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  2. Been over a week on this medication, could use some feed back if anyone has tried this. I am mentally struggling to continue as I am anxious and I believe I am noticing my symptoms more bc I am looking for them. Can’t tell if they are worse or if I am becoming more aware again. Help lol
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  4. Appreciate it. Even if you think your brain is pretty much set and unable to fully recover I still think maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best option for mental health and overall well being. I've noticed the foods I eat actually alter my moods and ways of thinking. Any advantage you can get while dealing with HPPD is one worth having. You don't have to go all out, but if you exercise four times per week, do some yoga, avoid processed foods, get proper sunlight, meditate, find purpose in your life and surround yourself with positive social connections then you can find happiness with this condition. I firmly believe that because I've seen it with myself and I had a horrendous case of HPPD to start.
  5. Great post KB—figured Id give it a bump—I wish I had adhered to this much much earlier on...not that I’m following it now though I’ve had my “super healthy” periods To be honest I’ve had this condition for so long I wonder if adopting any of these suggestions would have any benefit. I suppose if Keppra, for example, can still help even some long-termers then a concentrated effort at maintaining a healthy lifestyle could at least have some effect. anyways good post
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  7. I’d appreciate it. Heal up. In the meantime I’ve been researching grant sources galore. Going to compartmentalize Dr. McConnell’s research proposal in a way that doesn’t disclose too much as well as request the salary requirements for his full time researcher who is interested in lending us a hand.
  8. I think with my significant increase in symptoms over the past 18 months I’ve just grown very tired. this last increase tho, as said, didn’t seem to happen from anything I ingested but simply going back to live with my folks and perhaps a cold. Since it wasn’t a drug or med I am hoping it will normalize as I continue to move on and just throw myself into whatever is coming next
  9. In life, there is always change. We move, new jobs, school. People drift in, people drift out, and sometimes we lose someone. Without a disorder like hppd, life constantly shifting can be hard to deal with. Having this disorder can amplify the stress of change. All we can do is the best we can do. I found that facing change and dealing with it gets me through. I don't want to turn into someone who insulates themselves to avoid the stress of change. I can see how I could have easily taken that route. Also, wherever you end up, however life changes, stand up and be proud of who you are. Just because we have a disability doesn't mean we're lesser people.
  10. Thanks Jay I really didn’t think I was going to cope well at my cousins’ and I did much better than I thought even with the increase—I think my subconscious has influenced my symptoms a lot as of late and possibly the little cold I am just about through with. Otherwise I don’t have much of an explanation for why my symptoms would be worse all of the sudden as I did not take anything. Subconscious stress, anxiety and being out of my daily routine (and I’m way more isolated so I am not forced to be “normal” out in the world etc.) I would imagine is the culprit here. Right now distraction is all I can do until I make my next move and unfortunately the dp at its worst cuts me off significantly from former interests/nostalgia to where it’s hard to get into anything but “faking it” and doing it anyway has always helped even just a little so I’m back to it. hope your collarbone’s healing up thanks as always
  11. As hard as it is, you need to embrace this change and the coming change and try to see it as a positive (as you noticed with your visit to your cousins' place, things are often not as bad as you build them up to be). Just try to jump head first into these new challenges and ride the anxiety. My mantra, of sorts, is that anxiety doesn't exist in the past. What I mean by this is that we spend a whole lot of time anxious about future events, then the event arrives and we get used to it and the anxiety lessens, then once it is in the past, it is now just a memory that can often be looked back on without the attached anxiety. Eg, this weekend I spent with my in laws in a social situation that caused some anxiety... But now I can look back at it and view the weekend as quite pleasurable, having fun with my niece and having some laughs my my parents in law and brother in law. I have learnt to strip back a lot of the anxiety of future events, deal with the anxiety of present events then enjoy the parts of the memory that are in the past.
  12. Atomoxetine, for those who don’t know, is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Ive taken it before, after hppd (albeit it was 2 years after onset). I didn’t have a problem with it but was very sensitive. I only needed 10mg. After a a period of tome, it can make you feel antisocial and robotic. norepinephrine in high levels is associated with chronic fatigue and increased susceptibility to post traumatic stress. People with naturally high norepinephrine have a hard time relaxing and letting go. It it can be a useful drug. I certainly don’t think it would cause any permanent problems, bur do your due diligence with research. Start small
  13. I don’t know but I don’t think so if you look up Survey’s post on here from 2012- I believe they had the condition for 15 years or so before trying Keppra and found it to be quite effective regardless
  14. It’s hard, for me, to believe; but I guess pretty unsurprising, that a different environment, some added stress and anxiety and a little common cold could so profoundly increase symptoms. Usually there is a clear chemical trigger (like recently clonazepam) but not in this case (tho I understand all of these factors do influence brain chemistry) . I know many of you have had similar reactions and intellectually it makes sense but it’s still pretty debilitating at the moment. A few weeks ago I had an increase in symptoms from Klonopin that’s persisted. I ended up taking a whole week off of work and was very close to checking myself in to a mental hospital. For whatever reason I decided to forge ahead with my original plans to move in for a couple weeks with cousins (until heading out of the state to stay with my parents )and try to go to work. In doing so I began to feel some relief...as I think Jay has suggested maybe acting “normal”(essentially I was forced to) made me feel more normal regardless of what objectively was going on in my brain. There was simply a positive change in my experience. Fast forward to now: I arrived last week to my parents house (they are more uptight than my cousins) in a pretty isolated environment. I’m on the tail end of getting over a minor cold and allegedly I’ll be moving to a new city likely within a month or two. Almost like a switch upon arriving my dp has increased quite significantly...I suppose all these factors, subconscious etc. have really influenced the condition and I am hoping I will see a change when I get into a new more comfortable area with a routine again. Hope your all keeping on thanks
  15. Get a legitimate diagnosis and ask your doctor to get in touch with Dr. McConnell At Griffin University, AU and ask to get involved in any sort of research collaboration.
  16. All finished! I hope everyone who is able to complete this study takes the opportunity to do so. Here's to hoping it'll lead to future studies on HPPD!
  17. This might not make any sense. I don’t know a lot about keppra. I guess manu here we familiar with “the keppra study.” Where I believe 24/27 became “flashback free”. This seems almost to good to be true - and when I search this website it certainly seems so. Only like 40% who try it have any good news, and mostly it’s to a limited degree. However, the study says that the subjects had HPPD for about 3 months. And a lot of th people here have had it for much longer. Maybe keprpa is more effective if it’s given sooner in the procedure, and not later. Just a thought. Feel free to prove me wrong
  18. Welcome. Your post was well written and communicates a lot. No need to apologize for a long post. It sounds like a lot is going on in your life. It's very likely your body and mind is adjusting to not having any THC. The weed these days is POWERFUL and it's no surprise that you're feeling off. I'm curious, did you dose a lot? I'm asking because the more you dose, the higher the likelihood of having some level of hppd symptoms (note, I'm not a doctor, just an old guy who has had hppd for a long time). It's difficult to say if you have hppd. If you're concerned you're doing the single best thing you can do, staying sober. Keep clean for some number of months and see how you're doing. It's very possible you will level out. In the mean time, take care of yourself. Keep posting to let us know how you're doing. Your experiences could help others.
  19. Greetings! I started smoking weed when I was 16 years old and quickly became a daily smoker.Then parallel with smoking started using amphetamines, mdma, cocaine .The stimulants jittery nature soon kicked me off them , fortunately.Then I discovered psychedelics. I was amazed how much spiritual enlightenment they bring on the table( or at least I thought they do) and was very fascinated to experiment with them more.Even after the first trips I noticed changes in the visual processing - like tracers , morphing and breathing objects, some depersonalization .However at the time ( was 18yrs old) I was stoned 24/7 and thought the weed should be held responsible.I continued smoking everyday and using psychedelics once in every 2-3months until the present moment. However , three weeks ago I decided I should quit this weed habit for good and did it cold turkey. It was very hard but I managed to get through the physical withdrawal. However, I am now facing way more debilitating symptoms.Every day I wake up with a nagging headache and have some sort of strange light sensitivity.When I look at objects they start to morph and breathe like when I was stoned. In fact the visuals are more pronounced now !But fore some reason these things give me EXTREME anxiety watching them sober,unlike when I was stoned. Also, when I smoked I ocasionally had dp/dr episodes but nothing compared to what I experience now .I can barely function on a day to day basis and feel like things are happening to someone else but not me. Anyways, I am sorry for the long post but want to ask you guys if this is HPPD or just I have some intense and prolonged weed PAWS or something .And what should I do now ? Any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated !
  20. I'm just recovering from a broken collar bone right now, so struggle to do anything, even type... But in a month or so, I can help
  21. Cognition, anxiety, and depression seem to remain the same (occasional dips in depression and anxiety) but visuals have improved by about a 30-40%.
  22. I also get this black, I've had it a few times. Hope we get better soon
  23. I’m looking for a doctor around dfw area that can help with someone that I believe has hppd PLEASE HELP for a 20 year old that is so confused. Thanks
  24. The long and short of it is, you need to live a clean sober life.
  25. Money, bureaucracy, etc. Seems like research generally moves really slow unless there's a high demand for something.
  26. Keep posting if you have the notion. Your experiences can help others.
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