5-6 times in the past 4 years. Currently I am 22 years old and studying at a university. About a week ago I decided to take some LSD for the 3rd time. I took half a tab. The trip wasn't as pleasant as before, but it was not bad either. Apart from the usual visual distortions and hallucinations I also experienced visual snow and tracing. I saw flickering lights when I was walking on the streets at night and I saw red and blue lights reflecting on surfaces and I had to look back to make sure it is not police, but the streets were empty. Later, when I came home (12 hours after the effects started) I had no visual anymore and went to bed. I was laying there watching something on my laptop and I see in my peripheral vision, light flickering. I look there, it goes away, but after 3-4 seconds it comes back. I get scared start to read about it on internet and that was the time when I discovered HPPD. Then I got really scared that I ruined my brain/mind/receptors permanently, with some silly thing. My parents would never understand something like this. I felt alone with this disorder, which makes life a living hell. When I closed my eyes and tried to sleep after 3-4 seconds these flickering started again and it was bothering me so much that I couldn't close my eyes. I don't believe in god, but I started to pray to him and after 3 hours I could fall asleep. I wake up the next morning and I see normally. The flickering with closed eyes remained for another hour after waking up, but now it is all gone. The next following days, I started to research this topic, because it is crazy that not many people has awareness of this phenomenon. I have a lot of friends messing around with psychedelics and they have never even heard about it! Honestly, I didn't know there is any risk involved dealing with psychedelics other than you can lose your mind and you can get schizophrenia. Thank you for reading my story. I am really curious about the reason that can cause this disorder. In your opinion what caused your HPPD in your case? A bad trip? Combining drugs? Using psychedelics excessively? When I thought I crippled myself for life, the feeling was devastating. I feel great empathy for all of you who are going through this.
  21. Hi all, Ever since I took 10mg Paxil way back in August 2017 I’ve struggled with this condition, despite having it since 2011. For whatever reason the Paxil brought on dp/dr which has unfortunately worsened up until the present. Some of the further exacerbations were due to trialing meds (modafinl, bpc 157, even Sinemet temporarily) but the majority of them were nocebo/psychosomatic reactions that produced real, lasting, physiological changes. I have Pure O OCD (which is the reason I got on Paxil in the first place) and it’s precisely my OCD which has caused me to worry about certain foods,toxins, second hand pot smoke etc. making me worse—these days even slight attention/internal scanning will amplify my dp and knock me into a further trippy state. My brain is essentially triggering itself somehow. Even when I wake up in the morning, if I don’t get out of bed and accidentally drift off this will sometimes send me further out into dp/dr. Ruminating and stress of course sometimes knocks me further along the continuum. I had to modify my life greatly and give up on some experiences/goals that enriched my life. Essentially I’ve always done this as this condition has steadily worsened. But I always habituated and made peace. I’ve also not touched meds in a couple of years, not counting clonazepam which helped only with anxiety for a while until I had a, what I now believe was, psychosomatic negative reaction that made my dp worse. I haven’t had a baseline for about a year and I am starting to slip. Having this get worse every couple of weeks and now everyday is incredibly frustrating. I have Diazepam, Lamotrigine and Briviact (similar to Keppra) also Magnesium Glycinate and Lion’s Mane Ive said this before but I am positive that I will not be able to achieve a baseline, even for a few weeks,on my own without help. Also my diet is decent with plenty of fish, coconut milk, walnuts and Ive been staying fit even while indoors. No drugs for years. No booze for 1.5 years. I don’t want to feel forced to trial meds again but I am not sure what I choice I have. Just looking for support. Wishing you all the best always and especially these days.
  22. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/thosewithvisualsnow/a-discussion-with-dr-weatherall-the-leading-visual-t7745.html found these people talking about their visual snow and found it interesting their non drug use sudden onsets...
  23. Hello! I made forum specially for RU community. Here it's: click Друзья, кто ищет помощь -- добро пожаловать.
  24. I recommend getting magnesium taurate for the days off and especially when you jump off completely. It saved me from having seizures and calmed me down a lot when I was coming off huge doses of Xanax
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