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  2. I've never taken medications for this disorder. Well, not exactly true. In my 30s I drank a bit more than was healthy. Back when I started noticing symptoms it was the 1970s. There weren't a lot of options back then. Now, I manage just being clean. If you dosed just that one time, and you're staying clean, then your prospects are good.
  3. Thank you. I dont have it as strong as you but it still disturbing me. I will probably get on lamictal and hope this helps. I am sure it will go away on its own cause I only did acid once and havent done any other drugs. You have never tried any meds? Not even keppra? Again, thank you for your response.
  4. J.L.

    Born with HPPD(?)

    I have not seen a neurologist in many years. My susceptibility to after images was enough that I prefer to do anything I can in near darkness wherever and whenever possible. Trails were a major issue with driving. Stars come and go as they please. I find THCA with CBD to be calming on my nerves. Naltrexone definitely reduced these effects enough that I can refer to them in a past tense. It's also been surprisingly helpful in progressive scoliosis correction. Just have to be really careful with stimulants like caffeine, I'm personally prone to headaches from energy drinks probably due to the sugar alcohol. The pseudo hangover alcohol induces when naltrexone has been in your body is very dull but very strong. Oh and I forgot to mention, I no longer take cymbalta. It became nearly useless once the naltrexone took full effect. Also that I find myself spending much longer on white background webpages such as these at night. My entire screen is frosted with floating colors at 1% opacity with the occasional black and white sparks and floaters flying off the screen at 110% opacity. It takes me much longer to think through this distraction.
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    Check out the "Medications and other treatments" forum. As I recall people have discussed your question quite a bit. I have no experience with SSRI meds so I'm not much (any) help.
  7. I have similar symptoms, but there's nothing evil about what I experience. I can't comment on medications because I didn't take that path. I found that trying not to give my visuals too much attention helps. It's not easy and there are times when it bothers me. I guess it's all about focus. Example, in my case sidewalks are the worst. All the little stones. First the ones with similar colors start to connect. If I stare, the images become more complex and start to move. If I focus on a thought, a song, a problem I'm trying to solve, then my focus isn't on my visual field and the visuals are more forgiving. It's hard, I realize that. All I can speak to is how I deal with this disorder. Hope that helps. Hang in there and take care.
  8. Hey guys, I personally have mild hppd for 2 months. Almost no vs, slight after images and cevs. These symptoms are not really bothering me BUT I have geometric hallucinations which occur when I look at streets/carpets/some walls... This wouldnt be that bad If the patterns I see would not be "evil" like I had on my bad trip. Whats the best med to treat hallucinations? The doctors gave me risperidone but I havent taken it yet. But can risperidone really make hallucinations worse? Is this possible? I guess it can make vs or after images worse, but can it make hallucinations worse? I have only done acid once and have never done any drugs before. Not even weed so staying is no problem for me. I will talk to my doc about lamotrigin. But what is the best way to treat this symptom?
  9. jake


    Can SSRI caused huge spike return to baseline eventually ? Does anyone have any experience with this
  10. No I‘m not a doctor. As most people here, I‘m just someone who used LSD and have HPPD (in my case mild one, fortunately). I don‘t know you and didn‘t make any assumptions on you, I just told my opinion that your symptoms do not sound like you have (only) HPPD because HPPD does not usually include feelings of being watched or your mind being read. I‘m not here to fight with you. Feel free to ignore me if you think I don‘t have the expertise to help you. As everyone here, I can just provide ideas. Some are may helpful, others won’t be. But in the end you have to find your own way.
  11. I get colorful "sawtooth" images once or twice a year. The doctor said I had experienced a migraine. A lot like this animation below. In my case, it lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes. I don't think the cause of my migraines has anything to do with hppd. However, my visual auras have complex patterns embedded in them. That, I think, is related to hppd. I never get a headache, but I guess that's not unusual. The doctor didn't think it was a big deal. I had some eye tests done to rule out vision issues (or to get more money out of me).
  12. I would not be on this forum if I did not know what hppd is mu addiction specialist psychiatrist diagnosed me if I was truly schizophrenic I would not be on this forum before telling me I don't know what I'm talking about do some research on hppd and how it triggers other psychotic disorders remove me from this website all my data I am not going to participate in amateur hour do you think I am who? This is the business of nonchalance
  13. Before calling other people out, fill us in on your drug use so we have a better understanding of your situation.
  14. Well, it's just a precursor to a migraine... There is nothing to really worry about. Chat to a doctor.
  15. Have you ever done LSD do have any clue what you are talking about ??? FYI my current doctor is an addiction specialist
  16. Have you ever done LSD do have any clue what you are talking about ???
  17. I don't have schizophrenia I have been treated fo bipolar for 26 years i am not schizophrenic
  18. Hi! This sounds more like Schizophrenia than HPPD. Did you seek medical treatment?
  19. One of the most accurate and smart article written about HPPD : it clears up the "flashback" myth...(still on wikipedia), the "mental disorder" supposition ...and the rest. My only regret is that she did not talk about Visual Snow Syndrome. Guys , send love to the author @m00shian ! https://merryjane.com/health/the-hppd-debate-is-hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-real
  20. Please log on to Twitter, read and comment.
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